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 27F NW23-28 Clear 13i
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Dearborn has lines again. #happycry #BikeCHI
  PUB  Tue 11/21 7:09p   Brittigno
Chicago’s True Nature: The Forest Preserves of Cook County - Forest Preserves of Cook County…
  PUB  Tue 11/21 6:45p   Outourfrontdoor  
I almost got doored and then sideswiped by 2 different vehicles in about 50’. Great work as always wicker park #bikeCHI
  PUB  Tue 11/21 6:01p   Yo Uterus
#bikeCHI friends- all street lights out on S Clark from Monroe to Van Buren. Same place lights were out for weeks l…
  PUB  Tue 11/21 5:17p   Aka60643  
Although we've moved towards a river trail, the recent oil spill is a reminder we must clean up the environment.…
  ATA  Tue 11/21 4:01p   Activetrans  
#BlackFriday Alert: Additional 20% off EVERYTHING starts Friday with code HOLIDAYCHEER #BikeCHI #Coupons #Cycling…
  PUB  Tue 11/21 3:44p   Villagecycle  
RT @JulieIL: Cab 4342, keeping it classy while trying to illegally turn across @DearbornBikeLn #bikechi
  PUB  Tue 11/21 3:20p   Mattienodj  
Chicago's city council just approved a ride hailing fee increase to help pay for transit upgrades, as the CTA faces…
  ATA  Tue 11/21 2:12p   Activetrans  
Check @gpconservatory's holiday flower display 'Fire and Ice' opening Fri., Nov. 24. Daily thru Sun., Jan. 7! Free…
  CHICAGO  Tue 11/21 1p   Chicagoparks  
What does a budget run by citizens fund? Chicago shows us: safety, public spaces, transit & art. What's your vision…
  ATA  Tue 11/21 12p   Activetrans  
@ChilaquilChi @ChicagoParks We agree that there should protection for trail users from car traffic on LSD, check ou…
  ATA  Tue 11/21 11:59a   Activetrans  
RT @ChilaquilChi: dear @ChicagoParks Please address safety on #chilft
  NSCM  Tue 11/21 11:58a   Julieil  
Thanksgiving Critical Mass this Friday!! 🚲✊#bikechi
  PUB  Tue 11/21 11:41a   Deprogrammer9
dear @ChicagoParks Please address safety on #chilft
  NSCM  Tue 11/21 11:16a   Chilaquilchi  
Fun bike ride this morning when I flew over some buildings en route to work. #bikechi #stravafails
  PUB  Tue 11/21 10:38a   Gregisawesome  
RT @JulieIL: Cab 4342, keeping it classy while trying to illegally turn across @DearbornBikeLn #bikechi
  PUB  Tue 11/21 10:37a   Dnfehren  

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