RYB Fest: Blaine "Beezy" Klingenberg Memorial Day - Sat 7/2/16 12:30p
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 70F SE7-10 Clear
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RYB Fest: Blaine "Beezy" Klingenberg Memorial Day
Sat Jul 2nd 2016 12:30p

In light of the recent tragedy, the Chicago Bike Messenger Association, the cycling community, and family members come together in solidarity to celebrate the life and love of Blaine Klingenberg. Blaine, known as "Beezy" among his peers, was taken from us in a devastating collision with a Chicago Trolley double decker tour bus on his way to Oak Street Beach after work on June 15th. Blaine was a dedicated cargo bike messenger for Advanced Messenger, and Four Star Courier in Chicago, IL. We invite not only those touched by the life and death of our friend, but members of the press and the entire cycling community to join us in this day of remembrance and celebration, and to remind all that bicyclists should also be viewed as equals when riding on the road. We will be riding from the Formal Gardens in Humboldt Park, to the beach Blaine was headed, to Richard Clark Park at 3400 N Rockwell for a festive barbecue. We intend to raise awareness of insecurities in bike infrastructure, the presence and vulnerability of cyclists on the streets, and celebrate the life that Beezy brought to all of us. In Solidarity, Chicago Bicycle Messenger Association 501(c)3
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