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Tuesday 2018.01.16
Sketch Comedy Fest at Stage 773.
6:00p Chi Hack Night at 1871.
9:00p Proper Drum&Bass at Debonair Social Club.

Wednesday 2018.01.17
Benjamin Franklin's Birthday.
8:00p Passion Pit at Riviera Theatre.
10:00p "In One Ear" at Heartland Cafe.

Thursday 2018.01.18
6:30p Sandra Antongiorgi at City Winery.
8:00p Michelle L'Amour's show at Untitled.

Friday 2018.01.19
10:00p Blacklight Blackout at Exit.
10:00p Cosmix at Berlin.

Saturday 2018.01.20
Start of Aquarius.
11:00a Polar Bear Plunge at Oak Street Beach.
6:00p College of Complexes at Dappers East Restaurant.
9:30p "Twisted" at Berlin.
10:00p Kiss Kiss Cabaret at Uptown Underground.
10:30p Vaudezilla! at Stage 773.

Sunday 2018.01.21
11:00a Vintage Garage.
7:00p New cartoons on FOX.
7:00p Star Trek: Discovery at CBS Streaming Only?!?
10:00p "Adult Swim" on TOON.

Monday 2018.01.22

Thursday 2018.01.25
6:00p Atomic Sketch Event at Green Eye Lounge.

Friday 2018.01.26
5:45p Critical Mass at Daley Plaza.
6:00p * B-Movie Fest at McCormick Auditorium.
8:00p * Acrobatica Infiniti Circus at Uptown Underground.

Sunday 2018.01.28
7:00p Grammy Awards at WBBM / CBS.

Tuesday 2018.01.30
Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Birthday.

Wednesday 2018.01.31
7:30a * Blue Super Full "Snow" Moon Eclipse.
Black History Month.

Friday 2018.02.02
Groundhogs Day.
5:45p Southside Critical Mass at Nichols Park Plaza.

Sunday 2018.02.04
11:00a * Winter Bike Swap at Jaks Tap Restaurant Bar.
10:00p Madonnarama at Berlin.

Monday 2018.02.05
1:00p * Chinese New Years Parade at Chinatown.
5:00p Superbowl.

Ice Skating.

Now playing at Theaters Everywhere.
Rhinoceros Theater Festival at Prop Theatre.
WAY too much great theater and comedy and dance to cover at Hundreds of city locations.
11:30p * Nocturna at Metro.

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