Marauders Pron Ride - Sat 2/20/16 7p
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NEWS from Marauders Pron Ride - Sat 2/20/16 7p«New   Old»        POST 

GPS: ~3431-3449 N Racine Ave (~1220 W Belmont Ave)
  Sat 2/20/16 10:26p   Andrew Bedno   ~.4mi S~6/h

GPS: ~5044 N Clark St
  Sat 2/20/16 8:19p   Andrew Bedno   NW~3/h

GPS: ~5045 N Clark St
  Sat 2/20/16 8:19p   Andrew Bedno   ~1.1mi N~8/h

GPS: ~4151-4199 N Clark St
  Sat 2/20/16 8:11p   Andrew Bedno   ~.9mi NW~8/h
AUTO: ~3525 N Clark St
  Sat 2/20/16 8:11p   Andrew Bedno   ~.2mi

GPS: ~3427 N Clark St
  Sat 2/20/16 7:56p   Andrew Bedno   ~.3mi

GPS: ~3427 N Clark St
  Sat 2/20/16 7:56p   Andrew Bedno   ~.3mi

GPS: ~832-850 W Belmont Ave
  Sat 2/20/16 7:27p   Andrew Bedno   ~0mi

Marauders Pron Ride leaves tonite after 7pm from L+L, 3207 N Clark
  Sat 2/20/16 2:06p   Andrew Bedno   ~0mi

Lasses! It will be so much fun! It will be nice out! Jak's Tap has beers and food! Come out to the Winter Bike Swap this Saturday from 11-4 and find things you need and want and people you shoukd know!
  Thu 2/18/16 4:35p   Chicago Critical Las

Today! Lasses in finest Tweeds implored to attend! Join up for some or all!
  Sat 1/23/16 9:06a   Chicago Critical Las

Lassers! Want to meet at this event and then ride northerly for a snack and a bev? One of you Andersonvillers, North Centeters or RPers have any thougjhts on where to go?
  Thu 1/14/16 9:31a   Chicago Critical Las  
The South Chicago Velodrome Association is proud to announce our first ever New Year's Social at Revolution Brewery in Logan Square. The SCVA is relying on this event to get us through the winter and prepare for the 2016 season! In 2016 we're planning a full slate of racing programs, clinics, and community focused activities. These include mechanical training for youth in th...
  Fri 1/8/16 12:20p   Colleen Krupa   ~.8mi

In one hour!!
  Thu 12/17/15 5:02p   Chicago Critical Las

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