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A bike ride for justice: ‘We all have to work together for peace in this city’ #bikeCHI
  PUB  Sun 9/27 7:47p   Ilbicyclelaw  
RT @tallboy66: @bikinginla @obey_little @ChiCritMass It's always terrible and yet across America we can barely get enforcement, paint much…
  CCM  Sun 9/27 5:59p   Chicritmass
RT @sbergus: @ChiCritMass This is a project which should be designed for the next 50-100 years. If the plans don't focus on non-car infrast…
  CCM  Sun 9/27 5:58p   Chicritmass
Custom CroMo brah #sano #punk @MilwBikeCo #bikechi #fixie @_Cycle_Chic
  PUB  Sun 9/27 5:28p   Ski7Days  
Are you looking for on-demand, FREE access to yoga classes? Look no further. Our Wellness Team kicked off the Fall…
  CHICAGO  Sun 9/27 3p   Chicagoparks  
RT @jasonbenetti: Today is the last day @stevestone and I will bring you @whitesox baseball together this year on @NBCSChicago. Thanks for…
  CCM  Sun 9/27 2:14p   Chicritmass
RT @RogersParkMan: Sandhill cranes over Evergreen Park. ⁦@BowmanOutside⁩
  CCM  Sun 9/27 2:13p   Chicritmass  
RT @Kiva: Business is blooming! 💐 Meet Rina, the owner of a floral shop from Peru. She's put love and care into her business and it has fl…
  CCM  Sun 9/27 2:13p   Chicritmass
RT @_KellyGarcia__: Here at Senn High School in Edgewater where students have organized a protest to demand justice for #BreonnaTaylor. S…
  CCM  Sun 9/27 1:51p   Chicritmass
It is the little things in life that makes smiles 🙂
  CCM  Sun 9/27 1:50p   Chicritmass  
RT @NikolovScience: This analysis of #COVID19 PCR test results and reported COVID deaths by the Center for Evidence-Based Medicine (CEBM) i…
  CCM  Sun 9/27 1:49p   Chicritmass
RT @bikinginla: We've had three bike riders killed in Southern California in the past three days. Use the road carefully and defensively, b…
  CCM  Sun 9/27 1:49p   Chicritmass
If you can being a poll worker this year is a great way to give back to the city, state & nation and it’s a paid gi…
  CCM  Sun 9/27 1:47p   Chicritmass  
I am so jealous
  CCM  Sun 9/27 1:43p   Chicritmass  
RT @mrhonorama: Here's the playlist for my @CHIRPRadio show this morning. Thanks to everyone who tuned in! I'll be back on next weekend, Sa…
  CCM  Sun 9/27 1:40p   Chicritmass
RT @sovietvisuals: The Interkosmos space program was designed to help the USSR's allies with crewed and uncrewed space missions. Cosmonauts…
  CCM  Sun 9/27 1:40p   Chicritmass

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