Circus Movies, Creepy and Horror
  • Berserk (1967)
    British mystery/horror starring Joan Crawford as circus owner plagued by murders. Good supporting performers. Also known as "Circus of Blood" and "Circus of Terror".
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  • Carnivale (2003)
    TV series with Michael J. Anderson, Clancy Brown, Tim DeKay, Nick Stahl, Adrienne Barbeau, more. A fugitive finds refuge with a traveling carnival comprised of numerous intriguing characters, set in mid 1930s.
    Series (2 seasons of 12 episodes each) available on DVD from Amazon.

  • The Clown (1953)
    Red Skelton plays a failed Ziegfeld star.
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  • Freaks (1932)
    Tod Browning extraordinary dark tale of betrayal in a circus sideshow stars all actual freaks.
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  • Freaky Circus Guy (2005)
    Documentary about sideshow revivalist Ken Harck with William Darke, Katzen, Enigma, Slymenstra Hymen.
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  • It (1990)
    Stephen King horror with Tim Curry as a nightmare clown, Harry Anderson, Tim Reid, John Ritter, more.
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  • Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988)
    Cult classic. Grotesque exaggerated clowns wreak mayhem and murder.
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  • Laugh, Clown, Laugh (1928)
    Lon Chaney in a Pagliacci reinterpretation.
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  • Shakes The Clown (1992)
    Bobcat Goldthwait, Julie Brown, Adam Sandler, Robin Williams, Kathy Griffin, more. A troubled clown framed for murder finds the real killer and rescues his girl. A fairly brilliant comedy.
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  • She Freak (1967)
    Director Byron Mabe, starring Claire Brennen. Newer derivative of the 1932 classic "Freaks". A.K.A. Asylum of the Insane; Freaks!
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