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CHICAGO Today is the last day to register to play in the Neighborhood Soccer Festival ⚽️ at Dunbar Park this Sat., June 2...
PUB Perfect day for a ride #teamnegroni #bikechi
PUB Reminder: the @activetrans Bike to Work Challenge runs this week, and continues through June 28. Get out there and…
ATA Deputy Executive Director Melody Geraci will serve as interim ED. Melody joined Active Trans in 2005 and has served…
ATA Ron led us to several major wins in the fight to create a safer, healthier, and more equitable region. We're gratef…
PUB I may complain about how sore I am and that getting to work is now considered work in and of itself, but I do get t…
CHICAGO Learn how to take photos📸, play an instrument🎻🎸, create a pair of unique earrings or craft art from a piece ...
ATA RT @ilenviro: No shortage of buzz about the big scooter launch in Chicago over the weekend. You've got questions? Our...
ATA @CeciBenitez13
PUB Trying to make riding #chiNBT A Father’s Day tradition over here. 🙌 #bikechi
PUB RT @bikelaneuprise: Multiple people have asked where to buy jeans for cyclists. We just received word @dearborndenim ...
PUB Wow, this is what we need on lots of avenues in #bikechi where road diets should be imposed. Let's start with Stony…
CHICAGO #ChiSwimReport 6/17/19: All beaches are open for swimming until 7 pm with no restrictions based on water quality. S…
ATA RT @greenfieldjohn: Looking forward to watching Streetsblog's Lynda Lopez and UIC prof Kate Lowe discuss Chicago's el...  /  Bike  © 2019 Andrew Bedno