North Side Critical Mass - Fri 9/12/14 7p
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 84F S4-7 Partly Cloudy
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Ardmore now has bike lanes in both directions between Kenmore and Winthrop #chilft cc @BikeCHInorth
  Fri 9/15 6:01p   Jseraf  
Beautiful day for a ride on #chiLFT. Oktoberfest begins tomorrow = time to wear the German champion's jersey!…
  Fri 9/15 1:06p   Bob 5555  
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  Fri 9/15 5:51a   Pra~es
Leaves a'changing on #chiNBT, sunshine gloriousness on #chiLFT... I feel like I stole this beautiful day, #bikechi
  Thu 9/14 4:44p   Bikechinorth  
2 events on #chiLFT this evening by Lincoln Park and Grant Park. Check out list for details: #bikeCHI
  Thu 9/14 8a   Activetranslft  
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  Thu 9/14 7:13a   Ros~ce
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  Tue 9/12 8:40a   Seo~ce
1 event on #chiLFT by Grant Park/DuSable Harbor this morning. Check our list for details before your walk: #bikeCHI
  Mon 9/11 5:03a   Activetranslft  
2 events on #chiLFT today by Foster Beach + 31st Street Harbor. Check our list for details before your ride #bikeCHI
  Sun 9/10 7a   Activetranslft  
So to every human on #chiLFT who managed to get in a workout without screaming curses at their fellow travelers, good looking out
  Sat 9/9 11:50a   Mpbarbarie
3 separate incidents of #sausageKitRage on #chiLFT b/t 11- 11:30am: cyclists screaming at totally law abiding drivers, sk8boarders, and me
  Sat 9/9 11:34a   Mpbarbarie
4 events on #chiLFT today by Jackson, Grant, + Lincoln Parks, Foster Beach. Check our list before your ride #bikeCHI
  Sat 9/9 5:34a   Activetranslft  
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  Fri 9/8 6:19a   Shi~ce
Police & Fire activity especially at #Montrose, causing traffic where it meets #chiLFT. Use caution,#bikechi
  Thu 9/7 10:05a   Bikechinorth  

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