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New HOT POPUP and SUPER-SEARCH. Also Charity improvement. v

Every ChicagoFun page now has a HOT POPUP button (little animated nuclear explosion near top left corner), and a new enhanced FIND EVERYWHERE feature.
HOT pops up a small window with a hyper-linked scrolling events listing, and buttons for four new COLUMNS. There is also a weather banner and a drop down list to all other ChicagoFun sections. The COLUMN buttons pop up small dialog boxes featuring live recent postings in several categories, such as Andrew's Whereabouts, Dave's Words of Wisdom, Humor, and recent forum postings. All links from HOT open content back in the parent window.
The amazing FIND EVERYWHERE feature performs a search on all parts of ChicagoFun and SEVERAL OTHER major guide sites, showing the results in frames. For example, a NOTES search for BigWig shows reviews from several systems at once!
Also, the JOIN program has been enhanced to track a default charity using a new GIVE cookie.


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