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Improvements to MOBILE versions. v

ChicagoFun was among the first city guide sites on the planet to be available to mobile users. The newsletter and master list have been available to Palm users for several years, and to web phone and pager users for over a year. Two recent improvements have again pushed ChicagoFun to where no other guide site has gone...
1. The complete master list of fun places is now available live to AvantGo users. Previously this portion of the AvantGo version was exported manually and was often months out of date. It is now updated automatically from the places database.
2. The newsletter and a partial master list are now available as a data import compatible with even the smallest and cheapest pocket organizers. It has been tested with the tiny $20 "Royal Extreme" touch screen organizer and looks EXCELLENT! Based on review of vendor documentation it could probably also be used with the Timex Datalink watch, Sharp organizers, and maybe even Cybiko.
The MOBILE page has been updated with these improvements and additional device photos.


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