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Summer fun, winter fun, full moons and more.

Andrew Bedno's Live WebCam

Words of Wisdom
Collected useful hints from history.

Andrew's Favorite Links
Aging list of a few dozen favorite sites.

Computer Humor
Classics from ancient nerd times.

Jokes and Humor
Collected funny things in several topics.

Serial Cabling
Quick Reference to Serial Cabling

VI Quick Reference
Quick Reference to the standard "vi" editor found in *nix OS's.

Website Templates
Archive of basic commercial themes for small web projects.

Technical Writings
Archive of Andrew's writings on technical subjects.

Movie Links
Good links to local movie theaters and film in general.

Hamlet Movies Compendium
Comprehensive Categorized List of Hamlet on Film & Video

Bike/Green/Eco/Anti-Oil Movies Compendium
Recommended Cycling, Environmental, Anti-Oil, Consumer Conscious Movies.

Andrew's movie collections; exhaustive compendiums in niche categories.

Circus Movies Compendium
Compendium of circus and/or clown related movies. This listing includes only dramatic/comedy/documentary styles, not tutorials.

Andrew Bedno's musical compositions and performance history.

Andrew Bedno's presence on popular social sites.

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