Andrew's movie collections; exhaustive compendiums in niche categories.

Movies Locally
Good links to local movie theaters and some movie review systems.

Christmas Movies
Compendium of Christmas related movies and shorts.

Circus Movies Compendium
Compendium of circus and/or clown related movies. This listing includes only dramatic/comedy/documentary styles, not tutorials.

Bike/Green/Eco/Anti-Oil Movies Compendium
Recommended Cycling, Environmental, Anti-Oil, Consumer Conscious Movies.

French Romance Films
Research on best French romance films. Partly for fun, partly for language study.

Hamlet Movies Compendium
Comprehensive Categorized List of Hamlet on Film & Video

Star Trek Porn
Notes on Star Trek Adult Films

Movies List
List of several hundred movies Andrew has seen or plans to watch some day.

Movies in the Parks
Chicago Park District