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Time to File Your Form 990 Tax Return for BREAK THE GRIDLOCK
  Tue 1/23 1:08a   I~o
Re: [*CCM*] December CCM ride report? Legend has it that all but a few massers froze solid, upright on their bikes, before being thawed by vodka shots at the stroke of midnight.
  Tue 1/16 1:36p   Ne~er
Kerdia Roland is mega extra! He biked 6,275 miles in 2017 via @DivvyBikes 🙌…
  Thu 1/11 6:06p   Bikelaneuprise  

Re: [*CCM*] December CCM ride report? It was like four degrees Fahrenheit actual. Scott E Long and an Andrew (not me) are believed the only attendees. They posted a single freezing but chipper photo from the plaza on Facebook. I suggested they go for Chinese food (my catch-all mercifully nearby recommended destination for freezing masses) but know not what passed.
  Wed 1/10 1:16a   An~ew
[*CCM*] December CCM ride report? I haven't seen any reports on the Chicago Critical Mass ride on December 29th. Did anybody go? What was the turnout? What was the route? Any altercations? Any pictures posted?
  Fri 1/5 8:18a   Bob Kastigar
[*CCM*] New laws pertinent to cyclists
  Tue 12/19/17 9:30a   Gjv~nt
[*CCM*] repression to cyclist Brazil
  Tue 12/19/17 3:59a   Vjt~ni  
AUTO: ~430 N Michigan Ave
  Sat 12/16/17 5:14p   Andrew Bedno
AUTO: ~430 N Michigan Ave
  Sat 12/16/17 5:02p   Andrew Bedno   ~.5mi N~2/h
AUTO: ~73-95 N Michigan Ave
  Sat 12/16/17 4:49p   Andrew Bedno   ~.3mi
AUTO: ~222 East South Water Street
  Sat 12/16/17 4:27p   Andrew Bedno   ~.5mi S~6/h
AUTO: ~317 E Huron St
  Sat 12/16/17 4:22p   Andrew Bedno   ~.1mi SE~12/h
AUTO: ~286-298 E Superior St
  Sat 12/16/17 4:21p   Andrew Bedno   ~.2mi S~14/h
AUTO: ~808 N Lake Shore Dr (~Plaza on DeWitt, 260 E Chestnut St)
  Sat 12/16/17 4:20p   Andrew Bedno   ~.2mi E~4/h

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