This article chronicles my Lipectomy, removal of a small liposa (a benign encapsulated fat body smaller than a penny) for cosmetic reasons.

I've had a bump gradually growing on my forehead for years. I believe, and there is some support for the theory, that it evolved from the site of an injury, a concussion from a skating fall. Bigger than a nickle, the past few months people (except for closest friends who know of it) noticed it a few times, asking if I'd bumped my head. Inspired by friends where one's body is one's instrument for which expenses can be rationalized, and by recent dentistry, I decided to at least check what removal would cost. Research found Liposa (benign small fat lump) removal is one of THE most common cosmetic surgeries. iPhone found a great and extremely experienced surgeon walking distance (Swedish Cov). Had it looked at, quoted just $400, any time.

Scheduled in December, then rethought it as a mark of wisdom thing like gray hair or red hat. Finally decided if choice is noticeable bump or tiny scar, that I heal well and LIKE scars! So I rebooked for Tuesday Jan 27th.

Walked in to surgical office, into huge chair like captain's con. Dr. and I chatted about my interest in Anatomy and my amazement at what he does, and the courage and competence required. Personally I'm fascinated with the scale; as face paint is to tattoo, tattoo is to his work. And I feel there are few subjects more important than anatomy; it IS your body's technical manual. I asked that he feel free to talk through the procedure, and that he make me handsome.

Local anaesthetic injections and pressure. Local sterilization, surgical area cover, secondary sterilization, scalpel epi, scalpel sub, common to bleed due to scalp vascularization, spread muscle, cut body from dura, restore muscle, dissolving stitches sub, nylon stitches epi, surgical tape, gauze. Cut aligns with wrinkles, bigger than planned due to sub-muscular (a common unpredictable). Later I had crushing headaches, but only after too much strenuous activity. Stayed low and properly nourished next few days. Began occassionally airing after few days but keep bandaged until stitches out week later. Afterward tape as needed to relieve stretching, apply vitamin e occassionally but no anti-bio needed, wash gently.