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Clear sidewalks enable people to get around safely, and is especially important for older adults and people with di…
  Wed 1/20 10:47a   Activetrans  
As a new cyclist, keep in mind that the best biking route is often very different from the best driving route. Chec…
  Wed 1/20 9:01a   Activetrans  
We are less than a week away from The Winter Bike Challenge presented by Keating Law Offices! Make sure to sign up…
  Tue 1/19 3:02p   Activetrans  
Year 2 of the Chicago e-scooter sharing pilot is in the books. We support a long-term program featuring many of the…
  Tue 1/19 12:33p   Activetrans  
  Tue 1/19 11:43a   Activetrans  
RT @Metra: Have you heard about the @activetrans Winter Bike Challenge, starting Jan. 25? With Metra's relaxed bike policy and new Bike Car…
  Tue 1/19 11:42a   Activetrans
“Chicago is filled w/ supersized roads and lightly used parking that could be repurposed for people walking, biking…
  Mon 1/18 2:08p   Activetrans  
RT @streetsblogchi: .@activetrans letter to @chicagotribune: Let's make 2019 pandemic initiatives like pop-up bus lanes, Slow Streets, and…
  Mon 1/18 2:01p   Activetrans
RT @SharedUseCntr: #Activetransportation has health, equity, and #sustainability benefits, but funding #walking & #biking projects can be a…
  Sat 1/16 12:10p   Activetrans
Make sure to do an ABC Quick Check before participating in The Winter Bike Challenge presented by Keating Law Offic…
  Fri 1/15 9:07a   Activetrans  
👇👀Western Avenue is a major barrier that divides neighborhoods. Sign up and speak out during this planning process…
  Fri 1/15 1:48a   Activetrans  
👏 🚌 🚊 #SaveTransit
  Thu 1/14 7:55p   Activetrans  
"We are finally modernizing one of the oldest fleets in the country...It’s really part of our long-term plan to evo…
  Wed 1/13 3:54p   Activetrans  
When bicycling during The Winter Bike Challenge presented by Keating Law Offices or anytime make sure to lock the b…
  Wed 1/13 9:01a   Activetrans  

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