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Chicago Ave Underpass is OPEN on #chiLFT! #bikechi
  Tue 12/11 6:24a   Bikechinorth  
Officially in the search for good winter biking boots. Send recs. #bikechi
  Mon 12/10 7:23p   Lyndab08  
shout out to the blue line at rush hour for reminding me why it’s always better to #bikechi
  Mon 12/10 4:51p   Amymolestro E  
Silver Streak has a rear leak and Green Machine has a broken gear shift. REALLY! I need to roll...exercise and fres…
  Mon 12/10 1:46p   Lashonp  
RT @HalstedBikeLn: Shame on you @CocaCola for parking in the bike lane. #lanespreading #halstedbikeln @bikelaneuprise #bikechi…
  Mon 12/10 12:38p   Hummelsw
Morning commute pic, avant-garde edition #bikechi
  Mon 12/10 12:25p   Samkling2  
Tested out my new (generic) bar mitts today, I'm a fan, although having to take my hands out to signal turns isn't…
  Mon 12/10 12:05p   Julieil  
Shame on you @CocaCola for parking in the bike lane. #lanespreading #halstedbikeln @bikelaneuprise #bikechi
  Mon 12/10 12:02p   Halstedbikeln  
#ChiLFT #BikeChi No ice, no snow, no wind, no waves. Sunny! AND the Chicago Ave underpass is UNLOCKED! Best commute…
  Mon 12/10 8:44a   Emonkus  
Thank you to the warm butt who rode this @DivvyBikes before me. #bikechi
  Mon 12/10 8:21a   Ellengotts  
My church. Sunday 6PM. 23* F. Bike racks nearly full, incl 3 family #cargobikes. Crazy? Nope. Just the best way to…
  Sun 12/9 9:53p   Elsbethcool  
RT @kenny_labbe: @SRAMroad looking for a few good women and men. #BikeCHI #cyclocross #TheBestTeam
  Sun 12/9 1:05p   Wheelwerksmike  
@SRAMroad looking for a few good women and men. #BikeCHI #cyclocross #TheBestTeam
  Sun 12/9 9:20a   Kenny Labbe  
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  Sun 12/9 8:14a   Nor~ly

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