North Side Critical Mass - Fri 9/12/14 7p
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NEWS from North Side Critical Mass - Fri 9/12/14 7p«New   Old»        POST 
*MORNING TRAIL REPORT* Addison-Castaways: Good footing Castaways-Curve: Tamped snow, okay footing Curve-Flyover: Fr…
  Wed 2/13 8:55a   Greenpackchi  
RT @BikeCHInorth: #chiLFT is in decent shape. 👍 #bikechi
  Wed 2/13 7:59a   Mjblane  
#chiLFT is in decent shape. 👍 #bikechi
  Wed 2/13 7:59a   Bikechinorth  
*EVENING TRAIL REPORT* Surprisingly better than this morning. The slush was plowed away, but replaced by fresh sno…
  Tue 2/12 6:25p   Greenpackchi  
Has anyone been on #chilft this afternoon? Any trail updates? Better to take the road? Thank you! #bikechi
  Tue 2/12 3:14p   Dannycat16
#chiLFT As of 9:00 A.M. Ardmore—>North ave is alternating clear but wet path with slush/ice patches, felt crunchy b…
  Tue 2/12 10:37a   Cyclingchap  
*MORNING TRAIL REPORT* It's basically the Tough Mudder without the obstacles or free beer at the end out there. Lo…
  Tue 2/12 8:46a   Greenpackchi  
@ChicagoOEMC Thank those crews for me! Not an engineer but I’m guessing this ain’t a duct tape job. #runCHI #chiLFT
  Tue 2/12 8:04a   Greenpackchi  
Brings a tear to the eye. #chiLFT #bikechi
  Mon 2/11 10:21p   Bikechinorth  
#chilft was in great shape for my commute home this evening. But the snow was tough when pinging off my face.
  Mon 2/11 6:40p   Jcz
@Dan_Lowman The #ChiLFT was not affected, but does offer a good view of the problem. Snow was just starting as I fi…
  Mon 2/11 6:16p   Sarah A Smith  
Our GREAT snow crews ready to do battle again #chiLFT
  Mon 2/11 5:39p   Greenpackchi  
#chiLFT 4 ever. 🤘 #bikechi
  Mon 2/11 4:48p   Bikechinorth  
UPDATE: The issue appears to be on the ramp that leads up to the bridge. TV news footage looks to me like #chiLFT i…
  Mon 2/11 2:07p   Dan Lowman  

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