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Come as you are.

Chapter 4
The Last of the Spirits.

Chapter 3
The Second of the Three Spirits

Chapter 2
The First of the Three Spirits

Chapter 1
Marley's Ghost

Chapter 5
The End of It

A Christmas Carol
The classic Charles Dickens tale.

Holiday Recipes
Over 35 holiday classics of every sort.

Holiday Stories
Four holiday classics including a Grinch excerpt.

Winter Fun
Classic winter documents including lyrics to all common carols and dozens of holiday recipes.

Summer Fun
Popular big ideas for the hot months.

Andrew Bedno's Summary of Holidays Commonly Observed in North America.

Summer fun, winter fun, full moons and more.

Andrew Bedno's Live WebCam

Words of Wisdom
Collected useful hints from history.

Andrew's Favorite Links
Aging list of a few dozen favorite sites.

Computer Humor
Classics from ancient nerd times.

Jokes and Humor
Collected funny things in several topics.

Serial Cabling
Quick Reference to Serial Cabling

VI Quick Reference
Quick Reference to the standard "vi" editor found in *nix OS's.

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