Information about this site's Content Management System.
[NOTE: This page is very outdated, written as software system sales promotional info several major versions (more than a decade?) ago.] is driven by an extraordinary automated content management system. This suite of programs comprehensively powers the creation of calendar and database driven pages, as well as mailing list administration and vastly more. It is PERFECT for the development of other city guides, managed content, and Social/Dating sites, or for use by major venues, performers and promoters. Specific modules such as mobile access, response handling, contact manager, e-commerce, photo archives and personal ads system may also be used individually. When planning your programming budget, realize that code of this caliber could NEVER be created for less than can provide it.

This state of the art system includes modules such as:
  • Calendar: Event listings, submissions, hyperlinks, search, admin, ...
  • Response Handler: Guestlist, RSVPs, contests, invite, admin, ...
  • Mass Mailing: List admin, personalization, join/leave, ...
  • Promotional: Freebies, referrals, nags, cookies, tell a friend, ...
  • Community: Photo personal, chat, forum, guestbook, polls, invite, ...
  • Photos: Templates, watermarks, thumbnails, captions, search, tools, ...
  • Databases: Places, media, deep offsite links, ...
  • Mobile: PDA, Palm, Web Phone, pager, terminal, translations, speech, ...
  • Commercial: E-Commerce, banners, pop-ups, reports, affiliates, ...
  • More...
  • Database driven.
  • Optional public submission form.
  • Editor and correspondent logins.
  • Handles complex recurrence schedules.
  • Comprehensive, industry developed field set.
  • Excellent reminder, follow-up and confirmation features for editors.
  • Generates custom filtered special interest calendars.
  • Automatically remembers favorite places.
  • Popup favorite places pick list.
  • Popup recently edited events list.
  • Customizable template based output.
  • Automatically creates links to maps.
  • Automatically creates links to event VIP handling.
  • Automatically creates links to related photos.
  • Automatically creates links to related media.
  • Automatically creates links to future events at the same place.
  • Automatically updates future lineups on recurring events.
  • Integrated INVITE system.
  • Provides V-CALendar (VCS) event export links for PIM/Outlook users.
  • Users can mark events to create custom personal calendars.
  • Sync feature for offline and multi-server maintenance.
  • Automatically creates summarized future events search index.
  • Automatically maintains contact list.
  • Provides date, type, and text search features to users.
  • Automatically creates searchable archives and past index.
  • Automatically accepts responses such as guest-listing requests, RSVPs, contest entries, and even votes, petitions, and more.
  • Automatically sends customizable acknowledgments.
  • Automatically forwards customizable notifications to other addresses.
  • Automatically can select a random number of winners.
  • Highly configurable prompting for any desired additional information, answers and choices.
  • Can collect and validate addresses and phone numbers.
  • Optionally allows respondent to update or remove.
  • All web based admin.
  • Tracks responses on powerful admin screen, with filter, range, and sorting options.
  • Admin features to update or delete individual responses.
  • Admin features to move responses between organizing folders.
  • Admin features to process or contact selected groups of respondents.
  • Prints address labels, quick reference guestlists and more.
  • Interfaces with existing response handling procedures of offsite providers.
  • Related INVITE system lets users coordinate attendees.
  • More...
  • Web based subscriber list maintenance program.
  • Web based mass mailing program.
  • Intelligent bounce processing.
  • Mailer has personalization features for inserting subscriber name or other info in messages.
  • Automatic subscriber removal on multiple delivery failures.
  • Easy unsubscribe and remove handling.
  • Collects any desired additional info from subscribers such as age, gender, income, etc.
  • Optionally allows new subscribers to select a charity to receive a tiny donation.
  • Optionally forwards new subscribers to affiliates list for automatic additional subscriptions.
  • Comprehensive site-wide abuse blocking by name, cookie, email, or IP.
  • Freebies system accepts orders for promotional goods.
  • Referrals system rewards subscribers for bringing new Users.
  • Cookie assisted User identity and preferences tracking.
  • Optional automatic pop-up join dialog for non-Users.
  • Site-wide pop-up advertising system with frequency parameters, can launch pop-ups/unders or dialog boxes with click through tracking.
  • Tell a friend system sends email recommendations.
  • Cookie assisted origin tracking for visitors coming from affiliate sites.
  • Special email advertising feature for short custom URLs with redirect and click-through tracking.
  • Full featured PERSONAL ADS system. Secure login, identity protection, and age/email validation features. Includes search, photo posting, and built-in messaging system. Automatically generates teaser page of popular ads.
  • Simple all HTML multi-room, public and one-on-one chat.
  • Full featured forum; web based admin, supports icons and links, forbidden word filters, moderation options, optional repeat user registration process and even automatic forgotten password handling.
  • Standard guestbook with sign/read.
  • Standard categorized user submitted link dump page.
  • Easily configurable voting system for quick polls.
  • INVITE system lets users invite others to any event, allowing all to see and coordinate responses.
  • Full featured photo system for hands-free template driven archive management.
  • Automatically watermarks images and generates thumbnails.
  • Automatically generates highlights, albums, and zoom pages.
  • All images tracked in separate captions database.
  • Automatically generates keyword index on captions for user searches.
  • Provides powerful keyword search with filters feature to users.
  • Comments form on every photo for user submission of additional captioning information.
  • Excellent navigation system for users with circular links at all levels.
  • Automatically provides slide show, shuttle, and enlargement tools for users.
  • Automatically includes thumbnail images on featured events.
  • Full featured PLACES database maintains directory of shopping, venues, people, etc. Automatically creates index and sub-pages by category, and provides a powerful user search. Automatically generates map links, and links to related photos, media and future events for each record. Provides optional user form for public submission of new entries.
  • Cutting edge MEDIA database records links to offsite content related to events and places. Allows relational linking to video, audio, webcams, etc without having to host the content. Includes user submission form, and optional spidering system to automatically gathers links from target domains. Provides a powerful user search.
  • Amazing FIND ANYWHERE user feature searches all databases and shows results index with relevance ratings. Includes places, photos, media, notes, future events, past events, forums, and even generates custom links to offsite searches with deep cgi calls to other capable domains.
  • Complete events calendar and places database are available to mobile users.
  • Creates separate NATIVE formats for web phones and PDAs.
  • Creates special export formats for any basic organizer with PC connectivity.
  • Creates text messaging version for email to pagers.
  • Includes the amazing Mobile Content Server for web phone access.
  • Creates specially formatted automated translation source pages for events calendar. Automatically prevents translation on place, performer, and street and city names.
  • Amazing public information terminal version available.
  • Amazing SPEAKING version uses free PC text-to-speech software.
  • Full featured client/prospect contact manager system with filters, sorts, followup reminders, logging and group mailer.
  • Optional secure e-commerce package.
  • Banner and meta-tag maintenance.
  • Hits, click-through and redirect logging and reporting.
  • Ability to easily create advertiser sub-sites.
  • Self maintenance programs for advertiser pages.
  • Site-wide pop-up advertising system with frequency and cookie parameters, can launch pop-ups/unders or dialog boxes with click through tracking.
  • Special email advertising feature for short custom URLs with redirect and click-through tracking.
  • Affiliate system for users to immediately subscribe to selected partners.

This extraordinary system now exceeds 50000 lines of PHP and Perl implementing features rivaling and exceeding even the industry giants. Newest features include SmartPhones, pager and PDA access, multi-language translations, map generation, extremely powerful searches and even photo personals!

One of the biggest pieces of the system is the calendar. This database was developed over years of actual use, and now supports such advanced features as URLs, categorization, favorites, recurrences, and complete automatic formatting. This system even provides public submission and updating of events to save you labor! Behind the scenes there is login access for correspondents and editors, with additional tools such as searches, automated fill-ins, and an important template and reminder system. As if that wasn't enough, the system can generate filtered specialty sub-lists (such as separate sports or music listings), personal user calendars and v-cal PIM exports. As an added bonus you are started off with a detailed database of U.S. Holidays.

Of course the system features all the basics for your visitors: calendar, newsletter, places database, forums, chat, personal ads, archives, search, guestbook weather, news and more. There's a full photos system including automated thumbnail and index creation, captions, and watermarking. There's a configurable voting and report system for such things as reader polls. There's even a feature allowing new subscribers to select a charity to receive a tiny donation when they join.

All this and it's completely template driven and customizable!!! Admin is web based and multi-user capable. Subscription management features include detail collection and return handling, as well as mass, selective and even PERSONALIZED emailing! Behind the scenes there's cookie based referral tracking, email alerts to admins, comprehensive abuse blocking, and full program activity logging.

Finally, to make it a business there's a set of commercial features: Amazing client/prospect contact management system for sales; Banner and meta-tag management with click through and views tracking; Recommend this site and rewards for referrals programs; Support for creating and hosting advertisers pages with a simple interface allowing them to maintain selected contents; tracking of email ad click throughs with active URLs; And an optional e-commerce module!

To see the system in action simply browse this site thoroughly.

Using this software system has become one of Chicago's top guides. It was selected "Best Chicago Entertainment Newsletter on the Web" in 1998 AND 1999 AND 2001 by New City magazine, and was selected as a "Best of The Net" by in 2000.

This system was created by Andrew Bedno, an extremely accomplished computer professional with decades of experience. Tens of thousands of copies of various commercial software developed by Andrew have been sold. For the past five years Andrew has worked primarily in e-commerce for such biggies as Coke and McDonalds. Come see Andrew's hyper-resume online.


Due to the enormous investment in this software (man person-years in development) this offer is primarily targeted for lease under an ASP (Application Service Provider) agreement, whereby the programs run on our servers. Offers for source code licensing, use of only selected modules, and consulting are also encouraged. More business details would be too lengthy to discuss here.

Contact Andrew for details

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