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Andrew's personal tastes, interests, music, movies, reading, etc.  v

Andrew Bedno
Programmer, artist, performer, thinker, doer, facilitator.
Single, straight, 50-something, 5'10", fit, vege, Scorpio.
Master of
Producer of

Biking, skating, dancing. Physics, philosophy. Anatomy, psychology. Art, music. Listening, talking, laughing.

Aphex Twin, SquarePusher, Renegade Hardware, Lords of Acid, KoRn, Fluke, Lunatic Calm, Crystal Method, Prodigy, Juno Reactor, Empirion, DieselBoy, NIN, Dee-Lite, Digable, Sneaker, Cocteau, Orbital, Luscious, Alanis, Amos, Bush, Joni, Rush, Yes, Brand X, Bach, Earth Wind Fire, ...

Dogma, Fifth Element, Terminators, Starship Troopers, Being John Malkovitch, Run Lola Run, Fight Club, Blade Runner, Dune, Adams Families, Fear and Loathing, Go, Groove, Strange Days, Zardoz, Willis, Depp, Garofalo, Gilliam, Burton, Tarantino, Lynch, ...

Daily Show, Colbert, Soup, DuckMan, ATHF, Treks, Zim, Family Guy, Simpsons, South Park, Aeon Flux, U.C.B., Strangers w/ Candy, Lexx, MST3K, C O'Brien, Iron Chef, ...

Scientific American, Onion, UTNE, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Shakespeare, Zippy, ...

Daschle, Carter, Kirk, Spock, Picard, Einstein, Tesla, Franklin, Jefferson, daVinci, Galilei, ...



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