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ABOUT Chi.Bike - Social Cycling System

Chi.Bike is a free multi-function webapp for bicycling.
Chi.Bike works from smartphones, PCs, even text messaging, with no installation.
Chi.Bike supports social rides by publishing maps, flyers and cues. It can even guide you live on the route.
Chi.Bike tracks rides already in progress. Get directions to last known locations or to next cue points, even by text messaging.
Chi.Bike finds nearby bike rentals, repair shops, trains, entertainment, arts, photobooths, parks, restaurants and bars, points of interest and city info.
Chi.Bike gives bike directions to anywhere. It can guide you live and even remembers your favorites.
Chi.Bike is a great handlebar bikeputer with GPS and speedometer. Get plots with distance and calorie readouts. Even upload photos live.
Chi.Bike monitors Facebook, Twitter, listserves, RSS and more for relevent live crowdsourced news.
Chi.Bike includes detailed weather and radar, games, police radio, friend finder, links, resources, videos and more.



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MORE Chi.Bike serves event facilitators, participants and followers. It supplements or replaces printing, phone trees and radios, while adding powerful new capabilities. Chi.Bike increases the professionalism and self-sufficiency of rides, leading to higher comfort and turnout. It's served the World Naked Bike Ride and Chicago Critical Mass since 2009. Open broadcast of location helps stragglers find their way, assists drivers and police with traffic control, connects production staff, lets fans enjoy from afar, and tells spectators where to be.

Chi.Bike features geolocation, messaging, aggregating, image and voice capabilities, uploads, voting, counting, cueing, and admin controls. It's powerful yet appears simple, and can serve multiple simultaneous events. This technology can be applied to rentals, tours, messengers, promotions, production and management, commercial and industrial, maintenance and security uses. Chi.Bike is a brainchild of Andrew Bedno. Inquiries encouraged.

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