All I Want
Peace on Earth, good will twix all, end to starvation and population growth, modesty...
But those aside there's JUST a few things I dearly want, published here for friends and family gifting advice.

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  • My WishList on

  • GoPro Hero3 or similar action camera.

  • Franklin Mint Star Trek Commemorative Chess Set
    Made of silver and gold.

  • A perfect Fedora
    As worn by men in Madonna's Dick Tracy, fitted for my big head.

  • Incredbily wonderfully, family and friends have in recent years gotten me many things from this list I dared not even imagine ever owning:

  • From
    Star Fleet Titanium Spork
    Star Fleet Hip Flask
    Star Trek Potato Heads
    Romulan Ale six pack
    Star Trek cookbook

  • Vintage Qubic game (four level tic-tac-toe). My retro geek dream come true, apparently rare, but they got me one new in box.

  • I.S.S. (International Space Station) model.

  • 2011.11.09