World Naked Bike Ride Chicago #14 - Sat 6/9/18 6p
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[*CCM*] CCM30 Site is Live!!!
  Wed 6/14 3:44p   000~st
[*CCM*] Rhymefest Produces Bike Safety Video For Blackstone Bicycle Works Che “Rhymefest” Smith has teamed up with Blackstone Bicycle Works to create a new video on bike safety. Smith, known for his collaborations with Kanye West and Common, teamed up with Connie Spreen, executive director of Experimental Station and known for her love of literature, to produce the video...
  Wed 6/14 10:01a   Gjv~nt  
[*CCM*] Mayors Bicycle Advisory Council - Tomorrow, Wednesday 14 June Mayor’s Bicycle Advisory Council The Mayor’s Bicycle Advisory Council (MBAC) includes members representing a broad spectrum of backgrounds, from health care and enforcement and community groups. Several City departments are also represented. MBAC focuses on a wide range of bicycle issues: safety, educ...
  Tue 6/13 11:50a   Bob Kastigar
[*CCM*] 14-Year-Old Girl's Purse Stolen While Riding Her Bike In South Loop: Police
  Tue 6/13 10:27a   Gjv~nt
Another shot from the #worldnakedbikeride from #Chicago by #johnshippeephotography. #wnbr #wnbrc…
  Tue 6/13 1:13a   Shippeephoto  
RT @taritory: More ass, less Gas.... it's time for the NAKED BIKE RIDE!! @ChiNakedRide join us and BARE IT ALL!
  Mon 6/12 10:58a   Djoshuabanks  
Here is the map of the 3 1/2 mile ride what seemed like 1000 Of people riding and lining the streets cheering....
  Mon 6/12 8:40a   Brandoesque  
FWD: Are you in charge of Chicago Critical Mass (July 2017)? Hi, I just wanted to follow up on my email below. I'm assuming that you are either busy or my email got buried in your inbox. Are you interested in knowing how you can save time and money while boosting attendee engagement? Please let me know, I'd love to connect with you. If you are not in charge of events, who is...
  Mon 6/12 7:21a   Gl~ia
RT @Hung314773: 🍆🚴🏼 #Stoner #Chicago #Lit #Wnbrc #BikeChi #NakedRide #Chitown #Chiraq #teamFreak #Twitterafterdark
  Sun 6/11 9:16p   Stazzyma  
RT @WGNMorningNews: We trust the #nakedbikeride was lovely? Any stories @ChiNakedRide ? We fell off the pace 2 minutes in... #wnbr
  Sun 6/11 8:19p   Tomwgnchicago
@ChiNakedRide Pics From 2017 Ride @ pls retweet/share
  Sun 6/11 5:36p   Powerfulantwone  
RT @ChiNakedRide: World Naked Bike Ride : Chicago #14 was a great success. Thanx everyone! Pics and chatter at #w…
  Sun 6/11 3:44p   Veganpedicab  
World Naked Bike Ride : Chicago #14 was a great success. Thanx everyone! Pics and chatter at #wnbr
  Sun 6/11 2:36p   Chinakedride  
@WGNMorningNews @ChiNakedRide I handled the post-ride bicycle seat sanitizing concession and really cleaned up!
  Sun 6/11 1:43p   Mickkahler

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