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#DYK you can make tax deductible donations to the parks? Connect with @ChiParksfdnfor more info-->…
  CHICAGO  Sun 4/30 5p   Chicagoparks  
11 Experts on How to Make Roads Safer for Cyclists Good stuff but ? no input from person of color? #bikeCHI
  PUB  Sun 4/30 3:11p   Bkevenides  
We need more laws to make the streets safer I guess, like watch where you're going. #BikeChi
  PUB  Sun 4/30 1:51p   Tallboy66  
Sign up for Windy City Hoops! Ages 13-18. It's free. Registration is ongoing. For more info, click here-->…
  CHICAGO  Sun 4/30 12p   Chicagoparks  
[*CCM*] Bike Race, in Hammond The first Region Riot Criterium Bike Race takes place at Wolf Lake Park on May 13th. Visit for more information. K
  PUB  Sun 4/30 11:17a   Kar~et
Have you registered your child for Summer Day Camps? Spots still remain! Register NOW-->
  CHICAGO  Sun 4/30 9a   Chicagoparks  
RT @ChicagoCabbie: Beautiful fall colors of #Chicago #BikeChi #BikeTrail #Autumn
  PUB  Sun 4/30 12:06a   Chicagocabbie  
RT @ChicagoCabbie: My favorite #BikeTrail right in #Chicago. #BikeChi #Autumn #FallColors
  PUB  Sun 4/30 12:06a   Chicagocabbie  
RT @ChicagoCabbie: If you live in #Chicago go check out Bunker Hill Forest Preserve & enjoy beautiful fall colors. #BikeChi #BikeTrail http…
  PUB  Sun 4/30 12:06a   Chicagocabbie
RT @hell0babs: "When I cycle home I feel less vulnerable to street crime than I would if I was on foot" #bikechi @S…
  PUB  Sat 4/29 7:27p   Bikechiguide  
Looking for @ChicagoParks event near you this Spring? Download the app #MyChiParks™ & join us #intheparks!…
  CHICAGO  Sat 4/29 5p   Chicagoparks  
Thursday night, Desplaines Street separated bike lane. I encounter another nugget who doesn't know how to park thei…
  PUB  Sat 4/29 4:02p   Ted Ted Ted  
RT @MailOnline: You've heard of the bendy bus…introducing the bendy BIKE!
  CCM  Sat 4/29 1:47p   Chicritmass  
RT @DNAinfoCHI: Car crashes killed 112 people in Chicago in 2015, including 40 pedestrians, according to new IDOT report …
  CCM  Sat 4/29 1:33p   Chicritmass  
  PUB  Sat 4/29 12:42p   Lisasoverino  
Listen to the #NicolausCopernicus monument on #NortherlyIsland near @AdlerPlanet via @statuestories. For more info:…
  CHICAGO  Sat 4/29 12p   Chicagoparks  

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