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Various Andrew Bedno writings and projects.

Chicago Area Human Services
Resources intended for crisis level help for near-homeless individuals, but may be of use to other generally needy or unemployed. 2009.02.02

"Adult Swim" is the leading edge of absurdist art.
Many smart critics have said. 2009.04.01

This article chronicles my Lipectomy, removal of a small liposa (a benign encapsulated fat body smaller than a penny) for cosmetic reasons. 2009.01.27

Balloon Sculpting Links
Learning and acquisition. 2005.08.06

Drum&Bass Music Theory Notes
Attempting to define the genre. 2003.02.10

Hamlet related content
Andrew Bedno's pages related to Hamlet. 2010.08.19

Steve Jobs Costuming Study
Curated collection of biographical and visual resources for purposes of Steve Jobs costuming and performance. 2015.10.09

Donald Trump Pumpkin ("Trumpkin") carving
Notes, examples, and videos on the subject of most easily carving terrifying jack-o-lanterns in the visage of Donald Trump. 2017.02.04

Vasectomy Info
Resources and my story. 2004.02.02