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Chicago Ghost Bikes Tour

[Outdated] 13 mile ride passing all ten Chicago ghost bikes.
ATTENTION: The following was a tour route ridden in 2009-2011, present here as archival. Several of the bikes have changed since then. Click Here for the current map of Chicago ghost bikes (but no tour route).

Also see this on Google Maps.
Washington Square Park, 881 N. Clark

Exit W on W Delaware Pl
R (N) on N LaSalle Dr
963 N LaSalle Dr
Clinton Miceli (6/9/08)

L (W) on W Oak St
L (S) on N Orleans St
707 N Orleans St
Patrick Thomas Stack (9/?/11)

R (W) on W Huron St
R (N) on N Larrabee St
L (W) on W Chicago Ave
R (N) on Milwaukee then N Elston Ave
L (W) on W Division St
1318 W Division St
Alicia Frantz (6/3/05)

W on W Division St
L (S) on N Damen Ave
R (W) on W Augusta Blvd
1001 N Western Ave
Isai Medina (1/5/06)

W on W Augusta Blvd
R (N) on N Humboldt Dr
L (W) on W Armitage Ave
1995 N Kedzie Blvd
Blanca Alicia Ocasio (9/11/07)
2000 N Kedzie Ave
Amanda "Mandy" Annis (4/30/08)

W on W Armitage Ave
R (N) on N Avers Ave
3833 W Diversey Ave
Jepson Livingston (12/15/09)

R (E) on W Diversey Ave
R (SE) on N Milwaukee Ave
L (E) on W Logan Blvd
2593 N Western Ave
Tyler Fabeck (4/20/08)

NE on W Logan Blvd
R (E) on W Diversey Ave
L (N) on N Damen Ave
3000 N Damen Ave
Liza Whitacre (10/21/09)

N on N Damen Ave
R (E) on W Montrose Ave
4401 N Ravenswood Ave
1000 Ghost Bikes Monument (6/07/09)

(2011.10.30 r6)

Chicago Ghost Bikes Tour