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Andrew's art 1999.10.30 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 1999.10.30
Created popular web site and mailing list.

Design Sample. (click to zoom)
Design Sample.
Old (1999-2003) ChicagoBlader.

Pride Parade. (click to zoom)
Pride Parade.
Chain male blader.

Libertyville Days. (click to zoom)
Libertyville Days.
"Celebrating 100 years of powered flight" w/ blader.

Halloween party at Neo. (click to zoom)
Halloween party at Neo.
Staff, Blade Runner girls.

Flag bearer on blades. (click to zoom)
Flag bearer on blades.
Photo by Laura Lanford.

Queen of the parade. Another blader. (click to zoom)
Queen of the parade. Another blader.
Photo by Laura Lanford.

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