2001.02.23 (week 191)
Hooray For Humans!!!
  Hooray For Humans!!!
I define "friend" as someone who you know would rescue you if called, and to whom you would offer the same. But what if you don't have their phone number? The knowing is enough. It is in communication and friendship that human greatness appears, transcending the animal realm, creating the meta-beings culture and krewe. Be proud.
THIS WEEK: a greater selection of performance and talk events from our ARTS calendar have been included, and it's a TERRIFIC week for them! Please read in detail, I'm trying to tell you something friend.

* Ongoing: Black History Month.
* Ongoing: Network sweeps.
* Fr-We: Several planets visible.
* Fr: Fabulous Thunderbirds at HoB.
* Fr: FINAL WEEKEND - MUSE at Charybdis.
* Fr: The Residents at Congress Theatre.
* Fr: Iron Chef - Asparagus Battle on FOOD.
* Fr: OUTER BASS rave.
* Fr: Mardi Gras party at Joe's Sports Bar.
* Fr: Pointy Teeth at Smiler Coogan's.
* Sa-Su: International Kennel Club Dog Show at McCormick Place.
* Sa: Theater Fever at Chicago Cultural Center.
* Sa: Virtual Poetry Slam at PANG Studios.
* Sa: FINAL WEEKEND - MUSE at Charybdis.
* Sa: College of Complexes at Lincoln Restaurant.
* Sa: Bulls host Vancouver at United Center.
* Sa: Graduate League party at Lakeview Links.
* Sa: FINAL NIGHT "Barbie's Big Day" at The Cornservatory.
* Sa: Marvin Tate's D-Settlement at Hot House.
* Su: Carnival.
* Su: Hustle Up The Hancock.
* Su: Wacky Snacky 5K Run.
* Su: Destruct-A-Thon on COM.
* Su: The Alternative Hair Show at Chicago Theatre.
* Su: New Cartoons on FOX.
* Su: MOTUS - dance/skate/play at Charybdis.
* Su: New Power (Prince) Party at Berlin.
* Su: Signal Strength drum&bass on U.S.Beer.
* Su: Weekly Coffeehouse at The Burkhart Underground.
* Su: Abductions with the Alter Boy on 19.
* Mo: Bulls host Golden State at United Center.
* Mo: Park Avenue Produce readings at The Hideout.
* Tu: Mardi Gras.
* Tu: XZIBIT at House of Blues.
* Tu: Presidential Address.
* Tu: Nocturna 18+ at Metro.
* We: Ash Wednesday.
* We: The Backyard Variety Show at Hot House.
* We: Bulls host Houston at United Center.
* We: EMPRESS drum&bass at Big Wig.
* We: "In One Ear" at Heartland Cafe.
* Th: Downtown Thursday.

Black History Month (since 1926). -2001.02.28 Yearly.
February contains the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and abolitionist Frederick Douglass. This holiday recognizes the achievements and contributions of African Americans. Observed with special events and exhibits at many cultural institutions, especially the Chicago Cultural Center, Field Museum, H.W.Library, Dusable Museum, and South Shore Cultural Center.
For related info and area events see:

Network sweeps. -2001.02.28 Yearly.
Extra special new TV programming this month on major networks.

Now playing.
Hannibal, Down To Earth, Sweet November, Saving Silverman, Sugar and Spice, Shadow of the Vampire, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Chocolat, Oh Brother, What Women Want, Traffic, Cast Away, Charlies Angels, ...

WAY too much GREAT dance and theater and comedy and poetry to cover.
Get yourself a Reader or NewCity magazine.
Hundreds of city locations.

Brew&View. Movies, drinking, smoking, heckling, FUN! -Thursday 18+ $4.
8p (Sa-Tu,Th; 9p We): Vertical Limit Chris O'Donnell, Bill Paxton, Robin Tunney, Scott Glenn, ...
8p (We): Temptation Island. FINAL EPISODE! - FREE.
7p (Th): Survivor: Outback. FREE. Includes WCKG DJs, City Sweats raffle, contests for t-shirts and pizza coupons.
10p (Sa-Tu,Th): Meet the Parents Robert De Niro, Ben Stiller, Teri Polo, Blythe Danner, ...
midnt (Sa,Th): Charlie's Angels Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu, Bill Murray, Sam Rockwell, Tim Curry, Roger Corwin, Kelly Lynch, Crispin Glover, John Forsythe, Matt LeBlanc, LL Cool J, Tom Green, ...
Brew & View, 312/618-VIEW, 3145 N Sheffield. Around the corner from the Red line Belmont stop. MAP
 Friday 2001.02.23:
Venus at its brightest. -Wednesday 6:15-7:30p.
Low in the Western sky about an hour after sunset.
ALSO: Saturn and Jupiter visible above left of dark moon Mo/Tu.

Starring Brendan Fraser, Bridget Fonda, Rose McGowan, Whoopi Goldberg, Chris Kattan, Dave Foley, more. Live action and animated, dark-ish but reviewed as low-brow.
ALSO: 3000 Miles to Graceland.
Now showing.

Fabulous Thunderbirds. 21+ $18.50 7:30p.
House of Blues, 312/527-2583, 329 N Dearborn. MAP TicketMaster:312/902-1500.

FINAL WEEKEND! MUSE - The Art of Inspiration. 18+ (w/ ID) $10 8p-1a.
Participatory art installations/events all month on the theme of the Muse; the Greek mythological embodyment of the source of creative inspiration. See Sunday entry for space details.
"Regina Buccola presents an original performance piece -- A Tomb of One's Own, or How to Prove Shakespeare a Woman in Five Costume Changes or Less. Virginia Woolf meets a twenty-first century femi-Nazi." followed by "Naked and Shameless" two guys with acoustic guitars.
Charybdis, 773/427-9970, 4423 N Milwaukee. Near I 94, 5 blocks from Blue Line Montrose stop. MAP

* The Residents. "Icky Flix". All ages. $30 8p.
Still werkin after almost three decades of avante-weird. Playing selections from their DVD.
Congress Theatre, 312/836-5900, 2135 N Milwaukee. MAP TicketMaster:312/902-1500.

Iron Chef - Asparagus Battle. Fiercely competitive cooking translated from Japan. Fridays 9-10p.
Sip a drink each time Ota says "Fukui-san!"
See a funny spoof at

OUTER BASS. Rave. All ages. $5-10 9p.
DJs Niko, Staxx, Dave Vasquez, Liquid G-Zus, Kid Ikarus, Pac-Man, BumbleBee, special guests.

Mardi Gras party. 21+ 10p-4a.
Freelance Pallbearers headline, Los Selvez open. Beads, Hurricanes, special treats.
Joe's Sports Bar, 312/337-3486, 940 W Weed. MAP

* Pointy Teeth. Hardcore electro dance. 18+? $? 10p-3a.
A great local band ala Prodigy/CrystalMethod. DJs Staxx, Hybird State, Jes and The Third Estate open and close.
Smiler Coogan's, 773/889-0601, 5637 W Grand. MAP

Bang. "The Quality Of Sound". Fridays 21+ $15+ 10p-4a.
One of the hottest Friday spots. Resident Chris Gin with visiting heavyweight headliners. Always well produced, nice change of scene with Hiroki in the mezz. Lots of house, crowded late. Dress well, no tennis shoes.
Crobar, 312/413-7000, 1543 N Kingsbury. No public transit. MAP

Cosmix. Fridays 21+ Free 10p-4a.
DJ Greg Haus spins a blend of trance, hardhouse, breakbeat, and progressive sounds.
Berlin, 773/348-4975, 954 W Belmont. Near Red line Belmont stop. MAP
 Saturday 2001.02.24:
International Kennel Club Dog Show. Thousands of dogs, hundreds of vendors. Last Saturday in February -Sunday Yearly. All ages. $3-9 6a-8p.
McCormick Place, 2301 S Lake Shore. North building. MAP

Theater Fever (since 1998). Yearly. All ages. Free 11a-3p.
Free shows and workshops by some 40 local companies.
Chicago Cultural Center, 312/346-3278 (FINE-ART), 78 E Washington. MAP

Virtual Poetry Slam. Presented by Kurt Heinz. All ages. $5-10 7p.
With live Seattle/Chicago e-poets video link.
PANG Studios, 1419 W Blackhawk. North of Division, just East of Ashland, MAP

FINAL WEEKEND! MUSE - The Art of Inspiration. 18+ (w/ ID) $10 8p-1a.
Participatory art installations/events all month on the theme of the Muse; the Greek mythological embodyment of the source of creative inspiration. See Sunday entry for space details.
"Theresa Sofianos and Thomas Yager-Madden perform With Her Mouth Wide Open, based on The Sibyl by Par Lagerkvist" and "Regina Buccola presents an original performance piece -- A Tomb of One's Own, or How to Prove Shakespeare a Woman in Five Costume Changes or Less. Virginia Woolf meets a twenty-first century femi-Nazi." followed by tyhe rock band "Decoy".
Charybdis, 773/427-9970, 4423 N Milwaukee. Near I 94, 5 blocks from Blue Line Montrose stop. MAP

College of Complexes (since 1951). "The Playground for People Who Think". Saturdays All ages. $3 food/drink purchase 2.5hrs 8p.
Weekly free speech forum. 2.24: Nancy Prioleau on activating your third eye.
Lincoln Restaurant, 312/842-5036, 4008 N. Lincoln. Near Lincoln/Irving/Damen. MAP

Bulls host Vancouver. WGN. All ages. 8:30p.
United Center, 1901 W Madison. MAP TicketMaster:312/902-1500.

Graduate League party. 21+ $10 9p-3a.
Free bar -11p, dinner buffet, two bands, DJs all night, drink specials.
Lakeview Links, 773/975-0505, 3206 N Wilton. MAP

* Variety. Saturdays 21+ Free 9:30p-5a.
"Progressive music and video. Meet and mingle with a truly diverse crowd. Dress up or dress down... this is the place to be what you want to be!" Local musicians perform early. An editor fave, always wild, often crowded.
Berlin, 773/348-4975, 954 W Belmont. Near Red line Belmont stop. MAP

FINAL NIGHT "Barbie's Big Day" plus "Fun With Sketches". Comedy play and skits. 18+ $10 10p.
Barbie is getting married, but is Ken the right man? Veteren comedy group Famous In The Future performs this one-act plus a best-of show from the Famous In The Future vaults.
The Cornservatory, 4210 N Lincoln. MAP

Marvin Tate's D-Settlement. 21+ (or w/ parent) $10 10p.
Pat Smillie Blues Band opens, DJ Squeeze open/close. "Black funk, jazzy riffs, rock bass, and frenetic spoken word riffs on a groove ... engaged in social commentary and positive energy". See site for good stuff most nights.
Hot House, 312/362-9707, 31 East Balbo. Discounted parking available. Near downtown train stops. MAP

Revival. DJs Jimmie Page and Jeff Moyer. Saturdays 21+ $0-10 10p-5a.
Hosts Daisy Duke and Mama Love. Excellent decore, service, lights and sound. Crowded after 1a.
Aura, 312/266-2114, 640 N Dearborn. MAP
 Sunday 2001.02.25:
Carnival. Yearly.
Three days of festivities culminating on Mardi Gras. Christian in origin, it is the Sunday, Monday and Tuesday preceding Ash Wednesday.

Hustle Up The Hancock (since 1998). Pledged 94 floor (1632 stairs, 1000 vertical feet) climb. Last Sunday in February Yearly. All ages. $30-50 6:30a.
Benefits American Lung Association. Well managed event with thousands of runners.
John Hancock Building, 312/751-3681, 875 N Michigan. Assemble in concourse area. MAP

Wacky Snacky 5K Run (since 1992). Benefits Blind Service Association. Yearly. All ages. $25 10a.
Refreshments, raffle and HUGE snack food party for participants. Downtown on upper Wacker.
Mercantile Exchange, 30 S Wacker. At Madison. MAP

Destruct-A-Thon. Battlebots 2.0 marathon. 8hrs 1p.

The Alternative Hair Show. Yearly. $16-85 ALSO 8:30p. 2:30p.
Fashion and entertainment. Benefits Leukemia research (almost $400K last year).
Chicago Theatre, 773/561-9500, 175 N State. Downtown. MAP TicketMaster:312/902-1500.

New Cartoons!!! New Futurama, King of the Hill, Simpsons, Malcom episodes all month. Sundays 2hr 6p.
Crew meets Hank Azaria in Hollywood, Renee Zellweger and Bigg Snoop Dogg pimp in Texas, Springfield boy band meets N'Sync.
ALSO: New PJs on WGN at 6:30p.

* * MOTUS - Weekly DJ studio. Sundays 18+ $5 8p-1a.
This week DJs Flood, Beznick & YK5GEO, Sequ3nc3 and Droopy. Also blader and skate board performers. Great 120'x120' space with giant slide and climbing nets, percussion structure, pinball, pool, skee-ball and arcade games, skater half-pipe, dance floor, DIY painting area, visual art and sculpture, graffiti and much more.
ALSO: FOCUS movie night Thursdays 9p. BYOB, smoke, vote on next week's film. This week is Microcosmos, award winning French insect life documentary.
Charybdis, 773/427-9970, 4423 N Milwaukee. Near I 94, 5 blocks from Blue Line Montrose stop. MAP

* New Power Party. Samnation spins Artist Formerly Known as Prince. Last Sundays 21+ Free 8p-4a.
Movie at 8p, dancing from 10p, diverse glam/sexy clique.
Berlin, 773/348-4975, 954 W Belmont. At Red line Belmont stop. MAP

* Signal Strength. Growing new drum&bass weekly. Sundays 21+ $0-3 9p-2a.
Vera commands: come out and support Natty, 40 Oz, Chris G, The Black Russian, others, for the sounds of d&b, dub, hip hop, etc. 2.25: Phix & Dr.Groo.
U.S. Beer Company, 773/871-7799, 1801 N Clybourn. Corner of Sheffield, Clybourn, and Willow. MAP

Weekly Coffeehouse. Sundays All ages. $4 Donation. 9p.
Open mic, poets, folk musicians. Interesting alternative community art and photos always on display. Includes coffee/tea/coke.
The Burkhart Underground, 773/348-8536, 2845 N Halsted. MAP

* Abductions with the Alter Boy. Wacky new local comedy sci-fi talk show. Sundays All ages. Free 11p.
EXTRA SPECIALFX episode. "A new operating system for the human brain, each week the Alter Boy brings you a Message from Space, shows cosmic cartoons, and interviews his fellow abductees.".
Chicago area cable TV channel 19.
 Monday 2001.02.26:
Tales of terror readings by local Chicago Horror authors. Mondays 18+ $2 8p.
Various different entertainment or open mike weekly.
The Red Lion Pub, 2446 North Lincoln Avenue. On Lincoln one block north of Fullerton. Across from the Biograph. MAP

Bulls host Golden State. FSChi. All ages. 8:30p.
United Center, 1901 W Madison. MAP TicketMaster:312/902-1500.

Park Avenue Produce! We read 40's & 50's comic books radio-style w/sound effects & slides. 4th Mondays 21+ $5 1.5hrs 8:30p.
Films! Prizes! Good clean fun to be had when we read from old American comics and show 16mm films. A blast every Monday!
Upcoming stories: Super Girl Goes to College, The Mad Hate of Dr. Zart, The Patriots, advertisements!
The Hideout, 773/227-4433, 1354 W. Wabansia. 2 blocks north of North, 1 block east of Elston. MAP

Hiatus. A night devoted to the celebration of rock, dance, and alternative. Mondays 21+ Free 10p-4a.
This event caters to people who like to enjoy conversation, good drinks, and great music from lounge/60s/70s/80s(predominantly)/90s(alternative) to the present. No techno "boom boom", or "thump thump" music. Legendary chicago personality Boa djs. Concept is basically "night off in clubland" come out and drink and dance with us.
Berlin, 773/348-4975, 954 W Belmont. Near Red line Belmont stop. MAP
 Tuesday 2001.02.27:
Mardi Gras. Yearly.
French for Fat Tuesday. Christian in origin it is the last day of the period of Carnival preceding Ash Wednesday. The name has come to represent the entire carnival period. Celebrated on a large scale in New Orleans, Rio de Janeiro, and Nice. Observed with Cayjun music, costumes, parades and dancing and beads.

XZIBIT. Rap/Urban. All ages. $25 (Also Wednesday 7:30p 18+) 6:30p.
House of Blues, 312/527-2583, 329 N Dearborn. MAP TicketMaster:312/902-1500.

Chieftains. $26-37 7:30p.
Chicago Theatre, 773/561-9500, 175 N State. Downtown. MAP TicketMaster:312/902-1500.

Presidential Address. 1hr 8p.
GWB outlines his priorities and "vision for the country", live.
All major networks.

BattleBots SUPERHEAVYWEIGHT FINALS!!! TWO new episodes. Tuesdays 1hr 9p.
Sparks will fly and Bots will Die! Very serious, sport of the future. This season's competitors are WAY stronger and meaner than last.

* Nocturna. NOW 18+! Goth w/ Scary Lady Sarah, THE weekly gathering of darker souls (since 1990). Tuesdays 18+ $3 10p-4a.
Nicely decorated, often a special guest and giveaways.
Metro, 773/549-0203, 3730 N Clark. Near Red Line Addison stop. MAP
 Wednesday 2001.02.28:
Ash Wednesday. Yearly.
Christian in origin, this is the first day of Lent and the seventh Wednesday preceding Easter Sunday. The name originates from the ritual of placing ashes on worshippers foreheads, symbolizing death and sorrow for sin. Lent is a 40 day period of penetence, prayer and fasting. Over time, fasting has been de-emphasized (though certain abstentions such as drinking and red meats are commonly observed), and the importance of prayer and works of charity has grown. Lent was first observed in the 4th century.

* The Backyard Variety Show. A showcase of Vaudevillesque talent. Last Wednesdays 21+ (or w/ parent) $7-10 8p.
May include acrobats, torch singers, fire eaters, stilt walkers, ventriloquists, fakirs, dog acts, and other amazing and unusual acts. Usually hosted by Douglas Grew of The Midnight Circus. Check the site for good jazz most nights.
Hot House, 312/362-9707, 31 East Balbo. Discounted parking available. Near downtown stops on all train lines. MAP

Bulls host Houston. WCIU. All ages. 8:30p.
United Center, 1901 W Madison. MAP TicketMaster:312/902-1500.

* Bass By The Pound - Seminar. THE weekly drum-n-bass scene. Wednesdays 21+ $5 9p-2a.
Empress, a top East Coast drum&bass DJ. With residents Gylde, Flipside, etc. Great tunes, cool decor, good drink selection, teeny dance area. Sometimes web-simulcast. Can't come? Tune in to 89.3FM WNUR 9:30-11p.
Big Wig, 773/235-9100, 1551 W Division. Near Blue line Division stop. MAP

"In One Ear" (since 1985). Open Mic. Wednesdays All ages. $2 9p-1a.
"eclectic mix of people" who groove on "laid-back" vibes, folk music and poetry readings.
Heartland Cafe, 773/465-8005, 7000 N Glenwood. Near Red Line Morse stop. MAP

"Vaughn's House". By LB Entertainment. Wednesdays 24+ (Free -11p) $5 9p-3a.
House Music all night with Vaughn Woods and guest DJ John "JM3" Moore DJ INC and DJ ?. $3 Drink specials.
Volasati, 219 W Erie. Between Franklin and Wells (Former BajaBeachClub). MAP

* Lunacy. Industrial, SM/tattoos, pretty darn hot. Wednesdays 21+ $5-15 10p-4a.
A fetish friendly dark playground of decadence with go-go girls, buff boys, visual assualts, bondage and tattoos. Now with Residents Chris Gin and Mystic Bill spinning, Pat Parsons in the Mezz. Dress well, no tennis shoes. Ladies free, strange pets welcome, $1.50 drink specials.
Crobar, 312/413-7000, 1543 N Kingsbury. MAP
 Thursday 2001.03.01:
Downtown Thursday. Special evening events and later hours at several museums and clubs. Thursdays 7-?p.
Good night to catch Blues downtown, cocktails at the MCA, Jazz at the Shedd or Randolph Cafe. See the site for MUCH MORE!

Sex in the City Ladies Night Out at Drink. Thursdays 21+ Ladies free -midnt, then $5. Others $10. 9p-4a.
Zero Z and Rude Sound productions present Ladies Night Out with a creative blend of House, Trance, Tech, Progressive and Commercial. Special guest DJs V and Dayhota with Mel Hammond, DJ Dagwood, Kirill, Pierce, Rich Gonshak and MAX TC.
Drink, 702 W Fulton. At Halsted. MAP
New exhibits on historic Polish astronomers, black holes, Hubble images. All ages. $0-5 Free Tuesdays.
Dramatically expanded, much high tech exhibitry. Excellent new web cam.
Mo-Th 9a-5p, Fr 9a-9p, Sa/Su 9a-6p.
Adler Planetarium, 312/922-7827 (STAR), 1300 S Lake Shore. MAP

Masterpieces. Interesting permanent and visiting exhibits. All ages. Free Tuesdays, else $5-8.
Mo/We/Th/Fr 10:30a-4:30p, Tu 10:30a-8p, Sa/Su 10a-5p.
Art Institute of Chicago, 312/443-3500, 210 S Michigan. MAP

Quality exhibits and activities for young minds. Free Thursdays. 10a-5p Tu-Su.
Chicago Children's Museum, 312/527-1000, Navy Pier. MAP

Your Are Here: Chicago In the Year 2000. Team of photographers project documenting everyday life last year. (-2001.03.04). Many other local works. All ages. Free.
Also: good music daily at 12:15p (Classical Mo/We, Jazz Tu, Pop Th). Open late Thursdays.
Mo-We 10a-7p, Th 10a-9p, Fr 10a-6p, Sa 10a-5p, Su 11a-5p.
Chicago Cultural Center, 312/346-3278 (FINE-ART), 78 E Washington. MAP

Kremlin Gold: 1000 Years of Russian Gems and Jewels (-2001.03.30).
Underground Adventure. Walk through hugely magnified soil ecosystem.
(permanent). All ages. $4-8, Free Wednesdays. 9a-5p.
Field Museum, 312/922-9410, Roosevelt Rd. at Lake Shore. MAP

Exhibits covering 4000 years of surgical history. Not for the squeamish. All ages. $3-5 Free Tuesdays. Tu-Sa 10a-4p.
International Museum of Surgical Science, 312/642-6502, 1524 N Lake Shore. MAP

World class zoo. Now with web cams. All ages. Free.
11.1-3.31 8a-5p, 4.1-5.25 8a-6p, 5.26-9.3 Mo-Fr 8a-6p Sa/Su/holidays 8a-7p, 9.4-10.31 8a-6p. Buildings close earlier.
Lincoln Park Zoo, 773/742-2000, 2200 N Cannon. MAP

Gilbert & George: Nineteen Ninety Nine (-2001.05.20)
AA Bronson: Negative Thoughts
(-2001.04.22). $0-8 Free Tuesdays.
1999 is a monumental work projecting a vision of the next century with an emphasis on the delicate human qualities.
We-Su 10a-5p, Tu 10a-8p. Closed Mondays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New years Day.
Museum of Contemporary Art, 312/280-2660, 220 E Chicago. MAP

Consistent world class wonderland, set aside a whole day. All ages. $3-13, Free Thursdays.
New TIME exhibit now open, possibly the best collection in existence of clocks through history.
Mo-Fr 9:30a-4p, Sa/Su 9:30a-5:30p.
Museum of Science and Industry, 773/684-1414, 57th at Lake Shore. MAP

Oooooodles of good fun and art, IMax, food, Shakespeare, VR games, ... All ages. Free.
The outdoor skating rink is now open.
Mo-Th 10a-8p, Fr/Sa 10a-10p, Su 10a-7p, closed 12.25.
Navy Pier, 312/222-9328, 600 E Grand. Take the free trolley. MAP

Truly stunning world class aquarium. $11-18.
Rear outside deck has the city's best skyline view. Now with web cams.
Sa/Su 9a-6p, Mo-Fr 9a-5p (-6p in summer), many special late days, Free Mo/Tu Sept-Feb.
Shedd Aquarium, 312/939-2438, 1200 S Lake Shore. MAP
ALWAYS call before going to a listed event.
ALWAYS call before going to a listed event.

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