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ALL features now database driven. v

The PLACES directory has finally been converted to a database. It was previously one very large single manually maintained page. It is now in categorized sections, with a powerful search feature AND full hyperlinking for each place to photos, map, comments, etc.
This was the final non-database piece of ChicagoFun, following last months conversion of all photos (whew!). A primary internal feature of this is that the format of the ENTIRE SITE can be changed relatively easily.
To tie it all together, the FIND ANYWHERE feature was changed to first search all internal sections, rather than immediately showing the windowed multi-site search. This new super search shows a hyperlinked table of match counts by section, and links for automatic off-site searches.
Technically, though the whole system is not normalized, one can effectively use it relationally.
Congratulate me!


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