Balloon Sculpting Links
Learning and acquisition.
Balloon HQ - Educating the World About Balloons and Balloon Art
A truly comprehensive resource for entertainment professionals. Everything you've ever wanted to know about balloons, fabrication, history, sculpting, business. Also links for contacts and performers.

Pam's Place Balloon Sculpting Creations
Balloon sculptures and balloon animals with good pictures and step-by-step instructions for a number of basic and advanced forms. Easy enough for kids.

Balloon Art
Animated instructions on the basic twists, instructions on creating figures, and a photo gallery.

Magical Balloon-Dude Dale balloon animals - Trade Show Entertainer, Master Balloonist
Balloon animal entertainer in Chicago, with free instructions, photographs, for hire, free e-mail post cards, and balloon supplies for sale.

M B Floyd - Twist Balloon Art, Balloon Animals, and Balloon Sculpture
Free instructions on simple and advanced balloon sculptures. Photo Galleries full of pictures of balloon creations.

Multi-Hobbies Balloon Sculpting
Clear and simple site covering the basics and some intermediate forms. Sections on chosing the right balloons and hints on technique.

Balloon World Records