2009.12.25 (week 652)
Peace on Earth.
Movie: "It's Complicated" now playing everywhere.
Movie: "Sherlock Holmes" now playing everywhere.
Movie: "Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus" now playing.
Movie: "Up in the Air" now playing everywhere.
Ongoing: Collected Holiday Songs and Recipes.
Ongoing: Ice Skating.
..-Su: Winter Pageant at Redmoon Central.
Ongoing: Winter Vacation at Chicago Public Schools.
Ongoing: Winter Wonderfest at Navy Pier.
Ongoing: "Banana Shpeel" at Chicago Theatre.
Ongoing: Under The Picasso at Daley Plaza.
Ongoing: Supernatural Chicago at Excalibur (Fr).
Fr: Christmas.
Fr: Green Velvet / Derrick Carter at Sound-Bar.
Fr: Critical Mass at Daley Plaza.
Fr: Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind at Neo-Fut.
Sa: Boxing day.
Sa: Kwanza.
Sa: Trans-Siberian Orchestra at Allstate Arena.
Sa: Songs From A Scene at Metro.

Movie:    ^
"It's Complicated" now playing.
Meryl Streep, Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin, ...
Theaters Everywhere.

"Sherlock Holmes" now playing.
Guy Ritchie w/ Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, Rachel McAdams, ...
Theaters Everywhere.

"The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus" now playing.
Terry Gilliam w/ Andrew Garfield, Christopher Plummer, Lily Cole, Heath Ledger, ....
Theaters Everywhere.

"Up in the Air" now playing.
Jason Reitman w/ George Clooney, Vera Farmiga, Anna Kendric, Jason Bateman, ...
Theaters Everywhere.

Now playing.
Avatar, Planet 51, The Blind Side, A Christmas Carol, The Box, The Men Who Stare at Goats, Where the Wild Things Are, Zombieland, Capitalism, Invention of Lying, Whip It, Astro Boy, ...
Theaters Everywhere.

Movies and Beer. Movies, drinking, heckling, FUN! -Thursday 18+ (ID reqd) $5.
Pirate Radio: Sa, We 6:30p.
Where the Wild Things Are: Sa, We 8:30p.
Zombieland: Sa, We 10p.
Brew & View, 773/929-6713, 3145 N Sheffield. Around the corner from the Red line Belmont stop.

Seasonal:    ^
Collected Holiday Songs, Recipes and Stories. -2010.01.03 Yearly. All ages. Free.
Check out this terrific comprehensive set of popular holiday songs, recipes and stories. Also available for mobile.

Ice Skating. -2010.02.28 Yearly.
Millennium Park, 312/742-5222, 55 N Michigan; Warren Park, 773/262-8656, 6601 N Western; Riis Park, 312/746-5735, 6100 W Fullerton; Daley Plaza, 312/742-7650, 337 E Randolph; more...

Winter Pageant. -2009.12.27 Yearly. All ages. $10-15 Various times.
Family friendly long running annual celebrating the changing seasons.
Redmoon Central, 312/850-8440, 1463 W Hubbard.

Winter Vacation. -2010.01.01 Yearly.
Chicago Public Schools.

HOLIDAY CLASSICS. -2010.01.03 Yearly. All ages.
* A Christmas Carol: 11.20-12.31 Goodman Theatre, 312/443-3800, 200 S Columbus,
* The Nutcracker: 12.11-27 Joffrey Ballet, Auditorium Theatre, 312/431-2357, 50 E Congress,
* Free photo with Santa: for 94th floor visitors, certain December days/times. John Hancock Center Observatory, 312/751-3681, 875 N Michigan,
* Christmas Around The World: 11.20-01.03 Dozens of spectacular International holiday decorated trees, Museum of Science and Industry,
* Zoolights: 11.27-01.03 Over a million lights, certain dates/times, Lincoln Park Zoo,

Winter Wonderfest. -2010.01.03 Yearly. All ages. $10-17+ Hours vary.
Festival Hall will be transformed into a winter wonderland featuring hundreds of lush decorated trees, sparkling lights, wintertime decorations and a main town square with vending. Includes ice rink, large inflatable slide/bungee games. Santa and elves listen to children's wishes in a mountain top village.
Navy Pier, 312/222-9328, 600 E Grand. On-site parking, or Grand Red line stop then take free trolley.

Ongoing:    ^
See the ChicagoFunNews FaceBook app for unparalleled fast searchable local event listings:

"Banana Shpeel" -2010.01.03 All ages. $25-100+ Various times.
"A New Twist on Vaudeville" roller-coaster mix of styles blending comedy with tap, hip hop, slapstick, more linked by hilarious narrative igniting wacky adventures.
Chicago Theatre, 773/561-9500, 175 N State. Downtown.

WAY too much great theater and comedy and dance to cover.
Pickup Reader and NewCity and TimeOut magazines.
Hundreds of city locations.

Under The Picasso. All ages. Free 12p.
Interesting free performances almost every week day at noon. Go to the spectacular Thompson Center nearby (100 W Randolph) for more good art.
Daley Plaza, 312/346-3278, 50 W Washington. Washington and Dearborn.

Supernatural Chicago (since 2004). Interactive theatre exploring Chicago's paranormal past. Fr/Sa 21+ $25 7:30-9p.
Hosted by Necromancer Neil Tobin. Hear true Chicago stories of the unexplained, brought to life through audience-involving demonstrations of telepathy, clairvoyance, mediumship and magic -- at one of Chicago's most haunted nightspots. Price includes the show plus two drinks and general admission to the club.
Excalibur, 312/266-1944, 632 N Dearborn. Downtown, valet or pay.

Different rock, experimental, jazz, ethnic bands almost every night. 21+ $?
Metro / SmartBar, 773/549-0203, 3730 N Clark, Near Red Line Addison stop,
Darkroom, 773/276-1411, 2210 W Chicago,
Double Door, 773/489-3160, 1572 N Milwaukee, Wicker Park near Blue line Damen stop,
Empty Bottle, 773/276-3600, 1035 N Western, dive-ish,
Martyrs', 773/404-9494, 3855 N Lincoln,
Ravinia, 847/266-5100, Highland Pk,

Friday 2009.12.25:    ^
* Christmas. Christian holiday commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. Yearly.
Gifts are exchanged. Spirit of giving encouraged.

Green Velvet / Derrick Carter.
"X-Mas in La-La-Land" w/ Kid Sister, more.
Sound-Bar, 312/787-4480, 226 West Ontario. Walkable from Red and Brown lines.

* Critical Mass (since 1997). Last Fridays All ages Free 5:45p.
THE monthly gathering of bicyclists making their presence known downtown. Unplanned route gently winds a dozen miles or more. Thousands attend in good weather. Includes music, hipsters, athletes, show bikes, so much more. Skaters welcome.
12.25: Possible ghost bike installation, 3800 W. Diversey. "Hydrate" possible after.
Daley Plaza, 773/486-4861, 50 W Washington. Under the Picasso (giant rusty bird), at Dearborn, SW of State&Lake train stop.

Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind (since 1988). Fr/Sa All ages? $6-11 (also Su 7p) 11:30p.
30 plays in 60 minutes, lots of improv, very welcoming, often topical.
Neo-Futurarium, 773/275-5255, 5153 N Ashland.

Saturday 2009.12.26:    ^
Boxing day. Yearly.
Give gifts to service providers such as postal delivery person and trash collector. Sometimes observed on first weekday following xmas.

Kwanza. Yearly.
An African American holiday, originally observing the fruit harvest, now with broader themes of family, reverence, commemoration, recommitment and celebration.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra. All ages. $25-57 7p+2p.
Allstate Arena, 847/635-6601, 6920 Mannheim Rd, Rosemont.

Songs From A Scene. All ages. $20+ 6p.
Lucky Boys Confusion, The Fold, The Action Blast, The Attraction.
Metro, 773/549-0203, 3730 N Clark. Near Red Line Addison stop.

College of Complexes (since 1951). "The Playground for People Who Think" Saturdays All ages. $3? +food/drink purchase 2.5hrs 8-11p.
Structured weekly free speech forum with quality lecturers and good American food and bar.
12.26: Debate: Should We Retain, Reform and/or Abolish Christmas Altogether?
Lincoln Restaurant, 773/248-1820, 4008 N Lincoln. Near Lincoln/Irving/Damen.

"Frosty The Glowman" All ages. $10+++ 9p.
Buncha DJs, secure, concessions, arcade, parking, ...
The Black Hole, 3057 W. 26th.

Post X-Mas Fun w/ Evil Beaver. 21+ $? 9p.
Femetal party w/ pound cake.
RockBox, 773/871-0205, 2624 N Lincoln.

"Kinetic" Last Saturdays 21+ $5 9p-3a.
Cutting-edge nonstandard industrial club fare, from rhythmic noize to breakcore and everything betwix w/ various interesting DJs.
Underground Lounge, 773/327-2739, 952 W Newport. East of Clark, south of Red Line Addison stop.

"Twisted" Saturdays 21+ $0 -11p, $5 -1a, $7+ 9:30p-5a.
"Meet and mingle with a truly diverse crowd. Dress up or dress down... this is the place to be what you want to be!"
Berlin, 773/348-4975, 954 W Belmont. Near Red line Belmont stop.

Vampire Night. 21+ $? 10p.
Spicy pervette's Candyxxx, Ammunition and Miss Kay perform for Chri5 Harri5 BDay.
Lucky Number Grill, 773/235-7761, 1931 N Milwaukee. 2nd Floor.

Improv Star Trek. Saturdays $5 ($0 in costume) 12a.
Cast creates an "episode" live from audience title detailing adventures of a lesser-known crew on a less "enterprising" starship. May include first contact with alien species, time travel, mind control, intergalactic intrigue, unexplained phenomena, the eminent destruction of the entire quadrant, or all of the above.
iO Theater, 773/880-0199, 3541 N. Clark.

Sunday 2009.12.27:    ^
Mayor Daley's Holiday Sports Festival (since 2000). Dozens of activities planned. -Monday Yearly. All ages. 10a-4p.
Includes tournaments and play zones. Spectators free, registration and fee to participate. Enjoy bungee run, climbing wall, bowling, fishing, aerobics, boxing, golf, ping-pong, badminton, four square, double dutch, tennis, adventure, whiffle ball, fencing, more.
McCormick Place, 2301 S Lake Shore.

The Best Church of God. All ages. $10 tithe. 1p.
"Comedic service satirizing the hypocrisy, absurdity, and immorality of the Christian Right Wing. Brand new ceremony weekly complete with literal interpretations of Old and New Testaments, exciting new hymns, riveting sermons, speaking in tongues, healings, and occasional animal sacrifice as prescribed in The Bible. Wash your dirty souls in the pristine waters of Chicago's only true assembly of God and His unerring Word. Come early to get a front-row pew, your own hymnal, loaner Bible, and a hot cup of coffee from our Concessional."
Lakeshore Theater, 773/472-3492, 3175 N Broadway.

"Salon de Vine" Sundays 21+ Free 8+9:30p.
Girlie-Q presents "Premier Queer Burlesque and Variety Performances" in "Chicago's Most intimate". Fine wines and handcrafted cocktails.
Joie de Vine, 773/989-6846, 1744 W. Balmoral.

Cyanotic & JILT Live. 21+ $? 10p-4a.
W/ fire breathing ladies, DJs Nikk Skum and Animal-X. Whiplash upstairs w/ Maya Sinstress, Mistresss Vine, Peter Propaganda.
RockBox, 773/871-0205, 2624 N Lincoln.

"Adult Swim" Sundays All ages. Free 10p-12a.
Extraordinary block of popular and leading-edge absurdist cartoonage.
TOON. On cable.

Synthetic. Last Sundays 21+ Free 10p-?a.
"rADIOaCTIVE's new night featuring all dark dance music. Think industrial, new wave, synth pop, ebm, electro, techno, goth, dark wave, punk" w/ mostly fem DJs.
SmartBar, 773/549-0203, 3730 N Clark. Near Red Line Addison stop.

Monday 2009.12.28:    ^
Harlem Globetrotters. -Tuesday Yearly. All ages. $15-136+ Two nights. 7p.
Allstate Arena, 847/635-6601, 6920 Mannheim Rd, Rosemont.

Booty Movement Coalition. Last Mondays 21+ $8 8:30p.
Mix of top local musician doing big band improv phat funk.
Martyrs', 773/404-9494, 3855 N Lincoln.

Boom Boom Room (since 1991). Mondays 21+ $? 10p-4a.
Long running weekly w/ smart local DJs. 4kft dance space, multiple bars and environments, late night dining, state-of-the-art sound and lights, free parking, more.
12.28: Mark Farina.
Green Dolphin Street, 773/395-0066, 2200 N Ashland. At Webster.

Rehab. Mondays 21+ $? 10p-2a.
"America's Best Party" according to frisky young Wickers.
Debonair Social Club, 773/227-7990, 1575 N Milwaukee. At North and Damen.

Stewart / Colbert. Mo/Tu/We/Th Reruns several times a day. 10-11p.
Brilliant awards winning "news" shows.
COM. On cable.

Tuesday 2009.12.29:    ^
Chicago Underground Comedy. Tuesdays 21+ $5 Doors 9p.
"The Hippest, Hottest Stand-Up Showcase to Emerge in Years" +good menu & booze.
Beat Kitchen, 773/281-4444, 2100 W Belmont.

Wednesday 2009.12.30:    ^
Umphreys McGee. -Thursday 21+ 8p.
We: Z-Trip, Th: Prefuse73.
Aragon Ballroom, 773/561-9500, 1106 W Lawrence. Near Red line Lawrence stop.

"Carnival Burlesque" 21+ 10p-2a.
"No-Tell Motel" Holiday Cocktail Party, decadent costuming, electronic music, beautiful ladies and a comedian. Shows at 10p+midnt. Freebies from 9p with RSVP.
Debonair Social Club, 773/227-7990, 1575 N Milwaukee. At North and Damen.

"In One Ear" (since 1988). Poetry Open Mic. Wednesdays 18+ $3 10p-?a.
"Eclectic mix of people who groove on laid-back vibes."
Heartland Cafe, 773/465-8005, 7000 N Glenwood. Near Red Line Morse stop.

Thursday 2009.12.31:    ^
New Years Eve. Yearly.
Last day of the year. Typically observed with a countdown to midnight, at which time one kisses the nearest person. Celebrate with confetti and champagne.

Other noteworthy parties. Yearly. 21+.
Neo, Berlin, Exit, Spin, Circuit, Vision, Zentra, SoundBar, Crobar, Double Door, Empty Bottle, Martyrs', Beat Kitchen, etc.

TV Marathons. Yearly. All ages. Free.
BBCA plays Dr.Who (72 hrs starting late), SCI plays Twilight Zone, AMC plays Stooges, others.

* Full "Blue" Moon. 1:15p.
Sun 07:18-16:30, Moon 16:31-07:15.

Navy Pier Festivities. Yearly. All ages. Free 2p-12:30a.
In addition to several major private parties, all public facilities at the Pier will be open for special extended hours! Enjoy the IMax, Carousel, ice skating and more all the way until the city fireworks spectacular around 11:40p. Also some of the cruises still have tickets available.
Navy Pier, 312/222-9328, 600 E Grand. Take the free trolley.

First Night Evanston (since 1993). Becoming an excellent and pleasant scene. No alcohol. Yearly. All ages. $8-14 4p-?a.
Entertainment at over a dozen locations; Jazz, blues, salsa, comedy, puppets, art, circus, bike races, parade, fireworks at midnight. See site for details.
847/289-4248, Davis at Orrington, Evanston. Take Purple line to Main.

Last Race of the Year. Athletes United for Peace 5K. Yearly. $20 7p.
Probable HeartlandCafe/RedLineTap/NoExit NYE party after.
Heartland Cafe, 773/465-8005, 7000 N Glenwood.

"Stellar Spark" (since 2003). Yearly. 17+ (21+ to drink) $30-70+ No cameras, etc. 8p-4a.
Dance music in 6 rooms on 3 levels. VIP package includes drinks, seating, appetizers, more. Nearby cheap hotel deal available.
2009: Benny Benassi, Qbert, Funk, more.
The Rave, 414-342-RAVE, 2401 W Wisconsin, Milwaukee WI. Hotel discount package available.

Future Rock. 21+ $20-25 9p.
W/ Dark Party, DJ Thibault, electro progresive house club rock funk.
Kinetic Playground, 773-769-LIVE, 1113 W Lawrence. Near Red line Lawrence stop.

The Crystal Method LIVE. 21+ $40-80 9p-4a.
Electronica legends; 20Ksqft, 3rooms, 80Kwatt, lasers, 14 DJs, fits 1000.
Green Dolphin Street, 773/395-0066, 2200 N Ashland. At Webster.

Penny buses and trains. Yearly. 10p-6a.
Also some extended hours. Not all lines participate.
CTA, 708/836-7000.

The Jesus Lizard. 18+ $51-61+ 10p.
Metro, 773/549-0203, 3730 N Clark. Near Red Line Addison stop.

Attractions:    ^
Many great exhibits of local works and curated collections. All ages. Free. Mo-Th 8a-7p, Fr 8a-6p, Sa 9a-6p, Su 10a-6p.
With various special events, music and performances almost every day.
Chicago Cultural Center, 312/744-6630, 78 E Washington. SE of State/Lake train stops.

Various good modern art shows. All ages. $0-12, Free Tu 10a-8p, Mo closed, We-Su 10a-5p.
Museum of Contemporary Art, 312/280-2660, 220 E Chicago.

With Giant Ferris Wheel, IMAX theatre, historic carousel, a*mazing Chicago ride, classic spinning swing ride, new mini-golf course, major VR games, food court, quality restaurants and bars, stained glass window museum, enclosed garden, wonderful specialty shops, children's museum, water taxis, several cruise lines and the Shakespeare Theatre.
Summer: 10a-10p Su-Th, 10a-midnt Fr-Sa; Fall: Mo-Th 10a-9p, Fr+Sa 10a-11p, Su 10a-7p; Winter: 10a-8p Mo-Th, 10a-10p Fr-Sa, 10a-7p Su.
Navy Pier, 312/222-9328, 600 E Grand. On-site parking, or Grand Red line stop then take free trolley.

See how the universe works. All ages. $10-18+ Mo-Fr 9:30a-4:30p (-10p 1st Fridays), Sa/Su 9a-4:30p, closed xmas, open -6p 12.26-1.5.
Much high tech exhibitry.
Adler Planetarium, 312/922-7827 (STAR), 1300 S Lake Shore.

Masterpieces. All ages. $0-18 Mo/Tu/We/Fr 10:30a-5p, Th 10:30a-8p, Sa/Su 10a-5p, closed xgiving+xmas.
And other interesting permanent and visiting exhibits.
Art Institute of Chicago, 312/443-3500, 210 S Michigan.

World class gardens. Easy to get to. All ages. $8.75 parking. 8a-sunset, closed xmas.
385 acres, 23 gardens, 9 islands, prarie simulation, oriental features, miniature railway, produce, shows, restaurant, more...
Chicago Botanic Gardens, 847/835-5440, 1000 Lake Cook Road, Glencoe.

Quality exhibits and activities for young minds. All ages. $0-10, Free Th 5-8p. 10a-5p.
Chicago Children's Museum, 312/527-1000, Navy Pier.

Natural History done right. All ages. $6-12. Last entry 4p, closed xmas. 9a-5p.
"Sue" permanent dinosaur exhibit, insects, anthropology, world culture, geology, ecology, much more.
Field Museum, 312/922-9410, Roosevelt at Lake Shore Drive.

Exhibits covering 4000 years of surgical history. Not for the squeamish. All ages. $3-6, Free Tuesdays. Tu-Sa 10a-4p. Closed 12.24-25, 12.31-1.1.
International Museum of Surgical Science, 312/642-6502, 1524 N Lake Shore.

World class zoo. Now with web cams. All ages. Free (Building hours vary) 9a-6p.
Lincoln Park Zoo, 773/742-2000, 2200 N Cannon.

Consistent world class wonderland, set aside a whole day. All ages. $6-11 +parking/movies, Sometimes free. Mo-Sa 9:30a-4p, Su 11a-4p.
Exhibits include clock (possibly the best historical collection in existence), trains, toys, flight, genetics, chemistry, coal, petroleum, human body slices, cyberspace, farming, the U-505, TONS of space flight tech, and much more.
Museum of Science and Industry, 773/684-1414, 57th at Lake Shore.

Truly stunning world class aquarium. $11-18, some deal days. Sa/Su 9a-6p, Mo-Fr 9a-5p (-6p in summer), some later days.
Rear outside deck has the city's best skyline view. Now with web cams.
Shedd Aquarium, 312/939-2438, 1200 S Lake Shore.

Notes:    ^
ALWAYS call before going to a listed event.
ALWAYS call before going to a listed event.

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