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 • ( is the old and commended work of Andrew Bedno. is a comprehensive and concise guide to Chicago fun with a leaning to the offbeat and modern, circus and vaudeville, bike and skate, fests and arts, and little to no cost. features local event listings, unparalleled photo and video archives, and vastly more including decades of Andrew Bedno's other works. (under prior names) was voted "Best Chicago Entertainment Newsletter on the Web" in NewCity Magazine Readers Poll issues in 1998 AND 1999 AND 2001!!! And was selected as a "Best Of The Web" by for 2000.
    Andre Solaris  2001.06.01
    Once again thanks for providing such invaluable resource helping to spread the word about our upcoming events. This is trully a great service and judging from the amount of guestlist requests we get through your site I know that it's being visited pretty heavily. Looking to utilize your site much more in the near future.
    Peace, Andre.

    Angel  2001.05.22

    I dig the site, I didn't realize that there were so many blading spots here in CHICAGO. Thanx for the info, keep up the good work.
    Vidman  2001.04.10

    Wow.. lot's of stuff to see here! Good work :]
    AJ  2001.03.19
    Hi, cool Page. Greatinxx to all.... Aj
    Chris Reddy  2001.03.13
    Way cool Site! Hope you will drop by and sign our guest book too.
    Beznik  2001.03.06

    Very informative site on what's really hot in Chicago.
    The site has also helped me get on guest lists at various nightclubs.
    Keep up the good work, Andrew...

    DJ Flood  2001.02.06

    Nice Site, I love all the info. I could surf this site all day. Especially with all links you provided. PeAcE!!!
    ~ Lisa 2 ~  2001.01.25

    Hey Andrew!
    Just wanted to say thanks for the e-mails and awesome website ---- I told my friends about it and we always are checking to see what's up for the weekends! :)
    Thank you!
    -- Your website kicks butt! ;)

    Shannon  2001.01.24

    hey Andrew....
    Thanks for keeping me posted...what in the world would I do without u....~mua~

    Cristina  2001.01.18

    Andrew, I don't really know how I got hooked up to all your info on events in Chi town, but I think your great and I love hearing about what's goin on!!!!!!!!!
    Kim  2001.01.03

    Thank you so much for such a great site -
    I visit just about everyday -
    fantastic job!

    Lynda Licina  2000.11.30

    Thank you soooo much.
    I LOVE your site.
    You know everything!

    Rhonda  2000.11.29

    You are so cool!
    Mia Park  2000.10.24
    (From her own events mailing...)Tip:
    THIS is a very cool site.
    It is DEDICATED to Chicago's cultural life!
    Check it out & join this FREE service:

    Kelly  2000.09.21

    I haven't been to the site lately,
    I usually go by my weekly emails.
    I just wanted to say the site is great!

    Heather  2000.09.18

    The site is fab, fun and friendly, just like it sez.

    Mary  2000.09.04

    I just wanted to say thanks for all of your e-mail newletters.
    They are great! Keep up the good work!

    Jennifer  2000.09.01

    I love these email updates - great for a new Chicago resident!!!!
    Anal-Retentive Funster  2000.07.14

    I would love to see some kind of a mailing list that would automatically e-mail me a copy of the current PalmOS version of the weekly fun list. Otherwise I don't always remember/bother to download it to my PalmPilot where I'm more likely to use it. Just a thought!
    Editors note: This was done a few weeks later.

    Beachcruzer  2000.07.04

    Love this site, Andrew! It's my daily Chicago fix. Haven't been back since 1997 and some days I do actually miss the place. Thanks for collecting all the data and launching the site.
    Peace, Beachcruzer

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