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BIG NEWS!!! Chi.Bike and have moved to
Update your bookmarks and thoughts effective immediately. They've been forwarding there a while, and now for simplicity I'm retiring aliases. Users had trouble remembering the unconventional URLs anyway, and domain names don't matter like they once did. So henceforth just remember and use

Everything works fine, news feeds, ridecordings, ten years of maps, games, etc just at longer URLs.
For example archives are now and Divvy finder is
Or simply remember and hit the big new BIKE button there.

The email address u@... has been replaced with BUT the infobot is currently offline pending testing.
Twitter, Facebook, and links on other websites have all been updated.
And finally the Hotline # (773-33MASS8) which formerly handled SMS and voice has been discontinued.
Anyone interested in owning the registrations ask right away or they'll expire soon.
Do tell me if anything seems very broken. With luck, ridecasting returns comes spring.

2019.01.26 Discontinued all domain aliases, centralizing back to only

2017.01.26 New Chi.Bike URL! New SSL use. Hosting moved. Email down. Version 5.00 announced.
Chi.Bike has been added as a shorter, easier to remember URL. Pass it along. Going forward I plan to use "Chi.Bike" primarily and let "" become a deprecated legacy name. All the same URL's work, just shorter and funner. For example Chi.Bike/divvy finds the Divvy stops nearest you.
Secure connections became required last fall by most browsers and APIs when GPS info is in use, and for a time Chi.Bike navigation features could no longer determine a user's location. I've recently finished updates to meet this new requirement, and moved hosting to my personal domain for SSL. As a nice side effect, it seems to be much faster now!
This project is now nearing EIGHT years old. It's been so stable and needed only such minor changes that the version number has been slowly stepping through 4.9x for several years. Given this round of updates I've decided to finally up the version to 5.00, even though no new features were added.
Finally, email is currently offline due to the hosting changes, so features like "Text WHERE to to catchup." will get no reply. But I expect to have ALL features back up before spring.

... More than three years of stability. v4.99

2013.08.29 Major navigation enhancements in recorder. Now automatically re-centers and re-zooms after timeout, if manually zoomed or dragged. Automatically zooms in after a period of showing an overview, when started showing directions. Tap self icon to zoom way in to current single block, tap again to back out. Periodically automatically pull back zoom to show surroundings, just a few seconds every half minute or so. This also forces refresh of icons which Google sometimes loses. v4.97
2013.08.29 Added spam checking to Twitter, as already used in others feeds.
2013.08.29 Fixed water quality links for all beaches. Updated IDPH aspx's URLs. Also gave beaches a prettier new icon in Nearby.

2013.08.28 Add popup info window to catchup marker. Tap or hover for directions to and details about last reported location.
2013.08.28 Log the details of message too small or large posting failures, to help debug future missing listserve posts.
2013.08.28 Clarified the toggling between Archives (all masses) and Archive (current mass).
2013.08.28 Show news for all masses when showing public (default) mass. On individual masses show only news for that mass. Full news / chatter page now has new selector under options for include ALL or only current.
2013.08.28 Click on map flyer thumbnail, or Zoom button under flyer, now immediately opens full size flyer in a new window by direct link. Formerly used clumsy Javascript to zoom an embedded intermediate size, then another tap for full size.
2013.08.28 Implemented custom styling of map colors, and started by lightening some hues and simplifying building renderings.
2013.08.28 Iconified the Update (circle arrow) and Options (hammer/wrench) buttons.
2013.08.28 Change self icon from small and green to big and blue.
2013.08.27 Changed Divvy internal indexing from original "Landmarks" numbering of planned spots, to current "Id" based post-installation numbering system, while retaining the original planned data with automated periodic reconciling.

2013.08.25 Refresh ALL city data portal feeds.

2013.08.24 Moved forwarded alias domain handling to server preprocessor. v4.96
2013.08.24 Legacy listserve monitoring restored. Been down a few weeks, since Yahoo discontinued RSS. Now, a mass can be directly subscribed to emailings.
2013.08.24 Update Twitter post to new oauth 1.1 API. Confirm logging of detailed capture from every Twitter transaction for diagnostics.
2013.08.23 Fixed sporadic " - - " in page titles.

2013.08.21 Added some domain aliases:

2013.08.18 Added Nearby and Directions links to Infowindow. Gives one tap directions to any point of interest, rather than having to tap details then directions from there. Also renamed "Details" to "Zoom" there to conserve width.

2013.08.10 Updated Twitter feed fetches to their new API 1.1 protocol, requiring oauth for all operations. v4.95
2013.07.16 Coded around Divvy suddenly adding leading zeros to the "landmark" station key field, failing rule #1: Keep the protocol stable.

2013.07.10 Retain alt route selection through GO refreshes.
2013.07.01 Add caveat about photo size limit <2MB.
2013.07.01 Improved title on Nearby, now shows the overlay name.

2013.06.30 Allow discontinuous line segments is mass route. Simply insert a blank line to break a path.
2013.06.30 Fixed 3D FlyThrough (Google earth plug-in) not resizing to fill window on startup.

2013.06.27 Improve Divvy feed to show stations' existence and bike count. v4.89
2013.06.27 Move Search to its own page. Does either on-site search of messages, or Google driven search of whole site. Formerly was cluttering the top of the main menu. Now an item at end of menu.
2013.06.27 Location picker now retains user entry as target address when manual search used. For example searching for O'Hare will retain "O'Hare" in subsequent text and saved location. Would formerly often convert such things to addresses.

2013.06.19 Added Divvy docks. Find the bike rental stations nearest you.
2013.06.20 Placename from LatLon lookups now cached to reduce Google Places API usage. v4.88

2013.02.06 Location picker overhauled. Can now search by words such as place name. Formerly required address. Try - tap manual and find "donuts".
2013.02.06 Improvements to UI. New tiny icons show trusted posters, replacing color grades. All page headers standardized. New site search added to top of menu.

2013.01.30 Added live arrival times to train stops! automatically finds you, then the stations nearest you, then shows the arrival times at the closest one. v4.84

2013.01.28 Integrate Masses/Archives/ChainLink/More events pages with tab buttons row at top. Also Properly format date and time range in events.
2013.01.28 Major improvement to home page News panel. Now auto-sizes to screen height.

2013.01.28 Train stops each now directly linked to live arrival times, and to all applicable schedules. v4.83
2013.01.28 Nearby now automatically opens info window on closest find. For example will now automatically go all the way to showing details on the nearest train stop to you with no taps.

2013.01.17 Made order on Nearby page configurable (was alphabetical), so critical overlays like train stops can appear at top.
2013.01.16 Changed infowindow pop-ups to mouseover rather than click. Gives superfast browsing of Plot details on PCs while still working on tap for mobile.
2013.01.14 Make CSS skinnable. Change to light theme. Change some links and tables to bars. Add icons for message source types. Implement auto-sizing for better tablet compatibility. v4.80
2013.01.11 Order nearby by proximity so record limit returns nearest first.
2013.01.07 Search filtering added in Plot, just like in News. Ex: plot all #bikechi tweets:
2013.01.07 News for Public mass now automatically includes all masses.
2013.01.03 events feed made more prominent (originally added in 2009). Integrated it (and several other local bicycling calendars) into Other Masses page. v4.78

2012.12.27 Added Metra stops to Trains overlay in Nearby. Also properly color coded all CTA and Metra stops, and individually linked each to their online schedule.

2012.12.18 Added a "Gallery of Samples" page. Illustrated list of especially interesting and fun pages. v4.76

2012.12.17 Show route and plot in directions. FINALLY, a user can not only catchup, but potentially catchup to Cue points AHEAD of the ride's current location.
2012.12.17 Improvements to archive date passing, now better retained through ongoing navigation, even in recorder.

2012.12.16 Show Cue points on Route plot. Big red dots shows Cue points anywhere Route can be overlayed (including Recorder). Click to pop-up InfoWindow, links to detailed map and directions. v4.75 Good example:

2012.12.16 Home News now scrolls to screen top when expanded.
2012.12.16 Improved DoubleTap reload from top right control button. (diamond icon, page bottom/top/reload hypernav)
2012.12.14 Limit cache period on Home to two minutes, since it now contains live info.

2012.12.14 More accurately calculate zoom factor for Route, by scanning points for min/max.
2012.12.14 Clear Plot cache (shown in Recorder) if more than a day old, unless viewing archive.

2012.12.12 Added thumbnail photos to the ChicagoFunNews events feed.

2012.12.11 Published GPS plot of TWO YEARS of Critical Mass Rides, both downtown and northside monthlies.

2012.12.10 Finally integrated the Uber and Mass pages, eliminating the former separate mass home pages. Uses tiles that zoom when tapped, and a dynamic conditional Catchup/Go button.
2012.12.10 Make Catchup work for Mass or Personal follow in Plot.

2012.12.10 Created cute individual icons for all Nearby layers. Also change +/- in Nearby to checkboxes.
2012.12.09 Subtle background logo image now behind all pages. Was formerly only on the Menu. Also tried white background, too stark.
2012.12.09 Changed "Action" to "News" throughout.

2012.12.07 Added GPS parsing from Twitter messages.
2012.12.07 Added Twitter #bikechi monitoring to PUB mass.
2012.12.05 Overhauled output template substitution handler, making final rendering of all pages several times faster. v4.70
2012.12.04 Added mass descriptions on Other rides page.

2012.12.03 Improved color pallet in Plot and implemented ability to hide selected paths. Also improvements to tiles, buttons, titles and color theming. 4.69

2012.11.28 PLOT can now be overlayed in Recorder. In addition to Route, Directions, Catchup, Breadcrumbs, now one can view a current or archived mass, then go to recorder and follow the plot. For simplicity, path is cached when Plot is viewed rather than regenerated live in Recorder. v4.68
2012.11.28 Overhauled main screens to use Microsoft's new (Windows 8) "Metro UI" style. Flat, colored, active tiles, tap to expand info.

2012.11.26 Major simplification, eliminating two main pages (INTRO and VIEW), integrating them into expanding buttons on the main page. v4.66
2012.11.26 Added quick shortcut URL format for sharing one's location with friends/family. Accepts format URLs where userid is the same as used with Facebook. For example, Andrew Bedno who on Facebook is at can now share the URL (case insensitive) with those wanting to find him. Such URLs go directly to the user filtered plot, with a new CATCHUP button for directions to the user's last posted location. v4.65

2012.11.16 In Plot, added Hide options for route, points, dupes. Allows better tailoring of appearance. Can now optionally export paths only.
2012.11.15 Finally implemented multiple discontinuous paths capability in plots. Considers a path broken after two hours. Can now show multiple distinct path plots overlayed. Chooses slightly different colors for each, and retains them through KML/Google exports. Also switches to tinier dots if density gets high. Example showing two solid years of Critical Mass plots:
2012.11.14 Overhauled home and mass pages for bigger friendlier buttons.

2012.11.12 Added OTHERS links page, listing other bike route, mapping, and social location websites and apps. v4.61
2012.11.12 InfoWindows now shows thumbnails for offsite photos.
2012.11.12 Add recent locations picker to FindMe dialogs. Shows last ten addresses in dropdown selector.

2012.11.08 All Overlays view in Nearby now excludes crime and postings from other masses to reduce volume.
2012.11.08 Major improvement to KML exports. Now includes full details and link back to original message.

2012.11.05 Added option to view consolidated list of archived rides from all masses.
2012.11.02 Changed personal menu to use the big home page style bar buttons.
2012.11.01 Substitute static map placeholder png image for spiders.

2012.10.25 Allow use of Route and Catchup features in Recorder without login.
2012.10.24 New symbol key and GPS advice help pages.
2012.10.23 Improvements to Facebook and Twitter integration reliability. v4.58
2012.10.22 Reload Recorder if long time motionless. Restarts zombie location queries. v4.57

2012.10.21 Directions improvements. Main directions screen now shows turn-by-turn details, time and distance estimates, and alternate route options. Similarly also added alternate directions button in Recorder. v4.56
2012.10.20 If Directions are present, Update in Recorder recalculates route from current location.

2012.10.15 Google static maps images now cached locally. Increases reliability, decreases Google use, and fixes problem of plots often not showing on Facebook posts.

2012.10.09 Finished Odometer. Accessed from new button in Recorder Options menu, also gives rough calories and reset option. v4.54
2012.10.09 New functions added in Recorder under Options menu, including Directions, Plot, Catchup, ...
2012.10.09 New clearer address readout style (blue on white) in GPS follows. Tap address to post or accept it.
2012.10.09 Breadcrumb added to Recorder. Single marker dot shows last posted location.
2012.10.08 Tap the speed to recenter (and resume follow if panned), double-tap restores default zoom level. When no speed, shows crosshairs icon. Also added X button in options to clear directions.
2012.10.08 Change "Reload" to "Update". Add a "GO!" Button on Directions. Change Directions plots to Yellow. v4.51
2012.10.07 Overhauled GPS debugging feature. Now enablable by profile. Shows live data monitor in div below map.
2012.10.07 Make GPS minimum freshness configurable. Check against GPS reported timestamp. Accepts any freshness at first, until first one within threshold, then requires all be within threshold. Defaults to 300 seconds. Value appears to be missing in iOS6.
2012.10.07 Make minimum accuracy configurable. Check against GPS reported accuracy. Change prior "Accuracy" setting (high/low/any) to "Quality". Accepts any accuracy at first, until first one within threshold, then requires all be within threshold. Defaults to 200 meters.
2012.10.07 Allow logged in users to maintain a custom GPS preferences profile. Appears at top of stock profiles list. Also, save profile choice in user record.

2012.10.06 Add Options submenu in Recorder, conditionally shows buttons for: Catchup, Show Route, Show Directions, Nearby, Config. v4.48
2012.10.06 Show Directions overlay in Recorder. If directions recently plotted, remember them and conditionally underlay that route in Recorder. Finally allows use of Recorder/Speedometer while following ad hoc bike directions (formerly could only overlay the mass' planned route).
2010.10.06 Added conditional Catchup and Route buttons on Cues and Intro screens. Also improved caching on Recorder.

2012.10.06 Improved help button in recorder. Now reveals big help text insert and scrolls to it. Finally adds Keep WiFi ON advice.
2012.10.06 New window control button added on right of top menu. Tap to jump to bottom/top of long pages, tap twice to reload page.
2012.10.06 Plot Catchup target while in Recorder. If recent location posted, plot it as an arrow icon showing which way it's heading, while watching your own location.
2012.10.06 Add Catchup button in map detail view when applicable.

2012.10.05 Fixed Facebook logins. Was acting odd in several ways. Refactored some, notated heavily, improved asynchrony, and added failsafes.

2012.10.02 In recorder, if map is manually dragged, stop automatically recentering with motion to allow panning. Doubletap to resume.
2012.10.02 Change recorder config button color when non-default active, and indicate which.
2012.10.02 Don't strip blank lines in cues.
2012.10.01 Add popup photos to Google Earth tour (KML) output.
2012.10.01 Move the you are here bike icon live while viewing directions.
2012.10.01 Add basic GPS accuracy filtering, addressingiOS6 probs.
2012.10.01 Make Recorder and Facebook footer buttons bigger.
2012.10.01 Resize text fields on Find to better accommodate popup keyboards.
2012.10.01 Change to taller (Helvetica) font.
2012.10.01 Show photo thumbnails in infobubble on Plot and Nearby.
2012.09.30 Change self icon on all maps to a bike.
2012.09.30 Make all buttons taller.
2012.09.30 Add a suppress route underlay option in Plot.

2012.09.26 New ROUTE feature, shows a ride's planned route (when KML source is available), overlayed on plot and speedomoter views. Allows comparing ridden with planned, overlaying datasets on a route, and following a virtual line while riding in an event. Also added as primary menu item (Route, under Mass). v4.42

2012.09.25 iPad/iPod/iPhone iOS 6.0 compatibility mods: v4.40
• External nearby searches (restaurants, bars, ATMs, etc) now launch Google maps WebApp in Safari. Apple's new integrated map app too poorly populated, and seemingly doesn't handle business search region argument properly.
• Updated map linking to use new internal Apple map app for Detail zoom of single points.
• Temporarily removed WebApp meta tag, to workaround known Safari bug where javascript GPS callback dies.

2012.09.24 Added ROUTE PLANNING feature. Get bicycling directions between any two points, or browse maps at will. Now also shown on menu (Directions, under tools).

2012.09.23 Overhauled CATCHUP function. Button shown if recent action, plots route to last known location. Now also shown on main menu when relevant (Catchup, under action).

2012.09.21 NEARBY markers now use popup info bubbles. Fixes problem with Android pop-up blocker and tab limits, and makes the nearby plot vastly more user friendly. Formerly marker tap always launched full detailed record on new page. Now bubble (technically an "infowindow") gives basics and a link to full details.

2012.09.20 New cycling DIRECTIONS! Now uses Google bicycling directions service and draws a recommended route whenever applicable. Usable from any map to plot a route to the given point, for example to the start of a ride, or to the next photobooth, etc. Renamed Directions, replaces former Heading feature which only gave bearing and distances. Also new Update button from Directions recalculates the route while your ride is in progress.

2012.09.19 Added ART dataset. Find public sculpture, paintings, statues, mosaics, etc, nearest you. 313 works currently cataloged, many with photos.

2012.09.10 Added PHOTOBOOTH dataset. Find the photo booth nearest you. Though only a few dozen, it's believed to be the most comprehensive list in existence.

2012.09.04 Updated Facebook sharing, converting from deprecated sharer.php to Javascript. v4.26
2012.09.04 Renamed "Auto-GPS" (and variants) to "Route Recorder" throughout.
2012.09.04 Facebook share from Plot now includes distance traveled and average speed.
2012.09.04 Map zoom level in route recorder now admin configurable by profile.
2012.09.04 Added Photobooths to offsite datasets from Nearby menu.

2012.08.21 Added more overlay capabilities. Now allows finding closest ghost ( or abandoned ( bikes using the nearby function. v4.25
2012.08.20 Facebook preview images systematized. Sharing any page now shows the most appropriate title, description and image possible and uses Facebook metatags. v4.24
2012.08.20 Static map for bots now shows path (formerly just points), and adjust to include highest relevance points. Radically improves preview for Facebook cross-posting.

2012.06.07 Optionally require double opt-in for follows. ON (or news/follow/etc) now sends instructions and a number. User must reply with number to activate follow. Done for standards compliance.
2012.06.07 Added ability to cross post to Twitter. New "CC Twitter@..." checkbox on cues posting, auto-updates status to Twitter.

2012.05.28 Anchor the MENU button always at screen top.
2012.03.13 Updates to Google Earth plug-in virtual fly-through. New DIV/API form. v4.19
2012.03.13 Flash the countdown at moment a location is posted, either auto or manual. Changes to yellow when request sent, changes back when reply confirmed.

2012.01.02 Upgraded login to use oauth 2.0 as per new Facebook connect standard.
2012.01.02 Added heading to where query replies, formally only returned last known location, now includes direction.

2011.12.26 Added period selector to plot, allowing users to include wide date ranges from options menu.

2011.11.30 has ceased operation. Cleared feed configs and disabled upoc monitor cron.

2011.10.15 Improved personal ride recording, now saved to /pub mass, so as to not clutter the /now mass. User menu now merged directly onto Facebook button. v4.10
2011.10.15 Added information readout to Plot, shows all distance/speed stats, and calories calculation, even saves your weight.
2011.10.14 Direction (compass bearing: N/S/E/W) now shown on speedometer. Also saved with postings and shown in text details. Also, consecutive postings now show increment distance since prior rather than radius from start. Speed tracking also generally improved, calculated immediately for every posting, rather than requiring multiple samples.

2011.09.26 Added Farmers Markets Chicago dataset. v4.05
2011.09.25 Interface improvements including popup submenus on action and plot tabs. Added new powerful text search capability to chatter.
2011.09.19 Changed public message IDs to use text based on contents keys (was #s) for search engine friendliness.
2011.09.14 Massive improvements to find nearby / community features, also added public postings capability. New shortcut
2011.09.02 New text search capability added to find me page, allows manual find by address.
2011.09.02 Added big obvious help ? buttons with context specific quick hints popups, and better titles on several pages.
2011.09.01 Added LatLon calculation and maintenance to calendar system. Added events feed to massup.

2011.08.31 Perfected OLD/NEW navigation in plots. Now properly goes to next period containing points. v3.56
2011.08.27 Overhauled menu system. New single big MENU button now pops-up full menu of all functions with text descriptions on each. Replaces rows of main and submenu buttons, Also improved all buttons and improved structure some.
2011.08.25 Major improvements to database speed, optimized joins and persistence.
2011.08.22 Improved find me, adding manual tap to pick, and search by text address.
2011.08.15 Submitted to competition.
2011.08.08 Phone numbers now automatically hyperlinked for tap to call on SmartPhones.
2011.08.08 Added dataset, full details on all Chicago area bike shops. Find bike service nearest you:
2011.08.08 Reviewed for ADA compliance.

2011.08.02 Added live speedometer. Tap for rough odometer. 3.48
2011.08.04 Auto-post now requires login to post to any named mass, to reduce spurious location reports. Anonymous postings now automatically redirected to public mass.
2011.08.02 Added QR barcode to share/Facebook page.
2011.08.01 Merged Google / KML / 3D buttons on plot into single EXPORT button, giving a new output format selector page.

2011.07.31 CITY DATA Points of Interest overlays now available from NEARBY button on map and plot views. Also linked to details view by proximity! Ex.
2011.07.31 Self-locator now allows manual picking, enables use from older and non-GPS browsers.

2011.07.30 Mass selector page now shows thumbnails for each ride. v3.45
2011.07.30 Improved domains counter in spam detector.
2011.07.30 Distance calculations overhauled, now properly considers ellipsoid. Plot distance now matches KML version. Also upped max speed reasonability limit to 79 (to allow motorized vehicles).
2011.07.30 Now supports PNG image uploads. Creates JPG copy when received. v3.44
2011.07.30 Changed commands to "w" (or l) for where and a for Air (weather). Makes training easier, and matches main navigation. Was [W]eather and [L]ocation.

2011.07.13 Improvements to signature stripping on incoming messages and commands.

2011.07.10 Added show photo messages only third mode to text/pics button in CHAT.

2011.07.06 Finished "Bikker" game! Bicycle based version of classic Frogger. Cross a busy highway, ride trains, deal with pedestrians, to park at bike racks. Works in portrait or landscape. v3.41

2011.06.06 Added new "Override" mass status, makes a mass current default regardless of date. v3.40

2011.06.04 Auto-GPS profiles now selectable: Slow, Fast, Continuous, Text Only, Low Power, etc. Configurable by admin live.

2011.05.31 Auto-correct post time when feed incorrectly reports zone.

2011.04.24 Major power saving and responsiveness improvements to Auto-GPS. Changed from constant follow to timed periodic, with careful attention to all timing factors. Should now pace at about 4 seconds per sample, dramatically reducing Internet and GPS activity, thus maximally reducing power use. Also resolves callback queue overflow which caused occasional sluggishness. Map and location now initialized from last known (from local store if returning user), else mass start, allowing immediate rendering. Then updated from recent GPS subsystem cache, then freshened. Address description lookup also now updated asynchronously and cached.

2011.04.20 Increase size of full photo zoom. Displays quicker new mid-sized version on message view.

2011.04.08 Improved display and edit of distance and speed. Improved sessioning and caching. v3.36

2011.04.08 Plots now include points within period days after and before ride date. Fixes problem of plots truncated on rides overlapping midnight.

2011.04.01 User interface accuracy improvements. Add some spacing around buttons and after/before header/footer. Move older/newer links to top in message view, also added space above map links.

2011.03.26 Major Plot improvements, points now link to source messages. Path fattened; New tiny blue custom markers (replaces big pushpin icons), mouseover for datetime, click to see source message; More points now shown on phones (minimum distance reduced). v3.34

2011.03.24 Differentiated maximum message lengths for: reasonability, stored text, stored details, displayed, forwarded.

2011.03.16 Added RSS feed from articles, also from blog, and Twitter conditions reports (@activetranslft and #chilft), also from listserv.

2011.03.15 Centralize all cron processes: emails, offsite feeds, weather updates, for all masses, with various weighting, now handled automatically.

2011.03.14 Archives now fully integrated. v3.33
Formerly only past flyers were stored. Now archives are databased, copied from parent mass, retaining dated map and cues, and interlinked with chat and plot for the period. All history converted. For examples see recent rides at

2011.03.13 Major editor improvements.
Used by admins to maintain messages, masses and archives. Added location picker. Added date/time picker. Added copy and delete functions.

2011.03.12 Also: Image resizing improvements including addition of new mid-size for dashboard use. Cues now auto-marksup links. Speed improvements.
New LESS/MORE links in PLOT, filters included locations to admin/trusted/all.

2011.03.09 Presented at the Mayor's Bicycle Advisory Council. Well received.

2011.03.05 Added RSS feed capability. Chat can now draw from any capable sites (including Twitter profiles). v3.30
Also added "Chicago Bicyle Program" (CB) demo mass,

2011.03.04 Improved mass admin's capabilities. Enabled full message editing, and added an image manager tool. v3.28

2011.02.24 Added Quick Start guide. Covers text messaging commands, posting methods, and Facebook connect. v3.27

2011.02.23 Finished Facebook comments fetch. Postings to a mass's Facebook wall now appear in chat here.

2011.02.21 Dashboard now shows freshest photo when mass has no map.

2011.02.21 Posted a Quick (2:39) Intro video on YouTube:

2011.02.20 Improved main nav and footer buttons, adding rounding and gradients in pure CSS for speed. Corners are squared in IE, but fine on others. v3.24

2011.02.20 Restored World Naked Bike Ride Chicago chat history from 2010 and 2009:

2011.02.20 Improved message response time to under 20 seconds.

2011.02.19 Added free stickers request form with thumbnails, quantity selectors, name/email/address validations:

2011.02.10 Finally made "Create a Mass" function public. Accepts a mass request submission form with full help and validations. Linked from user menu, from other masses list, and from help. v3.21

2011.02.08 Added a comprehensive illustrated introduction and linked all help together:
2011.02.08 Added a DONATE page:

2011.02.04 INTERNATIONALIZED! Postings now support any language. Tested completely, even SMS and Twitter.
Also added automatic metric/english Km/Mi speed/distance display conversion, set by Country of Mass. Also added auto-translate links (tiny flag icons) on all help/about pages. (v3.20)

2011.01.28 Facebook Connect added, enables new personal features. Track your rides, download KMLs, manage your messages, share, post, like, etc.

2011.01.02 Added NEARBY tool, plots nearest of various important services such as bike shops, train stations, restaurants, bars, etc, relative to your last known location.

2010.12.30 Added "Uber" address ( which always refers to the CURRENT mass. Current being either an active dated mass, or the default NOW mass when no dated one is current. In print, a mass should still use it's individual address, but when active users can simply use u. This applies to all features such as posting, commands, and follows. (v3.0)

2010.12.29 AUTO (continuous automatic) postings now distinguished as lower status from GPS postings (user tap), and not included in default follows.

2010.12.27 Finished user authority handling. Implements everything from appointing mass administrators, to spam checking, to weighing message trustworthiness, to blocking the unruly, even if offsite.

2010.12.22 OLDER button added to Plots. Allows browsing historically through plots of rides. Converted all Plot outputs to dynamically generated KML, which also improves the DETAIL and 3D TOUR outputs.

2010.12.20 Added simple widgetizable feed insert for offsite embedding. Shows recent messages to any or all masses. Demo at

2010.12.19 Use full window area when accessed from PC.

2010.12.18 Implemented Sticky message. Admin can now tag messages to stay at top of chatter (and excluded from Plot). Allows better variable event postings in open mass channel.

2010.12.17 Revisions to menu system. MORE tab now always shown, leads directly to mass selector. TERMS and other primary background info links moved under ABOUT. POST and PLOT subtabs now always present under CHAT.
New TOOLS tab under MORE features Police Radio Scanner, head and tail light apps, and new Mass Counter app.
New Mass Counter app keeps track of three categories with big tap areas, buttons for up/down, increment, reset, and can Post to chatter including date and location info automatically! Non-volatile stores in browser data, resumes counting at any time.

2010.12.14 Added speedometer display. When using GPS auto-post, once moving, each posting calculates and displays speed using distance/time since prior posting, limiting to reasonable min/max ranges. Speed is logged and appears on such postings in chatter.

2010.12.13 Improved map zoom calibration to use actual calculated miles per pixel. Interesting exponential math dealing with Google Maps tiles. Also revised equation for distance calculations.

2010.12.13 Added live police radio scanner audio feed link (labeled "Alerts") to bottom of Air (end of weather page). Dynamic MP3 stream URL, periodically re-fetched and parsed from offsite ( parent page. Works on iPhones.

2010.12.04 Added "Heading?" and "Catchup?" compass-like functions linked from any map. Quickly tells users the distance and heading to a point. Use to find last reported location, ride start, or any spot in cues, chatter, photos, etc. Shows overview, links to offsite directions, more. v2.94

2010.12.02 Added new "MAP" command, sends current graphic to user for viewing on basic phones. Works for users texting to a mass' email (no Hotline SMS/MMS), with phone capable of viewing pictures.
For a demo text "map" to for the Ghost Bikes Tour's map image.

2010.11.29 Added "View in Google Maps" link to Plot page. Opens KML in Google Maps on web when viewed on PC.
Improved Tour view (embedded Google Earth virtual fly-through) to autoresize to full window.
Added Facebook share button. Conditionally renders static map and plot images and stand-in thumbnails for text only pages, so Facebook always gets a graphic.

2010.11.24 Improvement to DEFAULT Mass. New "NOW" ( catch-all mass created, open for any local bicycle related chatter. Also monitors "massup" Twitter and Upoc feeds. System now defaults to featured ("Now") mass if next is more than a few days away and prior is more than a day past. Formerly always simply defaulted to next (/current) mass. Posting by Hotline option now only shown (and applicable to) default mass. Also improvements to chat hour range checking to better handle admin off-day broadcasts. Also added decoding of HTML symbols for readability in text messages.

2010.11.23 Geolocation lookup now attempted on any postings where text contains something address-like. Determines GPS automatically (if absent) if identifiable location described (such as address or intersection). All posting types may now potentially contribute to Plot data, even Cues and bare SMS. Also now weighs location and distance for trustworthiness, allowing reliable use of "where" auto-responder even when no admins contributing. v2.80

2010.11.22 Thumbnails now shown by default for photos in chat feed. Formerly defaulted to text, with PICS option button at page end.

2010.11.22 Improved online Plot view. Suppress points too close in time or space to reduce clutter. Route lines now filtered by point to point speed to create most useful connections when multiple location feeds. Also made Plot Days configurable by Mass.

2010.11.22 Moved Lonely Locked Bits of Bikes collection to

2010.11.18 Added Tour data to the KML output. Mac/PC Google Earth users can now watch an embedded animated 3D fly through from any Plot page.

2010.11.16 Perfected GPS auto-posting. Location now auto-follows, uses highest accuracy, defeats caching, and uses active map with bicycle layer (formerly used static image fetch). Also added FAST mode (posts every 40 seconds versus 5 minutes). Also now retains prior description until new place name lookup completed, to reduce raw LatLon postings. Also internally converted to AJAX (a "Web2.x" method). Postings now sent in background so app never leaves page. Eliminates disruption due to spotty network (posting may fail but page doesn't halt). AutoPost can now be added to home screen and operates on iPhone as pure standalone WebApp.

2010.11.08 V2.x series tested well lately on Chicago Critical Mass, Midnight Marauders, and Chicago Ghost Bike Tour rides.

2010.11.07 Added cue points handling for easy broadcast of next destination. V2.70

2010.11.05 Added vote gathering capability. Simply text a number (1-99) only. Responses logged, viewable by admin.

2010.11.02 Added automatic timed GPS posting capability.

2010.10.30 Added plotting of GPS postings, with route trace and KML

2010.10.28 Changed mobile from Upoc to MassUp.

2010.10.26 Added automatic repeat date handling, and chat hour ranges.

2010.10.25 Widgetized for offsite embedding of any views.

2010.10.23 Added follow capability, notifies on postings (off/news/on/all levels).

2010.10.22 Finished true SMS handling (773-33-MASS-8)

2010.10.20 Changed to minimal LCARS (Star Trek) style interface.

2010.10.19 Added weather, notes, intro and help to autoresponder.
2010.10.19 Added auto-responder, replies with newest trusted location posting.

2010.10.18 Added speech to text voice posting to the chat feed.
2010.10.17 Added photo uploading to the chat feed with automatic geolocation.
2010.10.14 Added GPS posting to the chat feed.
2010.10.06 Added Twitter to the chat feed.
2010.10.03 V2 conversion to fully database driven.

2010.07.01 In continuous use more than a year including CCM monthlies and WNBR-C6+7.

2009.05.25 Version 1.0 released with basic features. Planned as an at-a-glance mobile resource for publicizing group ride info. Gives flyer and zoom, intro and cues, chat aggregator, weather.

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