Ride of Silence - Wed 5/15/13 6:45p
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Chicago Ghost Bikes
Ride of Silence
Wed May 15th 2013 6:45p

Chicago Ride of Silence (since 2003) Wednesday May 15th 2013 (worldwide - always the 3rd Wednesday in May) We ride... * To HONOR those who have been injured or killed * To RAISE AWARENESS that we are here * To ask that we all SHARE THE ROAD Chicago cyclists join the world in silence raising awareness of cyclists' right to ride on the road and to honor the fallen cyclists no longer with us. "We ride in unity with cyclists around the world in the universal language of silence to assert our right to share the road and honor those no longer with us"
Contact: Elizabeth Adamczyk,, 773-370-2038
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GHOSTS Are you participating in #bluedayofservice? If so, please document the cars blocking the entrance to the Clybourn p…
GHOSTS So ... Who else enjoyed the rainy weather today???
GHOSTS If you’re out today enjoying this weather...
GHOSTS Wow! 250+ riders in Philadelphia last night honoring fallen cyclists and supporting #VisionZero. We ride in solidar…
GHOSTS Thanks for sharing these photos of last night’s Ride. Please tag us in your photos or email us directly. Great grou…
GHOSTS #rideofsilence #RideOfSilenceChicago #VisionZeroChicago
GHOSTS It’s a beautiful day. May is #bikemonth and today it’s granting us sunshine and spring temps. It’s a beautiful ...
GHOSTS @JimGudas we look forward to your report on tonight’s @RideOfSilenceCh
GHOSTS We are also looking for someone to ride at the back of the pack with a poster and/or the ROS banner for all to see.…
GHOSTS any local photographers available to document this evening's Chicago Ride of Silence event? #bikeadvocacy…
GHOSTS Cyclists worldwide request such courtesy for safety — that motorists do not pass too closely. In Illinois, the lega…
GHOSTS Thank you to @ILBicycleLaw, @VZchicago, and all our supporters and participants of this reverent event. We ❤️ Chi...
GHOSTS The 2019 Chicago Ride of Silence remembers...
GHOSTS We invite @ChicagosMayor and @LightfootForChi to us for the #RideOfSilenceChicago event this Wednesday evening. Bot…  /  Bike  © 2019 Andrew Bedno