Slideshow image WELCOME! Triton Troupers Circus is an extraordinary show based out of Triton College near Chicago, performing annually since 1972!

2023 shows:
Thursday March 30th - 7pm
Friday March 31st - 7pm
Saturday April 1st - *1pm and 7pm

*1pm show Saturday includes ASL Interpreter provided by the Center for Access and Accommodative Services of Triton College. ASL seating is marked on the bleachers, enter gym thru doors closest to the ticket booth and ask an usher. All shows are wheelchair accessible, all ages, and animal-free. The show is about two hours long including an intermission, and drinks and snacks are sold. Show may include fog and strobes, as well as balloons and confetti. Doors open one hour before show time, so come early for best parking and tickets, and enjoy the pre-show.

2001 N 5th Ave, River Grove IL: YahooMaps • MapQuest • GoogleMaps • RTA.

TICKETS are just $6 (CASH ONLY) and can be purchased starting one hour before show time at the ticket booth in the Robert Collins Building.
Advance tickets can be purchased at circus rehearsals (gym 7-9pm most Mo/Th) or at the Office of Student Life room B-240 during school hours in the College Center building (on main campus, across street from gym).

Tell your friends: TritonTroupersCircus.com

Triton Troupers Circus is a non-profit effort dedicated to the preservation of the circus arts and to the local community. Triton Troupers Circus features skilled performers in classic circus specialties such as Chairs, Clowning, Double Stunts, Globes, Gymwheel, Juggling, Statues, Teeterboard, Trampoline, Trapeze, Unicycle, Web, Wire, feats of strength and more. Browse the photos, visit Kids Korner, and come see the show!


This website is certified safe for kids of all ages.

Future Dates

Triton Troupers Circus performs on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday one full week before Easter. Or remember it as the Thursday, Friday and Saturday immediately before Palm Sunday.

Next shows:
2023: March 30th, 31st, and April 1st.

Probable future dates:
2024: 3/21,3/22,3/23
2025: 4/10,4/11,4/12
2026: 3/26,3/27,3/28
2027: 4/18,4/19,4/20
2028: 3/6,3/7,3/8
2029: 3/22,2/23,3/24

Recent year's:
2022: April 7-9, cancelled.
2021: March 25-27. cancelled
2020: April 2-4. cancelled
2019: April 11-13.
2018: March 22-24.
2017: April 6-8.
2016: March 17-19.
2015: March 26-28.
2014: April 10-12.
2013: March 21-23.
2012: March 29-31.
2011: April 14-16.
2010: March 25-27.
2009: April 2-4.
2008: March 13-15.
2007: March 29-31.
2006: April 6-8.
2005: March 17-19.


Triton Troupers Circus is a regional/local circus run through Triton College, in River Grove Illinois, near Chicago. Within the school curriculum Triton Troupers Circus is considered a continuing education course. Triton Troupers Circus is populated with cast and crew ranging from circus arts amateurs, to skilled dancers and gymnasts and clowns, to alumni of world famous circuses, in a structure where experienced performers educate newcomers.

Triton Troupers Circus was founded in 1971 by Jeff Austin, the first director.
Rick Wright subsequently became the second director, from 1987-1999.
Terry White has directed since 2000 and participated in almost every year since the beginning.
According to Terry White, at least a dozen marriages (including his own) have resulted from people meeting in this circus. Some Triton Troupers alumni have gone on to professional circus arts careers, possibly most well known being famed juggler Andy Head.

Triton Troupers Circus has been produced annually every year since 1972. The first Circus was performed in the "Temporary Physical Education Building" to a sell-out crowd, despite a record snow fall. The show was then moved to the cafeteria for 1973-1980, and finally moved to the new Robert M. Collins Center Gymnasium in 1981 where it has remained to the present.

Following the 2007 season, Triton Troupers Circus finally developed a website: TritonTroupersCircus.com

Triton Troupers Circus gives infinite gratitude to the handful of dedicated key staff and the many long-term participants who have given shocking numbers of years of their lives to managing and producing and nurturing and coaching this circus.

A nearly complete history of Triton Troupers Circus programs and group photos and posters from the past is available offsite. Also see the collection of press clippings.

More detailed history is posted here.

"Who are these Triton Troupers?"

"Who are these Triton Troupers? They are your friends, your neighbors, the people down the street. They are students, business people, and housewives. They spot each other for safety, encourage each other to excel, and help each other to mend sprained ankles and bruised egos. Their dedication and hard work are in the center ring for all to see. Their enthusiasm fills the gym. This is their time, they are to be applauded."



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