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2017.04.14 (wk1030)
Relax. Nothing is under control.

2017.04.07 (wk1029)
Do more with less.

2017.03.31 (wk1028)
No change without change.

Chicago Critical Mass 2017.03.31
Race to Berwyn

Chicago Critical Mass 2017.03.31 (click to zoom)
2017.03.24 (wk1027)
How did we get here?

My Beloved Re-Homed Tabby

June (click to zoom)
Andrew 2017.03.18
Andrew at the Rat Prom "Disenchantment Under The Sea"

Andrew 2017.03.18 (click to zoom)
2017.03.17 (wk1026)
Spring is nature's way of saying "Let's Party!"

2017.03.10 (wk1025)
Booze is proof that God loves us.

2017.03.03 (wk1024)
Truth is the first casualty of war.

Andrew 2017.02.26
Professional portrait.

Andrew 2017.02.26 (click to zoom)
2017.02.24 (wk1023)
What could possibly go wrong?

Andrew 2017.02.23
My date was my drink at Nocturna Broken Hearts Ball.

Andrew 2017.02.23 (click to zoom)
2017.02.17 (wk1022)
Hanging up my cape.

2017.02.10 (wk1021)
I've seen the promised land.

Star Trek Porn
Notes on Star Trek Adult Films

Donald Trump Pumpkin ("Trumpkin") carving
Notes, examples, and videos on the subject of most easily carving terrifying jack-o-lanterns in the visage of Donald Trump.

2017.02.03 (wk1020)
Stronger Together

Andrew's art 2017.02.01
Decoupage dresser made with three best friends.

Andrew's art 2017.02.01 (click to zoom)
Computer Greats
Major contributors to computer history.

Computer Greats

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