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NEWS from Public RidesOld»        POST 
Was somewhat amused at the taped piece piece of paper on this sign.. this was a few days ago. #bikechi…
  PUB  Tue 7/14 11:22p   Runnerbikerchi  
@huckle3erry @lala_playwright Plz this shit has got to stop
  CCM  Tue 7/14 11:12p   Chicritmass
RT @ChicagoCouncil: 🕗 It's not too late to sign-up for our 7/15 program on autonomy and democracy in #HongKong with activist and @demosist…
  CCM  Tue 7/14 10:58p   Chicritmass
Lol 😂
  CCM  Tue 7/14 10:45p   Chicritmass  
@ChicagoScooters Very nice 👍🏻
  CCM  Tue 7/14 10:42p   Chicritmass
Exactly 🙌🙌🙌
  CCM  Tue 7/14 10:41p   Chicritmass  
Normalize yelling, “On your right!!” to dudes in neon, lycra, and middle-aged men with mirrors when they pass you t…
  PUB  Tue 7/14 8:14p   Itskylelucas  
Join us for a LIVE Circuit Training class at 12:30 PM with our Wellness Team on ▶️ For mor…
  CHICAGO  Tue 7/14 5:29p   Chicagoparks  
Normalize proclaiming, “On your right!!” to dudes in neon, lycra, and middle-aged dudes with mirrors when they pass…
  PUB  Tue 7/14 5:29p   Itskylelucas  
RT @ChiBikeAdvs: Union Park Congregational Church (Gurdon P Randall, 1869-71), seen from Carrie & Drouet's place in Theodore Dreiser's Sist…
  PUB  Tue 7/14 4:09p   Dublencoigor
RT @PaulEsling: In Bogota, Columbia activists have been riding bikes all over their city with these DIY air pollution sensors that post the…
  PUB  Tue 7/14 4p   Canairq
RT @Kenz300zx: Ebikes are bringing older adults back into cycling. Bicycles are healthy exercise and great for social distancing. #bicycles…
  PUB  Tue 7/14 2:17p   Ebikermag
RT @AnnaZivarts: Thanks to $5.4 billion from the feds, Delta can afford to continue to operate at current loss levels for another 19 months…
  CCM  Tue 7/14 1:52p   Chicritmass
So so sad. 😞
  CCM  Tue 7/14 1:49p   Chicritmass  
RT @BetterGov: We're proud to be part of this new visual storytelling initiative from @INN and @catchlight_io. It will harness the power of…
  CCM  Tue 7/14 1:48p   Chicritmass
RT @ILBicycleLaw: This is first-rate reporting by the intrepid @JCB_Journo.
  CCM  Tue 7/14 1:45p   Chicritmass

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