Pierogi Ride - Sat 7/25/15 10a
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Chicago Bicycling NOW!
Pierogi Ride
Sat Jul 25th 2015 10a

A relaxed ride (no drop?) along the Lakefront Path and Burnham Greenway, through the beautiful south side and across the border to Indiana. Featuring: * Vast amounts of delicious food (much is veg friendly) * Polka music and dancing * Mr. Pierogi and the Piroguettes * Shaded beer garden with live music * The best festival "relief facilities" (air conditioned, running water and clean!) * Attended bike parking, courtesy of South Shore Trails
10:00 am departure from the west side of Buckingham Fountain. There will also be a beach stop on the return trip. Bring a lock, water, sunscreen and cash for food.
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