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  • Andrew's art 1994.11
    Refrigerator Magnets Collection. Eventually grew to several dozen, all strictly contemporary household appliance related.
  • Andrew's art 1994.09
    Greensville Train Set. Where does art end and craft/hobby begin? This simple looking layout took me and Daniel over 200 hours. Soldered tracks, lights, sounds and modular construction.
  • Andrew's art 1992.11
    Created Fractal software and short movie.
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  • Andrew's art 1992.09
    Robot Mouse. Traditional techno-geek project with Daniel. Fully planned before before construction, eventually topped $200. Features sight, hearing, touch, sound, lights, two motors, and modular construction.
  • Andrew's art 1991.12
    Electronic Puzzle. 20 piece puzzle appears to assemble some working electronic device, but is actually just aesthetic. Ordered in rows and columns by component function and size with raised gold interconnecting lines.
  • Andrew's art 1991.01
    Space Jacket. A favorite piece, which I touch up and use every winter. Features an accurate Earth, moon and solar system, as well as other assorted celestial objects.
  • Andrew's art 1990.12
    Gear outfit. Black vinyl jacket decorated with large gold gears, painted on using carefully drafted masks.
  • Andrew's art 1990.08
    Disk Carvings. Originally just something to do with bad 5.25" disks. Each includes all four sides and spindle, head and index openings. Several dozen including the sentence "Technology Is Folly".
  • Andrew's art 1990.02.05
    The autograph of John Bardeen. One of the Nobel winners in 1956 for the invention of the transistor.
  • Andrew's art 1986
    Developed animated educational activities exhibit industry.
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  • Andrew's art 1988.10
    Busy Box. As Daniel headed for busy box age in late 1988, I felt he needed better than the average plastic thing. I tried to make it good enough to play spaceship captain. Every control does something with noise makers, lights, a phone dial and a meter.
  • Andrew's art 1980
    Playing in bands since before high school. Hear some...
  • Andrew's art 1970
    Childhood bust of dad.
  • Balloons
    Andrew Bedno's Performance Resume - Balloon Twisting Samples.
  • Chicago Critical Mass Route Archive
    Chicago Critical Mass (and similar) route map flyers retrospective.
    Visit for an even more comprehensive flyer archive including others local masses and big rides.

  • Computer Greats
    Major contributors to computer history.
  • From Universe to Subatomic
    Zoom from visible universe down to smallest possible object in 61 decimal places.
  • Videos
    WOW! The massive photo+video archive is simply unparalleled. With tens of thousands of photos and hundreds of videos of local events spanning more than a decade, all searchable!
  • Random Photo
    Randomly selected photo from the archives.
  • Full Moon Fire Jam Location
  • Events
    Events Happening Now, and other views by periods and interests.
  • Useful Documents
    Andrew Bedno's Useful Documents
  • Fitness Related
    Andrew Bedno's Fitness related contents; biking, skating, etc.
  • WELCOME ( is the old and commended work of Andrew Bedno. is a comprehensive and concise guide to Chicago fun with a leaning to the offbeat and modern, circus and vaudeville, bike and skate, fests and arts, and little to no cost. features local event listings, unparalleled photo and video archives, and vastly more including decades of Andrew Bedno's other works.
  • Critical Mass Route Dev Hints
    Some accumulated wisdom for development of Chicago Critical Mass routes by a few who have done so.

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