Talking Twister Spinner History
History of Andrew's Automatic Talking Twister Spinner Project
Revision history:
  • 1998.05.02: Diagrammed circuit for sound activated talking twister spinner.
    Requires no CPU. Playback completely through D-A from voice sample EPROM, where random 0-15 sets segment address.
  • 2003.08.06: Created "Talking Automatic Twister Spinner" first version in PHP.
    Created all 16 possible spoken phrases as separate files using text to speech reader program for robotic voice.
    Announced on newsletter: "I finally finished a concept I've been toying with for years; Go see my most ingenious work ever: Talking Automatic Twister Spinner"
  • 2006.01.25: Created JavaScript version as resume demonstration piece.
    Simply unzip index and supporting sound files to local dir and run .html directly.
    Actually works without Internet, but newer browsers may restrict local file access too much.
  • 2008.09.10: Enhanced program to provide additional voices.
    Can actually use manually parsed incoming voicemail captures. Added my own, Michelle, and several kids to default robot voice.
  • 2008.12.08: Added RACE and Full Screen modes.
    New race mode gradually accellarates, decreasing inter-move delay from 15 seconds by half seconds, until stretch of several moves with no delay. Then gives 30 second pause and restarts same with next voice.
    In IE 6 or better, will now attempt to start in full in full browser window. Manually disable status bar and click F11 for full screen. In full screen, click logo for control panel.
  • 2008.12.10: Created YouTube, DVD, and MP4(iPhone/iPhone) versions.
    Recorded a full random round in each voice to video, captured, diced and cropped to AVIs.
    Posted one round sample on YouTube. Produced simple DVD where each round is a chapter.
    Also encoded to MP4 and tested through iTunes.

Submission history:
Details of voice submissions, to help submitters understand why so few voices appear so far:
2008.11.29 xxx-0107 Too crackly.
2008.11.15 xxx-6036 Perfect submission added as Angela.
2008.11.11 xxx-3776 Fun but too crackly.
2008.11.08 xxx-8833 Perfect submission added as Destiny.
2008.11.07 xxx-6533 A little too plain.
2008.09.11 xxx-1984 Added Michelle.