World Naked Bike Ride Chicago #14 - Sat 6/9/18 6p
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 68F NW6 Thunderstorm
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World Naked Bike Ride Chicago #14
Sat Jun 9th 2018 6p

World Naked Bike Ride is a massive public awareness event, promoting freedom from oil and the beauty of people. It happens world-wide since 2004, with Chicago among the largest. Bare-as-you-dare outfits range from body paint to fanciful costumes to undies and less. The ride is extremely joyful and transcendently fun, while important and earnest.
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WNBRC @ChiNakedRide Wow!! That's great
WNBRC 4000 Cyclists Set New World Naked Ride Chicago Record! #wnbr #chibike
WNBRC @ChiNakedRide PHOTO OF THE DAY: naked bike rider Me and my lady couldn't make it this year, however, we were there…
WNBRC RT @BikeSmut: @CapoVelo @ChiNakedRide @GlitterGutsy Everywhere you wanna rub
WNBRC @CapoVelo @ChiNakedRide @GlitterGutsy Everywhere you wanna rub
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WNBRC RT @BikeSmut: @CapoVelo "as bare as you dare" but you can see some fab styles from the @ChiNakedRide that happened Sa...
WNBRC @CapoVelo "as bare as you dare" but you can see some fab styles from the @ChiNakedRide that happened Saturday! phot…
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