Circus Movies, TV
  • ABC, "Super Circus" (1954)
    Hit early TV series (1949-56), filmed first six years in Chicago. With Mary Hartline & Claude Kirchner. 29:14
    Available on YouTube.

  • Astroboy, "Robot Circus" (1982)
    Second episode in series, tells the origin of AstroBoy. Nippon Television Network Corp. 3x07:53+3=23:42
    Available on YouTube in parts 1, 2, 3.

  • Barney, "Super Singing Circus" (2000)
    First in a series of several Circus themed episodes with the big purple dinosaur. Barney and kids put on a show. 9:18
    Available on YouTube.

  • Boswick, "Here Comes The Clown" (2007)
    Promotional video with hillaruious short skit of endlessly pouring milk on cereal.
    Available on YouTube.

  • Carl Ballantine, "The Great Ballantine" (1987)
    Famed aging comedy magician appearing on The Cosby Show, "The Show Must Go On", 1987.12.17 season 4 episode 87. 2:19
    Available on YouTube.

  • Creature Comforts, "The Circus" (2003)
    Claymation animated circus animals talk about their experiences of performing. By Nick Park, from the UK. 9:20
    Available on YouTube.

  • Dick Van Dyke, "The Art of Slapstick" (1961)
    Dick lectures intellectually on the decline of slapstick, while performing it uproariously. 3:36
    Also available, excellent >drunk immitation. 2:36
    Available on YouTube.

  • Ernie Kovacs, "Nairobi Trio" (1960)
    Bordering on performance art, three music box costumed gorrilas play a simple tune, with a "slow burn" gag. An early TV pioneer. 2:48
    Available on YouTube.

  • Josh Routh, "Jadoo" (2007)
    High energy silent clown magic show by circus family descendant.
    Available on YouTube.

  • Knight Rider, "Circus Knights" (1985)
    Season 3, Episode 22. Michael and KITT go undercover as performers after foul play.
    Available on and NetFlix.

  • Krazy Kat and Ignatz Mouse, "At The Circus" (1916)
    From the dawn of animation. 3:02
    Available on YouTube.

  • Michael Moschen
    Famed juggler/manipulator and 1990 MacArthur Foundation "Genius Grant" Fellow.
    Examples available on YouTube: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

  • Mickey Mouse Club, "Here Comes the Circus!" (1956)
    Short version of the 1956-57 opening for "Circus Day" Thursdays. 1:35
    Available on YouTube.

  • MST3K "Circus on Ice" (1954)
    Present in Mystery Science Theare 3000 (MST3K), 1993./01.09 season 4 episode 21, as a short preceding "Monster A Go Go". 8:56
    Available on YouTube.

  • MST3K, "Here Comes the Circus" (1946)
    Featuring Emmett Kelly, Clyde Beatty, Betty Rich, more. 9:35
    Present in Mystery Science Theare 3000 (MST3K), 1993.01.16 season 4 episode 22, as a short preceding "The Day The Earth Froze".
    Available on YouTube.

  • Perry Mason, "The Case of the Clumsy Clown" (1960)
    Season 4, episode 7. Perry helps a brilliant clown, framed for murder and bigamy.

  • Richard Renner, "Slapstick Circus" (2007)
    Excerpts from a one man show featuring silent akits by a quality clown. 10:37
    Available on YouTube.

  • The Monkees, "Monkees at the Circus" (1967)
    Season 1, Episode 22. The Monkees befriend a troubled circus. 25:03
    Available on YouTube.