2001.04.06 (week 197)
To New Beginnings...
  To New Beginnings...
Dancing, skating, chat, cake, art, games, PAINTBALL
at Charybdis 18+ 8p-2a 4423 N Milwaukee.
Friday and Saturday have some real highlights, GO OUT. And in addition to my party note that Sunday is also Palm Sunday, Buddha's Birthday, and a FULL MOON!!! Oughta be interesting...

* Ongoing: Chicago Earth Month.
* Ongoing: Golf Around Chicago at Navy Pier.
* Ongoing: History of Universe at Mercury Theater.
* Fr: Opening Reception at Women Made Gallery.
* Fr: First Friday at MCA.
* Fr: Easter Comedy Show and Jesus Roast at Lincoln Restaurant.
* Fr: Indigenous at Park West.
* Fr: Absence of Restraint at Athenaeum Theatre.
* Fr: Departures at Aura.
* Fr: Silly Rabbit 4 at Zentra.
* Fr: Bang at Crobar.
* Fr: Shadow of the Master at WNEP Theater.
* Sa: Passover.
* Sa: World Health Day.
* Sa: West Side Neighborhood Tour at Cultural Center.
* Sa: SANCTUARY rave.
* Sa: "Comic Capers" opening at Feitigo Gallery.
* Sa: Deep Banana Blackout at Park West.
* Sa: Evil Beaver at Empty Bottle.
* Sa: World Of Magic at Nocturnal.
* Su: Palm Sunday.
* Su: Buddha's Birthday Flower Festival.
* Su: Full Moon.
* Su: New Futurama and King of the Hill on FOX.
* Su: Melanie C at House of Blues.
* Su: AC/DC at United Center.
* Su: 3RD ANNIVERSARY PARTY at Charybdis.
* Su: Interzone Perceptible at Hot House.
* Su: Johnny Winter at Joe's Sports Bar.
* Mo: Post-party day.
* Tu: Ginuwine at Metro.
* We: Star Trek Voyager series FINAL EPISODES on UPN.
* We: Phantom 45 at Big Wig.
* We: Ja Rule at Joe's Sports Bar.
* We: Lunacy at Crobar.
* Th: Movie at Charybdis.
* Th: Planet Earth at Neo.

The History (and Mystery) of the Universe. -2001.04.15 No kids. $29.50-36.50 Daily.
Well reviewed work based on the great 20th century thinker Buckminster Fuller.
Mercury Theater, 773/325-1700, 3745 N Southport. Near Brown line Southport stop.  MAP

Golf Around Chicago (since 1996). -2001.04.19 Yearly. All ages. $5-6.50 Mo-Th 10a-10p, Fr/Sa 10a-11p, Su 10a-7p.
Fanciful mini-golf course by area architects, depicts many famed local buildings and themes.
Navy Pier - Crystal Gardens, 312/595-7437 (PIER), 600 E Grand.  MAP PHOTOS

Chicago Earth Month. -2001.04.30 Yearly.
Reflect on ecological issues and commit to the conservation and reclamation of nature. Observed in various small ways by many area cultural institutions.

Now playing.
Spy Kids, Hannibal, Down To Earth, Sweet November, Saving Silverman, Shadow of the Vampire, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Chocolat, Oh Brother, What Women Want, Cast Away, ...

WAY too much GREAT dance and theater and comedy and poetry to cover.
Get yourself a Reader or NewCity magazine.
Hundreds of city locations.
 Friday 2001.04.06:
"Beyond The Surface" Opening Reception. 6-9p.
Juried show of artwork by women who are in love with surfaces.
Women Made Gallery, 312/328-0038, 1900 S Prairie.  MAP

* First Friday. Music, art, snax, drinks, creative types and gold coasters. 1st Fridays All ages? $6-12 6-10p.
Museum of Contemporary Art, 312/280-2660, 220 E Chicago.  MAP

* "Big-Ass" Easter Show Featuring the Jesus Roast. Presented by The Lincoln Lodge, weekly stand-up and variety showcase. 21+ $8 8-10:15p.
A Friars Club-style roast of the resurrected Messiah, featuring all of his old friends including Pontius Pilate, Mary and Joseph, Judas and more.
The Lincoln Restaurant, 773/248-1820, 4008 N Lincoln. 1 block from Irving Park stop on CTA Brown Line.  MAP

Indigenous. 18+ $18.50 8p.
A Native American family, blues-rock group from SD. MGD/93XRT.
Park West, 773/929-1322, 322 W Armitage.  TICKETS MAP

In the Absence of Restraint. -Saturday $15 8p.
Hedwig presents works on the themes of dependence and desire.
Athenaeum Theatre, 773/935-6860, 2936 N Southport.  TICKETS MAP

DEPARTURES. Progressive UK house, deep funky trance, techno. Fridays 21+ $10 9p-4a.
Guestlisting gives $5 til midnite and open bar 9-10p.
FUEL presents: Chicago's definite outlet to the sonic bliss. Resident ANDRE SOLARIS with weekly guests: April 13: Keith Lotta (KGBeats). Massive custom sound and visuals added for this event.
Aura, 312/266-2114, 640 N Dearborn.  MAP PHOTOS INFO

Silly Rabbit 4. Rave-inspired event. 21+ Free 10p-4a.
RSVP for guaranteed admittance.
Featuring Derrick May. Also Justin Long, Sativa, Cedric, fire breathing, more. Hosted by Silky Jumbo and Feiticio Gallery.
Zentra, 312/787-0400, 923 W Weed.  MAP

Bang. "The Quality Of Sound". Fridays 21+ $15+ 10p-4a.
One of the hottest Friday spots. Resident Chris Gin with visiting heavyweight headliners. Always well produced, nice change of scene with Hiroki in the mezz. Lots of house, crowded late. Dress well, no tennis shoes.
Crobar, 312/413-7000, 1543 N Kingsbury. No public transit.  MAP PHOTOS INFO

Shadow of the Master. "A Kung Fu Musical Sequel". Fridays -2001.04.13 All ages. $10 10:30p.
By Matt Larsen, Fred Mowery, Stephanie McCullough. Sulacco Productions returns with the follow up to 'The True Deadliest Game of Death'.
WNEP Theater, 773/755-1693, 3209 N Halsted.  MAP

Brew&View. Movies, drinking, smoking, heckling, FUN! -Thursday 18+ (ID reqd) $4.
7p (Th): Survivor: Outback. FREE. Includes WCKG DJs, City Sweats raffle, contests for t-shirts and pizza coupons.
8p (daily): Finding Forrester - Sean Connery, F. Murray Abraham, Anna Paquin, Busta Rhymes, ...
10p (daily): The Gift - ESP/crime drama w/ Cate Blanchett, Giovanni Ribisi, Keanu Reeves, Katie Holmes, Greg Kinnear, ...
midnt (Fr,Sa,Th): AntiTrust - Hacker/crime drama w/ Ryan Phillippe, Rachael Leigh Cook, Claire Forlani, Tim Robbins, ...
Brew & View, 312/618-VIEW, 3145 N Sheffield. Around the corner from the Red line Belmont stop.  MAP PHOTOS INFO
 Saturday 2001.04.07:
Passover. A most important Jewish festival, observance begins at sunset. Yearly.
Commemorates the freeing of Israel from Egyptian slavery in the 13th century BC. Observed for one week with no leavened breads (Matzo) and no work on the first and last days. Celebrated the first two days with Seder festal meals. The symbols are explained and the Exodus story is retold through readings of the Haggadah. Date varies widely each year.
SEE the 1956 masterpiece "Ten Commandments" starring Charleton Heston playing Sunday 6-11p on ABC.

World Health Day. Commemorates founding of the W. H. Organization in 1948. Yearly.
Observed by reflecting on world health issues.

Chicago Neighborhood Tour: West Side. Bring a snack. 1st Saturday in April Yearly. $20-25 4hr 10a.
Chicago Cultural Center, 312/742-1190, 77 E Randolph.  MAP

SANCTUARY. Rave. Mostly House/Progressive. All ages. $15 7p-5a.
"Chicago's finest DJs causing some RUKUS!!! FREE giveaways from Another Level.".

"Comic Capers". Second anniversary show opening reception. Adults only. 8p-12a.
Erotic animations and illustrations by Michael Manning, Jeff Pittarelli and Rebekah Boyer. Show runs -2001.05.19. Sounds and multi media by Centipede.
Feitigo Gallery, 773/384-0586, 1821 W North Ave.  MAP

Deep Banana Blackout. 18+ $12 9p.
A large band with rich vocals and fat horns, now on Flying Frog records.
Park West, 773/929-1322, 322 W Armitage.  TICKETS MAP

Evil Beaver. w/ other bands. 21+ $7 9p.
Empty Bottle, 773/276-3600, 1035 N Western.  MAP

World Of Magic. Another downtown club house night. Saturdays 21+ $20 9p-?a.
RSVP at for guestlisting.
Euro/Progressive/Trance with DJs Billy The Kid, Mix, DVS, Curt Caris. Ladies first. "Upscale creative club attire required". Prizes to sexiest clubbers.
Nocturnal, 312/491-1794, 1111 W Lake.  MAP

* LIVE WIRE. Saturdays 21+ Free 9:30p-5a.
DJs Christopher Robin and Greg Haus.
"Progressive music and video. Meet and mingle with a truly diverse crowd. Dress up or dress down... this is the place to be what you want to be!" Local musicians perform early. An editor fave, always wild, sometimes dangerous, often crowded.
Berlin, 773/348-4975, 954 W Belmont. Near Red line Belmont stop.  MAP PHOTOS INFO
 Sunday 2001.04.08:
Palm Sunday. A Christian holiday, the Sunday before Easter, 6th (last) Sunday of Lent. Yearly.
Commemorates the arrival of Jesus into Jerusalem, one week before resurrection, when the people placed palm branches in his path.

Flower Festival. Yearly.
Celebrates Buddha's birthday.

Full Moon. Always adds an interesting twist.

New Futurama and King of the Hill cartoons. Sundays All ages. free 6p.
Fry and Bender serve in a robot asylum. Bobby joins an environmental effort.

Melanie C. All ages. $18.50 7p.
Former Spice Girl.
House of Blues, 312/527-2583, 329 N Dearborn.  TICKETS MAP

AC/DC. $35-45 7:30p.
United Center, 1901 W Madison.  TICKETS MAP

* * * * ANNIVERSARY PARTY!!! All Drum&Bass DJs, dance, skate, PLAY!!! 18+ (w/ID!) $0-5 8p-2a.
Great huge loft with climbing nets, billiards, pinball, and arcade games; skater half-pipe, ramps and rails; dance and skate floor, lights, video wall and drums; DIY painting area, art, sculpture and graffiti! NOW WITH PAINTBALL SHOOTING GALLERY!!!
DJs Basic, Four/4, Radiata, Chamberweed, Natty. BYOB or buy downstairs -10p. Free party favors and cake! Drawing for free toys and t-shirts. Bladers come early for the most space.
Charybdis, 773/427-9970, 4423 N Milwaukee. Near I 94, 5 blocks from Blue Line Montrose stop. Huge white two story, middle of block, vortex symbols.  MAP

Interzone Perceptible. 21+ (or w/ parent) $5-10 8p.
An accordion and electric bass duo from Germany.
Hot House, 312/362-9707, 31 East Balbo. Discounted parking available. Near downtown train stops.  MAP

* Signal Strength. Growing new drum&bass weekly. Sundays 21+ $0-3 9p-2a.
Vera commands: come out and support Natty, 40 Oz, Chris G, The Black Russian, others, for the sounds of d&b, dub, hip hop, etc.
U.S. Beer Company, 773/871-7799, 1801 N Clybourn. Corner of Sheffield, Clybourn, and Willow.  MAP PHOTOS INFO

Johnny Winter. The Ruse opens. 21+ $25 9:30p.
Joe's Sports Bar, 312/337-3486, 940 W Weed.  TICKETS MAP
 Monday 2001.04.09:
Post-party day.
Official call in sick because you stayed out too late partying with Andrew last night, day.
 Tuesday 2001.04.10:
Ginuwine. Urban contemporary. SOLD OUT All ages. $20 7p.
Presumably NOCTURNA will be moved to SmartBar this week.
Metro, 773/549-0203, 3730 N Clark. Near Red Line Addison stop.  MAP

Testosterone Tuesday. Hard dance music, ultra buff male strippers. Tuesdays 21+ Free 10p-4a.
DJ Ralph Rosario.
Berlin, 773/348-4975, 954 W Belmont. At the Belmont red line stop.  MAP PHOTOS INFO
 Wednesday 2001.04.11:
* Unwind. Hip-Hop / Acid-Jazz after work. Wednesdays 21+ Free 5p-1a.
DJ Brian Sayles and CVicious spin. $2 Watermelon or SotB shots, $5 Cosmos. Free buffet after work!! Chess boards and lessons available.
Sidecar Cafe, 312/202-0502, 801 N Orleans. On the corner at Chicago.  MAP

* Star Trek Voyager series FINAL EPISODES. Wednesdays -2001.05.23 8p.

Bass By The Pound - Seminar (since 1998). THE weekly drum-n-bass scene. Wednesdays 21+ $5 9p-2a.
Phantom 45 visits for "nothing but nightmare music" w/ residents Gylde, Flipside, etc. Great tunes, cool decor, good drink selection, teeny dance area. Sometimes web-simulcast. Can't come? Tune in to 89.3FM WNUR 9:30-11p.
Big Wig, 773/235-9100, 1551 W Division. Near Blue line Division stop.  MAP PHOTOS INFO

Ja Rule. 21+ $22.50 10p.
Headlining for WGCI "Freshest MC Contest" and "Ultimate Hip-Hop Party" w/ DJ Boolu Master.
Joe's Sports Bar, 312/337-3486, 940 W Weed.  TICKETS MAP PHOTOS

* Lunacy. Industrial, SM/tattoos, pretty darn hot. Wednesdays 21+ $5-15 10p-4a.
A fetish friendly dark playground of decadence with go-go girls, buff boys, visual assaults, bondage and tattoos. Now with Residents Chris Gin and Mystic Bill spinning, Pat Parsons in the Mezz. Dress well, no tennis shoes. Ladies free, strange pets welcome, $1.50 drink specials.
Crobar, 312/413-7000, 1543 N Kingsbury.  MAP PHOTOS INFO
 Thursday 2001.04.12:
Radio Hiro (since 1998). Live drum&bass internet audio/video broadcast from Chicago. Thursdays 8p-2a.
Showcasing Chicago's current underground music, video, and film. Visit the site, see the archives.
The Lab.

FOCUS. Movie/discuss/play night. Thursdays All ages. $5 Opens 8p, discuss/play -1a. 9p.
BYOB, smoke, vote on next week's film. Previous films have included 2001, Microcosmos, Tron.
4.12: The Best of Joe's Basement.
Charybdis, 773/427-9970, 4423 N Milwaukee. Near I 94, 5 blocks from Blue Line Montrose stop.  MAP PHOTOS INFO

"Sex in the City Ladies Night Out". Thursdays 21+ $7 Ladies free -11p. 10p-3a.
A creative blend of House, trance, tech, progressive and commercial. DJs Mel Hammond, Dave Brock, Spec.
Drink, 702 W Fulton. At Halsted.  MAP

Planet Earth (since 1979). Thursdays 21+ $? 10p-4a.
Join DJ Dave Roberts for music, makeup, memories and videos. A long running Goth-lite night of new wave club classics.
Neo, 773/528-2622, 2350 N Clark.  MAP PHOTOS
New Star Rider theatre shows. All ages. $5-13 Free Tuesdays.
Dramatically expanded, much high tech exhibitry.
Mo-Fr 9a-5p (-10p last Friday), Sa/Su 9a-6p.
Adler Planetarium, 312/922-7827 (STAR), 1300 S Lake Shore.  MAP

Masterpieces. Interesting permanent and visiting exhibits. All ages. Free Tuesdays, else $5-8.
Mo/We/Th/Fr 10:30a-4:30p, Tu 10:30a-8p, Sa/Su 10a-5p.
Art Institute of Chicago, 312/443-3500, 210 S Michigan.  MAP

World class gardens. Easy to get to, great restaurant. All ages. $7-15 parking.
Open daily (except xmas) about 8a-sunset.
Chicago Botanic Gardens, 847/835-5440, 1000 Lake Cook Road, Glencoe.  MAP

Quality exhibits and activities for young minds. Free Thursdays. 10a-5p Tu-Su.
Chicago Children's Museum, 312/527-1000, Navy Pier.  MAP

Many great exhibits of local works and curated collections. All ages. Free.
ALSO: Various special events, music and performances almost every day.
Also: good music daily at 12:15p (Classical Mo/We, Jazz Tu, Pop Th). Open late Thursdays.
Mo-We 10a-7p, Th 10a-9p, Fr 10a-6p, Sa 10a-5p, Su 11a-5p.
Chicago Cultural Center, 312/346-3278 (FINE-ART), 78 E Washington.  MAP PHOTOS

Natural History done right. All ages. $4-8, Free Wednesdays. 9a-5p.
"Underground Adventure" - Walk through hugely magnified soil ecosystem. "Sue" permanent dinosaur exhibit, now with life-size robot "Kinetosaur". Also insects, anthropology, much more.
Field Museum, 312/922-9410, Roosevelt at Lake Shore Drive.  MAP PHOTOS

Exhibits covering 4000 years of surgical history. Not for the squeamish. All ages. $3-5 Free Tuesdays. Tu-Sa 10a-4p.
International Museum of Surgical Science, 312/642-6502, 1524 N Lake Shore.  MAP

World class zoo. Now with web cams. All ages. Free.
11.1-3.31 8a-5p, 4.1-5.25 8a-6p, 5.26-9.3 Mo-Fr 8a-6p Sa/Su/holidays 8a-7p, 9.4-10.31 8a-6p. Buildings close earlier.
Lincoln Park Zoo, 773/742-2000, 2200 N Cannon.  MAP

Gilbert & George: Nineteen Ninety Nine (-2001.05.20)
AA Bronson: Negative Thoughts
(-2001.04.22). $0-8 Free Tuesdays.
1999 is a monumental work projecting a vision of the next century with an emphasis on the delicate human qualities.
We-Su 10a-5p, Tu 10a-8p. Closed Mondays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New years Day.
Museum of Contemporary Art, 312/280-2660, 220 E Chicago.  MAP

Consistent world class wonderland, set aside a whole day. All ages. $3-13, Free Thursdays.
New TIME exhibit now open, possibly the best collection in existence of clocks through history.
Mo-Fr 9:30a-4p, Sa/Su 9:30a-5:30p.
Museum of Science and Industry, 773/684-1414, 57th at Lake Shore.  MAP

Oooooodles of good fun and art, IMax, food, Shakespeare, VR games, ... All ages. Free.
Celebrating "Spring Fling" weekends 4.7-8 and 4.14-15 with Easter activities, treat hunts, bunny photos noon-7p.
Pier hours Mo-Th 10a-8p, Fr/Sa 10a-10p, Su 10a-7p, closed 12.25.
Navy Pier, 312/222-9328, 600 E Grand. Take the free trolley.  MAP PHOTOS

Truly stunning world class aquarium. $11-18.
Rear outside deck has the city's best skyline view. Now with web cams.
Sa/Su 9a-6p, Mo-Fr 9a-5p (-6p in summer), many special late days, Free Mo/Tu Sept-Feb.
Shedd Aquarium, 312/939-2438, 1200 S Lake Shore.  MAP
ALWAYS call before going to a listed event.
ALWAYS call before going to a listed event.

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