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 83F SE9 Partly Cloudy
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RT @kofchicago: my last @Baderbrau visit was cool but my bike got rained on parked outside, this is good news :) #bikechi…
  PUB  Wed 9/20 9:49p   Bikechiguide
Re:Friendly Greetings! I'm contacting you for a joint business IN MY BANK .REPLY FOR more details. Reply soonest Mr.Richard Willis
  PUB  Wed 9/20 8:09p   Wil~89
#Filmedbybikechi This Friday @VittumTheater #FilmFestival #films #bikechi @FilmedByBike
  PUB  Wed 9/20 6:02p   Westtownbikes  
RT @ChiCritMass: Great info #bikechi
  PUB  Wed 9/20 5:56p   Thisismz  
THIRD FLAT in 3 weeks. CLEAN THE ELSTON BIKE LANE of all the glas!!!!! @ChicagoDOT @activetrans @ElstonBikeLane #bikechi
  PUB  Wed 9/20 5:46p   Cmzalenski
my last @Baderbrau visit was cool but my bike got rained on parked outside, this is good news :) #bikechi
  PUB  Wed 9/20 5:20p   Kofchicago  
RT @dumb_saint: Dear drivers, instead of a "friendly" beep just fucking wait til the light turns or there is room for you to go. #bikechi
  PUB  Wed 9/20 5:17p   Mpbarbarie
Hey teens! Check out the 2017 #TIPFest headliners! Join us Sept. 23, Get your ticket TODAY -->…
  CHICAGO  Wed 9/20 5p   Chicagoparks  
Not disagreeing with their verdict but I wish anything close to this happened when a car kills a cyclist #bikechi
  PUB  Wed 9/20 4:55p   Hell0Babs  
.@metra and @PaceSuburbanBus propose to raise fares after state budget again cuts transit funding. Our reaction:
  ATA  Wed 9/20 4p   Activetrans  
RT @ChiCritMass: Great info #bikechi
  PUB  Wed 9/20 3:43p   Gerasimenkoju  
RT @envisionchicago: Thanks to @activetrans for joining clients from Westtown Developmental Training Center on our tandem bikes! #BikeChi #…
  PUB  Wed 9/20 3:16p   Stevesimmons626
Great info #bikechi
  CCM  Wed 9/20 2:53p   Chicritmass  
Great info #bikechi
  PUB  Wed 9/20 2:53p   Chicritmass  
RT @h2ohhhhhhhhhhhh: Taking the pup on his first bike ride. Thanks @WorkingBikes for the sweet cruiser! #bikechi
  PUB  Wed 9/20 2:48p   Workingbikes  
Don't miss opportunity to provide input on #visionzero at city's Open Houses for Safer Streets on W.Side in 1 week!…
  ATA  Wed 9/20 2:05p   Activetrans  

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