North Side Critical Mass - Fri 9/12/14 7p
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NEWS from North Side Critical Mass - Fri 9/12/14 7p«New   Old»        POST 
RT @erik_d: #chilft ice south of foster. Lots of fresh salt out here.
  Fri 3/1/13 1:30p   Activetranslft  
MT @WilliamSGodfrey: LFT icy but passable. Unrideable between curve and oak st beach. #chiLFT
  Thu 2/28/13 8:04a   Activetranslft
RT @mattbosman: #ChiLFT Trail is slushy but plowed and salted downtown all the way north. The oak-ontario bend of course is not open.
  Wed 2/27/13 8:19a   Activetranslft
RT @erik_d: #ChiLFT is completely dry and passable, Ardmore-Grant Park. Streeterville section is dry ice on lake surface keeping wave ...
  Tue 2/26/13 8:15a   Activetranslft
RT @Bzow: I saw a coyote this moring by 47th Street. Other than that, business as usual on #ChiLFT from Hyde Park to the Loop. #bikeChi
  Tue 2/26/13 8:02a   Activetranslft
RT @mattbosman: #ChiLFT trail is plowed at least for a ways north
  Fri 2/22/13 7:42a   Activetranslft  
RT @Bzow: Clear from Hyde Park to the Museum Campus except for a couple of spots north of McCormick. It's very windy and cold though. #C ...
  Wed 2/20/13 8:01a   Activetranslft
RT @mattbosman: #ChiLFT Everything all clear on the north side to downtown. Strong south wind but hardly any ice left except a little a ...
  Mon 2/18/13 8:19a   Activetranslft
RT @mattbosman: #ChiLFT Watch for ice runoff in various spots along trail. Oak-Ontario bend and stretch is passable and open.
  Wed 2/13/13 8:01a   Activetranslft
RT @erik_d: @chicagoparks there's a lot of ice on the #chilft in between Ardmore and Foster! Salt pls!
  Wed 2/13/13 8:01a   Activetranslft  
RT @Bzow: Hyde Park to the Loop is fairly clear. There's some ice around McCormick. #ChiLFT #BikeChi
  Tue 2/12/13 7:53a   Activetranslft
RT @asantone: #ChiLFT: mostly clear Wilson to Randolph. Some ice at Oak St. but passable through to Ohio.
  Tue 2/12/13 7:36a   Activetranslft
Windy on #ChiLFT today: 29mph from WSW, temp. is 34F.
  Mon 2/11/13 8:24a   Activetranslft
RT @Bzow: The trail is pretty bad. It's icy and snowy. If you can take the road, do it. This is from Hyde Park to the Loop. #ChiLFT #BikeChi
  Fri 2/8/13 7:57a   Activetranslft

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