Car Free Day - Wed 9/22/10 5:30p
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Chicago Bicycling NOW!
Car Free Day
Wed Sep 22nd 2010 5:30p

World Car-Free Day will be observed in Chicago Tuesday September 22nd (tomorrow!) in Daley Plaza at 5:30pm:

Break the Gridlock hosts a rally/networking/self-propelled action, 'One Million Less Cars!' at Daley Plaza, starting at 5:30pm, leaving at 6pm.

We plan to spread love and thanks to downtown walkers, bikers, skaters, bladers, transit users, etc and encourage drivers hitting highway ramps to join us next time.

Bring costumes, banners, speeches, sense of humor, and righteous indignation about the addiction that is cars.

Ride swings by Bike Winter Kick-Off Meeting, 7pm at Billy Goat, 1535 W Madison. All welcomed or carry on rolling.
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7/28 12:46p ~1101 119th St, Whiting, IN 46394 (~1844 Atchison Ave, Whiting, IN 46394)
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