Find Anything has unparalleled search features. The PHOTO archives, FUTURE and PAST event listings and more are all fully indexed.

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All searches support a few additional advanced features, which for the sake of clarity to basic users, are not mentioned in the brief instructions on search pages.
  • Keywords should be space separated, and long enough to be fairly unique and specific. Start with one word, add more to refine.
  • Though it is already the default (space separated), one may separate keywords with " AND " or a plus "+" sign to explicitly require matching ALL keywords.
  • Separate keywords with " or " or a minus "-" sign to match any records containing ANY of the keywords.
  • Case is always ignored, only numbers and letters are considered. There is no wildcard or regular expression handling.
  • Search keywords under three characters are ignored, and certain common three letter words as well.
  • Exact or approximate date filters may be specified in searches in simple YYYY[MM[DD]] format. For example specify a year, and add month and day digits for refinement.
  • To force an exact match on a whole or partial target use underscore(s) "_" in the keyword(s). For example "aura" matches "Restaurants" and "Laura" and more, but "_aura_" only matches "Aura" (whole word matching). Similarly "seminar_" (leading delimiter) will not match "Seminary".
  • Websites URLs in content are indexed, even if not visible (in hrefs). In cases where content is hyperlinked its more effective to search by domain name, rather than general words.
  • Results are sorted in various internally determined ways, but generally are chronological from most current first.
  • Results may be limited to a maximum number of matches, varying by section. There is no paging. Use search refinements or filters to limit the results.
  • One may link directly to a search result from offsite using a combinations of URL arguments. For example a link which always gives future events at a specific location, or photos of a specific performer. For the best URL contact support.

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