Lonely Locked Bits of Bikes
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 71F W6-10 Partly Cloudy
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Lonely Locked Bits of Bikes
Abandoned decaying bikes, still locked to something. Hapless innocent casualties with unknowable stories, like puppy bones leashed to a tree. See one? Smartphone users email a photo to
(not by mms, and enable camera gps)
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4/11 7:53p Red Schwinn "Aluminum" been at least five months at Cornelia and PineGrove. (~3500-3510 North Pine Grove...
LLBB Leavitt & Shakespeare
LLBB Completely unlock black Jamis at Damen and Wellington. Missing stem and front wheel.
LLBB Trek on the bike rack at 4055 N. Broadway is not actually locked.
LLBB Reporter in Washington, DC trying to get in touch with you re: story on abandoned bikes Hi, Andrew, I'm a reporter fo...
LLBB Problems with item delivery, n.00485827 Dear Customer, We could not deliver your parcel. Please, download Delivery La...
LLBB Problems with item delivery, n.00000387481 Dear Customer, We could not deliver your parcel. Shipment Label is attache...
LLBB Delivery Notification, ID 00000452163 Dear Customer, Your parcel has arrived at September 11. Courier was unable to d...
LLBB Problem with parcel shipping, ID:0000535724 Dear Customer, This is to confirm that one or more of your parcels has be...
LLBB 1st Page on Google..!! Hello, We are offering S.E.O. Offer for your website. which will help you to improve your Goog...
LLBB Shipment delivery problem #0000887190 Dear Customer, This is to confirm that one or more of your parcels has been shi...
LLBB Cheap Teal Show Pony gradually decaying directly across the street from Music Box Theatre for about a year. (~3725 N ...
LLBB Abandoned black diamond back cross country at 222 S. Riverside Plaza (~214-216 South Riverside Plaza)
LLBB Lost bike (~Amtrak, South Riverside Plaza)
LLBB Abandoned (~750 Avenue, Evanston)
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