North Side Critical Mass - Fri 9/12/14 7p
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NEWS from North Side Critical Mass - Fri 9/12/14 7p«New   Old»        POST 
#chiLFT clear today, they were salting the bits where snow accumulated north of Addison. Oak St curve all good! #bikeChicago @BikeCHInorth
  Wed 12/5 8:04a   Katiebellk
#chiLFT looking good this morning from Ardmore to Monroe. A few areas of light snow esp between Bryn Mawr and Montrose. Ride safe! #bikechi
  Wed 12/5 7:30a   Dan Lowman
🗣Ladies and gents! The “Inner Drive Detour.” #chiLFT #bikeCHI
  Wed 12/5 6:39a   Bikechinorth  
Color me shocked to find the ped path at Foster Beach more buried in sand than ever. @ChicagoParks message to runne…
  Tue 12/4 4:55p   Bibliographing  
RT @Dan_Lowman: If you're unfamiliar with the oft-referenced Inner Drive Detour (to avoid waves and ice at the Oak Street curve) here is a…
  Tue 12/4 3:11p   Michaelrpollard
If you're unfamiliar with the oft-referenced Inner Drive Detour (to avoid waves and ice at the Oak Street curve) he…
  Tue 12/4 1:52p   Dan Lowman  
Any word on why the #ChicagoAvenue Underpass is locked even though the curve is clear? Any idea if we can get it op…
  Tue 12/4 11:55a   Emonkus  
#chiLFT is in great shape today from Ardmore to Monroe. There are small waves at the Oak Street curve but you can p…
  Tue 12/4 7:13a   Dan Lowman  
@ChicagoParks appears to be aware of this hole in #chiLFT at Montrose, but you should be aware too! Hope this is re…
  Tue 12/4 6:58a   Bikechinorth  
@ChicagoParks #bikechi #chiLFT Beware this widow-maker at Montrose and lakefront bike path. About a five inch dro…
  Mon 12/3 12:54p   Deyhle  
Windy today with high waves breaking on #chiLFT’s oak street curve. Snow isn’t sticking. #bikechi
  Mon 12/3 10:49a   Bikechinorth  
Last time I biked was a week and a half ago in Bangkok. Today's #chilft ride was a bit different than that, but not…
  Mon 12/3 9:22a   Jcz  
#bikechi #chiLFT conditions: Ardmore to Oak is wet but free of ice or snow. Oak Curve has high waves breaking up to…
  Mon 12/3 7:10a   Dan Lowman  
RT @RideOfSilenceCh: We noticed high waves and caution tape at access points to the lakefront trail today. It's windy out there with high w…
  Sat 12/1 2:41p   Aka60643

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