Chicago Perimeter Ride 12 - Sat 9/28/13 8a
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Chicago Bicycling NOW!
Chicago Perimeter Ride 12
Sat Sep 28th 2013 8a

The best ride in the wide wide world! Organized 11 years ago by the venerable John Greenfield, this beloved annual ride takes an moderate pace for a 100 mile route around the edge of our beautiful city. An excellent first "Century" ride with it's many CTA bail-out options for peace of mind, this ride is perfect for those who think they might, but aren't sure yet that they can handle a full 100 miles in a day. (Spoiler Alert--Turns out, you totally can!) John is stepping aside this year to work on other rides, so some of us that love this ride are keeping the tradition alive with a few minor alterations. Start getting excited, start getting your friends excited, and stay tuned here for emerging details! RSVP on, please:
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