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Data Collection Partners : Barcoding Solutions
July 2006 - March 2011
Barcoding Solutions (click for next photo)

Developed in C, VB, PHP and MySQL. Created patented barcode scanning systems with web-based reporting installed throughout McDonald's and other major companies.

Developed complete barcoding solutions such as inventory and chain-of-custody systems for Fortune 500 customers in fast food, education, shipping, parking and printing industries.

Developed in C for scanners, VB for PC, PHP/SQL for web. "Partners" projects challenged me to strive for and achieve my finest work to the highest standards. Distribution of thousands of embedded units requires zero defects. Their needs match my hard-earned skill set well, benefiting from both my web and database abilities, and my expertise in hardware and barcoding.
  • Handheld barcode scanner embedded software: I created application scripting and complex configurability, power handling and diverse audio cues, remote updating and multiple communications protocols. I even coded multilingual prompts, doing the Spanish and French translations myself.

  • PC communications client software: I created data exchange with scanners by serial and USB, like a PDA sync. Then data exchange with servers in multiple protocols, handling backups, retries, firewalls, etc. Built to minimize installation and skills requirements, while handling difficult port and networking conditions. I also wrote accompanying help and wizard content.

  • Web server, user and reporting software: I utilized the best of my libraries and experience rendering a system far too extensive to detail here. Some noteworthy features include barcode printing, generalized data importer, and views such as drill-downs, Excel export, and custom reports.
For Partners' "RAMIS" product, I am proud to be named amongst inventors on their patent for "Test Materials Movement Monitoring System and Method". Other interesting projects have included parking pass scanning with online purchase and printing, and several systems involving the automatic creation of PDFs.

Data Collection Partners, 847-699-2999, 701 Lee Street #1050, Des Plaines IL 60016

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