World Naked Bike Ride Chicago #11 - Sat 6/14/14 8p
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World Naked Bike Ride Chicago
World Naked Bike Ride Chicago #11
Sat Jun 14th 2014 8p

World Naked Bike Ride is a massive public awareness event, promoting freedom from oil and the beauty of people. It happens world-wide since 2004, with Chicago among the largest. Bare-as-you-dare outfits range from body paint to fanciful costumes to undies and less. The ride is extremely joyful and transcendently fun, while important and earnest.
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WNBRC .@ChiNakedRide organizers made the difficult, but correct, decision to postpone the 6/13 event. If you insist on bi…
WNBRC RT @olsongetty: Cyclists navigate downtown during the World Naked Bike Ride tonight in Chicago. #wnbrc #wnbr.
WNBRC Though annual #WNBR's are technically illegal in most US cities where they occur, #nudists clearly have Constitutio…
WNBRC RT @ChiNakedRide: World Naked Bike Ride : Chicago is Saturday June 8th. Under a month 'til the 16th annual people pow...
WNBRC @ChiNakedRide @ChiCritMass Is this a naked ride like the WNBR?
WNBRC @ChiNakedRide @ChiCritMass @JP_Phrench and @Hugh_Jass17 will you be there?
WNBRC RT @ChiNakedRide: Extinction Rebellion ride for climate justice MONDAY 4pm from the Picasso (50 W Washington). @Chi…
WNBRC Extinction Rebellion ride for climate justice MONDAY 4pm from the Picasso (50 W Washington).…
WNBRC @je_antos @ChiNakedRide You should def have your own wheels but as for Divvy and the ride, a good many were used as…
WNBRC @filmteknik @ChiNakedRide At $3 per half hour it is not very cost effective for nude parade use! I suppose if you h…
WNBRC @je_antos You have about 11 months to get in shape for the next @ChiNakedRide! Some people do the event on Divvys…
WNBRC @Jesaphine no, I missed the @ChiNakedRide. Sadly had something work related pop up Saturday afternoon and there's w…
WNBRC @ChiNakedRide Live 25 miles from my job. Going to keep driving!
WNBRC I like that I saw tweets warning shareable bike riders to bring antiseptic wipes because naked people were using th…  /  Bike  © 2020 Andrew Bedno