Marauders St. Patties Day Ride - Sun 3/17/13
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Marauders St. Patties Day Ride
Sun Mar 17th 2013
Drinking club with a biking problem.
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CCM RT @theurbanologist: A moment of thanks to @FeliciaConnects as she's on to her next amazing chapter. I've been listen...
CCM What the ????
CCM RT @CNshooter: All @cta remains closed. Here’s the scene at the Chinatown redline. Caution tape surround the outsid...
CCM RT @LikeEngineer: Had a lovely chat with an elderly lady outside Aldi today as I was loading up my shopping. She admi...
PUB @BLMChi @dupreeblue Many of these CPD are the same that ride with us at #CriticalMass - last Friday every month joi…
PUB Thank You @cta for at least a bit of notice this time #forreal #bikechi #staysafe
ATA The decision to suspend and reduce transit and Divvy service in the wake of protests and unrest cuts residents off…
CCM No trains now NO buses no service at all. DAMN ☹️☹️
CCM RT @nowthisnews: Bloomberg News reports that the watchdog report identified 879,000+ high-income people who had faile...
CCM RT @MikePTraffic: Hard closures may not be in effect, but avoid Cicero Ave between 16th & Pershing, and Cermak betwee...
CCM RT @ShotByCT: Shit look like a regular ass plantation now
CCM RT @BaburRealer: CTA once again suspending the regular schedule. They won't let people go to Belmont. Lori Lightfoot ...
CCM RT @VICE: Hackers jammed Chicago police scanners with N.W.A.'s "Fuck the Police" and Tay Zonday's "Chocolate Rain"
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