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Camping in Watseka.
Visitor caption: Old Iroquois County Courthouse located on Cherry Street. Was the county courthouse until the 1960s when a new one was donated to the county.

Camping in Watseka. (click to zoom)
Libertyville Days.
Lovely patriot. 19yo Valparaiso U student Christa says the "Our Heroes Shirt" can be ordered from 847-951-4375 or P.O. Box 184 Island Lake IL 60042, w/ a portion of proceeds donated to NYPD Police Benevolent Association, FDNY Uniformed Firefighters Association, NY/NJ Port Authority and NY Private EMS.

Libertyville Days. (click to zoom)
Cat Chow "Dressing Objects" at the Chicago Cultural Center. 1000 donated $1 bills.

Cat Chow
Cat Chow "Dressing Objects" at the Chicago Cultural Center. 1000 donated $1 bills.

Cat Chow
Virtual Skate - 1220 South
Visit the Adler Planetarium (312/922-STAR, 1300 S Lake Shore Drive). Donated by Max Adler in 1930, visited by almost a million people a year. Recently massively overhauled, vastly expanding the exhibit space.

Virtual Skate - 1220 South (click to zoom)
LFP 500N-1200S
Chicago Lakefront Path Inline Skating Map 500N-1200S.

2018.10.26 (wk1110)
Pledge Break

2018.03.02 (wk1076)
Be proactive.

2017.12.15 (wk1065)
Fulfill your destiny.

2017.03.03 (wk1024)
Truth is the first casualty of war.

2016.12.09 (wk1012)
Winter is coming.

2016.03.04 (wk973)
You are enough.

2015.12.11 (wk962)
Happy Holidays!

2015.06.12 (wk936)
Think globally, bike locally.

2015.03.06 (wk922)
What color is YOUR unicorn?

2014.02.28 (wk870)
Remember who the enemy is.

2013.03.08 (wk819)
Everyone just calm the frak down!

2013.03.01 (wk818)
The new normal.

2012.09.21 (wk795)

2012.03.16 (wk768)
Kiss me.

2012.03.09 (wk767)
Sparkle fingers!!!

2012.03.02 (week 766)
X is the new Y

2012.02.24 (week 765)
The Devil is in the details.

2012.02.17 (week 764)
Winners never quit.

2011.12.23 (week 756)
Savor the magic.

2011.06.10 (week 728)
Bare as you dare.

2011.03.04 (week 714)
Stop getting old!

2010.03.05 (week 662)
Defeat the world!

2009.03.06 (week 610)

2008.12.12 (week 598)
Yes is the new No.

2008.02.29 (week 557)
These Things Happen

2008.01.18 (week 551)
Free at last!

2007.03.02 (week 505)
Keepin' it Real.

2006.03.03 (week 453)
Like a fish without a bicycle.

2004.05.07 (week 358)
Becoming the monster.

2003.03.07 (week 297)
Slings and Arrows

2002.04.12 (week 250)
Render Unto Andrew

2002.04.05 (week 249)
Your subscription is about to expire.

2002.03.29 (week 248)

2002.03.08 (week 245)
The Church of Bedno

2002.02.22 (week 243)
Constants Change

2002.02.15 (week 242)
Super-Dooper Bankruptcy!!!

2001.11.30 (week 231)
I'm Not Dead Yet!

2000.09.15 (week 168)

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