Spoken Notifications

Spoken Notification is a set of computer voice messages to replace notification sounds on smart phones. This allows the phone to clearly announce many different kinds of events instead of using default sounds.
To use, the MP3 files must be installed in several directories on your phone. For Android phones that's fairly straightforward. For installation instructions on your specific device Google terms like "mp3 custom notification sounds"
I can't speak for iOS devices, but when I had one this might've required iTunes AND an file conversion to Apple's proprietary ringtone format. I welcome feedback on that.

Note that custom sounds may be set in separate procedures for notifications, versus for alarms, versus for phone calls. Within each of these areas separate custom sounds may be set for each kind of notification, for each alarm, for each contact, as well as default sounds in some cases. Some Android hints on that here.

In all cases:

Step 1: Copy all the MP3 files to your phones \alarms AND \notifications AND \ringtone folders.
This requires connecting your phone to a PC for data access, select internal memory, and browse to the folder.

Step 2: Reboot your phone.
This makes sure it re-scans the ringtones folder.

Step 3: Set defaults: Settings > Sounds > Ringtone | Settings > Sounds > Notifications Sounds

Step 4: Set apps: Settings > Notifications > individually open each app's options and set custom sounds.

Source samples original created using set for Joanna voice.

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Phrases include (click to listen / download): AlarmAlertAppsBankBedTimeBreakTimeByeCancelDangerDangerDinnerTimeDoneEmailErrorEventFacebookFullyChargedGoGoGoGoGoodMorningHelloInstyLocalLowBatteryLunchTimeMatchMessageMessengerMoneyMusicNoticeOKPayPalPhoneCallReactReadyReminderSignalSnackTimeTextMessageTimesUpTinderTweetTwitterUberVoiceMailWakeUpWarningWeatherWebYogaTimeYouTube