World Naked Bike Ride Chicago - Sat 6/13/2020 6p
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Discussion of use with and known limitations seen on certain phone types. Your helpful feedback strongly encouraged.
Your phone works fine? PLEASE tell me.
Problems on your phone? PLEASE tell me.
Got a solution to something listed here. PLEASE tell me.

Phone compatibility is tested with these operations (some only Smartphone applicable):

1. Test homepage in browser.
Confirm app opens full screen. Some browser (when higher res than classic iPhone) open tiny. Others open just a quarter page zoomed in, as if in landscape mode. In most cases, a double tap somewhere inactive will resize logically. This should be improved in future revisions, but reports encouraged.

2. Test Facebook connect.
Tap the [f] link at bottom right of every page.
Applicable only if you have a Facebook account and a Smartphone. May prompt for login first, then should give you a standard Facebook data sharing permissions dialog. Agree using the tiny button Facebook made hard to see, very far bottom right of page. You should automatically then be returned to the Facebook page, but the login button will change to a personalized welcome message.

3. Test GPS.
Tap the (+) symbol at bottom left of every page.
In most cases the phone should prompt to confirm you want to share your location. On some that's a big popup yes/no box, on others its a poke in the status bar. On some phones this is a one-time message, others prompt daily, others allow domain or general persistent location sharing settings. Do accept. should show its standard locator dialog. Wait for it to find you and lookup the address and show you on a map, typically under 30 seconds. Let it countdown and automatically post your location. This confirms that Geo features, Javascript and AJAX are all working. The display should mention "started" and the map will follow you if moving. Do report if this does not work as described.

4. Test basic SMS.
Text ? to

5. Test uploading a photo.
Email any photo to
MAKE SURE YOUR GPS LOCATION SHARING FOR PHOTOS is ON, then take a photo and check if possible that its details state where taken. Sorry, I've found this option near impossible to find on some phones, and on many by default it is off. Phones with GPS capability, but on accounts with no Internet, may not allow enabling activation. iPhones put this under Settings, General, Location Services, Camera; default is on. If settings are right, your photo once uploaded will show an address and map link. will also automatically rotate and resize as needed, so you needn't send reduced versions if the phone offers options. Optionally include a Subject for captioning. From Smartphones DO send by email using your phone's email app. Photos can also be emailed from text messaging (as in test 4 above), but GPS info is typically lost (but worth a try). Within 2 minutes you should see your photo under Chat at

6. Test receiving a graphic.
Text M to to request a map.
Use your text messaging client (as opposed to email app) as with test 4 (SMS) above. Within two minutes you should receive a reply message with an attached image. You should receive the current map, as a standard JPG image file optimized for phone viewing. Theoretically any phone capable of MMS or viewing photos could work, regardless of Internet capability. But in practice I've seen several phones simply strip it, and give a message such as "attachment removed" or "unsupported media type". Smartphones, if this does not work, try again by email. This is THE feature most likely to fail, and I'd like to build a profile of problem models, plans, and carriers. Please test and record and report results.

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