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2017.12.22 (wk1066)
Christ was a socialist.

2017.12.15 (wk1065)
Fulfill your destiny.

2017.12.08 (wk1064)
Praying for miracles...

2017.12.01 (wk1063)

All Experience

2017.11.24 (wk1062)
It's later than you think.


Chicago's Oldest Online Guide
Working with Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, more. Sole author of massive website and emailing list.

Chicago's Oldest Online Guide (click to zoom)
2017.11.17 (wk1061)
Always be your better self.

2017.11.10 (wk1060)
No time but now.

2017.11.03 (wk1059)
Treason Season

Lisa Marie Schalk
Wednesday, November 1st 2017, age 50.

Lisa Marie Schalk (click to zoom)
2017.10.27 (wk1058)
Don't apologize for excellence.

2017.10.20 (wk1057)
It's not your fault.

French Romance Films
Research on best French romance films. Partly for fun, partly for language study.

2017.10.13 (wk1056)
Let the good times roll.

2017.10.06 (wk1055)
All jobs are temporary.

2017.09.29 (wk1054)

2017.09.22 (wk1053)
Put the phone down.

2017.09.15 (wk1052)
Nothing but blue skies.

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