Want to join the Circus?

We are a local circus run through Triton College, in River Grove Illinois, near Chicago. Within the school curriculum we are considered a continuing education course. Anyone interested in the circus arts can join (must be 18+, or 16+ with parent's permission). This class has a one time fee and then you are a member for life. Triton Troupers Circus is sponsored by the Office of Student Life as a "non-profit club dedicated to the preservation of the circus arts".

Typically the circus starts practicing in January (or at least three months prior to show), two nights a week (7pm-10pm Mo/Th) and then our show is always the Th/Fr/Sa of the full week before Easter (aka Th/Fr/Sa before Palm Sunday), so the amount of time for rehearsal varies year to year.

The circus is a volunteer based program in which veterans pass on the skills to new performers. Performers take on the responsibility of being act leaders designing their specific acts including the skit, music, lighting, costuming. Performers are responsible for purchasing their own costuming that is selected by the act leader. Performers also volunteer their time to help set up the gym during show week. Also during the show performers help with selling concessions. All the proceeds of the circus are put pack into the circus in order to continue the future success of the show. Participants each year get a free commemorative T-Shirt, and may win awards and anniversary recognition.

Acts include, but not limited to; juggling, gymwheel, globes, unicycle, clowns, double stunts, cloud swing, various types of trapeze, web, cradle, etc. Please check the photos page of the web site to see more images of acts. Also watch the recruitment video and check out the recruitment poster.

If you are anywhere from an amateur with potential to an experienced professional with skills such as gymnastics, dance, circus arts, strength, clowning, balance, juggling, etc, please come to the gym on one of the practice days shown on the calendar. When you're ready to join, call the college at 708-456-0300 and register for “CIRCUS ARTS” in Continuing Education. The course listing is PED C11 and appears in the Spring course catalog under Special Interest. Then start attending practices and meet the staff. Note that rehearsals actually start months earlier than listed in the course catalog.
Register online at Triton.edu/Academics/Continuing-Education class PED-C11-301. 2020 registration cut-off date is Feb 6th.
Please bring your ID and proof of insurance to practice.