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Construction mostly complete on #chiLFT btw Roosevelt and 31st. Trail is now open fully from Ardmore (5800 N) to 55…
  PUB  Tue 12/11 9:40a   Dan Lowman  
Traditional Bike Messengers Want the Same Building Access Rights as Food Couriers via…
  PUB  Tue 12/11 9:20a   Bkevenides  
E-bikes are about to get a major boost in Paris. The city plans to offer long-term rentals of 10,000 electric bikes…
  ATA  Tue 12/11 9:03a   Activetrans  
#chiLFT in good shape. A little frosty in areas.
  NSCM  Tue 12/11 8:54a   Rtwillia
Chicago Ave Underpass is OPEN on #chiLFT! #bikechi
  PUB  Tue 12/11 6:24a   Bikechinorth  
Chicago Ave Underpass is OPEN on #chiLFT! #bikechi
  NSCM  Tue 12/11 6:24a   Bikechinorth  
Officially in the search for good winter biking boots. Send recs. #bikechi
  PUB  Mon 12/10 7:23p   Lyndab08  
Join us for our monthly Board of Commissioners meeting at the Admin. Building, located at 541 N. Fairbanks, on Wed.…
  CHICAGO  Mon 12/10 6p   Chicagoparks  
We couldn't agree more, @Pgh4PubTransit! Access to transportation is a civil right and a human right, which we reme…
  ATA  Mon 12/10 5:10p   Activetrans  
shout out to the blue line at rush hour for reminding me why it’s always better to #bikechi
  PUB  Mon 12/10 4:51p   Amymolestro E  
Look no further than the Chicago Park Store for a gift that is as unique as every neighborhood in #Chicago. Browse…
  CHICAGO  Mon 12/10 3p   Chicagoparks  
Silver Streak has a rear leak and Green Machine has a broken gear shift. REALLY! I need to roll...exercise and fres…
  PUB  Mon 12/10 1:46p   Lashonp  
Hi Twitter friends, we're on Instagram! Follow us at @activetrans for inspirational walking, biking and transit pho…
  ATA  Mon 12/10 12:49p   Activetrans  
RT @HalstedBikeLn: Shame on you @CocaCola for parking in the bike lane. #lanespreading #halstedbikeln @bikelaneuprise #bikechi…
  PUB  Mon 12/10 12:38p   Hummelsw
Morning commute pic, avant-garde edition #bikechi
  PUB  Mon 12/10 12:25p   Samkling2  
Tested out my new (generic) bar mitts today, I'm a fan, although having to take my hands out to signal turns isn't…
  PUB  Mon 12/10 12:05p   Julieil  

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